/r/television's Weekend Recommendations & What Are You Watching? (Week of February 16, 2018)
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I was underwhelmed with Fargo season 2 the 1st time watching, going through 2nd time now - absolutely amazed
When a new TV show is conceived from scratch (not a book/comic adaptation) are multiple season storylines mapped out from the beginning or do they just wing it from season to season?
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Just watched "Beyond the Walls (Au-delà des Murs)," 2016
210 brandonsamd6 Fox gotta be pissed
293 GavinGunhold Shonda Rhimes got 100M over 4 years and that was considered huge... How the hell is he getting 300M? Over how many years? More info is needed. Edit: [NY Times says its over 5 years.] ( Still seems insane.
213 Jeffmister It can’t be overstated how big of blow this for both Fox and Disney
30 jbiresq No way Fox was going to pay him anywhere near this amount of money but it seemed the Disney deal pissed him off and pushed him to leave. Fox has really lost its golden goose here.
87 Ihateualll How the hell is Netflix dishing out so much money? Are they also selling cocaine?
146 Ripclawe netflix gonna be 19.99 a month and this really messes up the tv economics.
24 SonofNamek Honestly, Netflix should start trying to go sports Free Agency on these directors and writers. Give them free reign and sign them to nice contracts. Make Hollywood re-think their system a bit.
67 freshestpr1nce I thought he was a hack after Glee became unwatchable and AHS became something...... But American Crime Story has been amazing, the current season is great. I don't know why but his shows just look good to watch, the camera angles and cinematography or something really draw you in.
15 JVortex888 Now Netflix can get a bunch of shows that have one or two good seasons and then become a mess.
29 ChristmasSteve He's good at creating ideas for shows, but imo after a season or two his shows get worse. Haven't seen anything recent so hopefully that's changed!
24 d0nttweet He's already working on 2 shows for them. I guess it was only a matter of time.
32 jonisantucho Even if my opinion of the guy is hit or miss depending on the project he tackles, mad respect to him for getting that check. The people at Fox just were robbed of the goose that laid their golden eggs.
84 Melanismdotcom I don't know if I want to watch Ryan Murphy without the restraints of the FCC.
20 LandShark_Go 5yrs/300 million? Damn, that's like an MLB/NBA contract. Big props to him
7 BlackLion91 Does anyone know how to contact Netflix about selling a script? I'm asking for a friend