/r/television's Weekend Recommendations & What Are You Watching? (Week of February 16, 2018)
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Delocated is a modern classic that deserves more recognition here and everywhere! Anyone? FRRT!
Just started watching “ Electric Dreams “ by Philip K. Dick on Amazon Video
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The cast of Counterpart it's really good
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I was underwhelmed with Fargo season 2 the 1st time watching, going through 2nd time now - absolutely amazed
Sneak peek of Cartoon Network’s new show, “Craig of the Creek”, premiering March 30.
The Jews Are Coming - an Israeli satire/sketch comedy show based on historical events (with English subtitles)
Just watched "Beyond the Walls (Au-delà des Murs)," 2016
Watched Altered Carbon over the weekend
Anyone watching ER on Hulu?
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Wondering if anyone has begun watching Re:Mind that just came to Netflix?
60 MimonFishbaum He's funny and can make the talking head bit work, but damn I miss Legit.
127 grubber26 Must admit, I enjoyed this quote by the Comedy Central head honcho: “You’d think I’d stop being surprised at how smart and funny Jim is about everything,” said Kent Alterman, President of Comedy Central. “I’m just glad we’re still giving visas to people from whatever shithole country he comes from.”
48 shillyshally I love this show. He's very funny and very trenchant, at least as good as any of any of the late night shows.
5 RyanMcCartney Get it on a streaming service here in the UK ffs.
7 cookerlv Comedy Central has way too many political talk shows now, and I was concerned this would be the first one to go. The Jim Jeffries Show is in my opinion the funniest, so this is great news.
6 kalgary Smart investment. Guy is funny.
3 jimonabike I think 'Legit' should have gotten another season or two. He's got a effing good podcast though he's too busy to do it as often as he should.
2 LaxSagacity It's a really good show. There's something I've found kind of annoying with the other comedy/news shows lately but JJ's approach works.
2 UncleDan2017 Glad to hear. That may be the funniest news show on CC.
2 TictacTyler Damn, I was hoping this would have been canceled. Jim Jefferies is hysterical and I'd rather him touring for standup or part of a show like Legit. There's just so many of these news thing anymore that it's tiresome.
2 Felatio-DelToro Very funny show especially considering he has never done anything like it before.
2 jeffkeyz Someone PLEASE put a fucking tilt lock on his desk chair.
2 rovinja The show is a great mix of knowledge and humor.
2 soze45 Thought this was already picked up for another season but I guess this makes it official. Great news. Love the show and Jefferies. Was a fan of his stand up and wasn't sure how this style of show would suit him before it started but I have been really surprised how quickly he found his footing. Really got into a groove quick. I find myself looking forward to his take on news stories and subjects now. Glad this also won't cut too much into his stand up as it seems he has no problem touring around the show. Have seen him twice in the past 13 months and both shows were outstanding.
9 pblood40 Hopefully they order more episodes and replace The Opposition with it.
3 Draxarys Not that anything is wrong with the show but i wish he was more focused on stand up since i think he is one of the best stand up comics out there.
5 DarthVenti It is the exact same show every episode which is the exact same show as Daily Show. Which is the same as Samantha Bea or every other late show. There has to be other ideas out there. Atleast the opposition is a little different just not funny.
2 your_mind_aches Heck yeah! Good show.
3 Hereticalthinker Trump is stupid racist, now give gold
1 doobey1234 Not sure if its just me but i honestly did not catch onto this show, and I *love* JJ, his stand up is fantastic. Maybe its the current topics of news being about sexism that doesnt tickle my fancy I'm not sure, Ill give it another shot though.