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19 OneGoodRib Okay I'm 110% in for the NBC comedy starring Hector Elizondo and Christopher Lloyd from legendary television creator Norman Lear. Most of the rest of this stuff looks like a big snoozefest. And seriously CBS, TWO crime-fighting remakes?? And if we're going to keep making a billion law enforcement dramas every year, can we start having more twists on them? You know, like Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and how it's set in the 30s? We don't really need 70 modern-day police shows with like no variation in the types of characters they feature.
18 winterwonderland88 How many "single parents raising their kids together under one roof" shows does ABC need? Holy crap. And of course we're gonna waste airtime on MORE crime dramas. Goody. I'd give Cool Kids on Fox a chance. If it can capture any of the magic we had with The Golden Girls I'll enjoy it:
30 zombi3gee Geez, are there enough cop shows in that pilot list? Maybe we could add some lawyer and doctor shows too, because we just don’t have enough.
9 isaacz321 for abc, nothing stands out really for the dramas except seeing nathan fillion in something again. However, I'm liking Greatest American Hero for comedy just for Simone and Wendt Edit: scratch that see another one with Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Faison and another from the New Girl showrunners with quite a good cast.
4 Tyranid457 Not a lot of pilots here that really interest me. **ABC** *The Greatest American Hero* is the only one that interests me. I never saw the original, but I know the theme song, so I'll check it out. **CBS** *Murder* actually sounds pretty cool, not going to lie. *Red Line* could also be good. **CW** Again, I've never seen the original *Roswell*, but I'm intrigued by this one. I love a good "aliens hidden in human form" story. I know that a lot of people didn't like the *Wayward Sisters* "pilot", but I like Kim Rhodes and really like the premise of fighting monsters from an alternate universe. **FOX** *The Passage* seems pretty cool! I like the book, so I'll check it out! **NBC** *Manifest* kind of seems like *Lost*, but from the point of view of the people who weren't on the plane. Not a bad idea, imo. A "spooky cop" procedural like *The Between* always gets a look from me.
3 cory120 This is one of the worst pilot seasons I can recall since I started following pilots circa 2002.
3 seaofblasphemy Feels like these are all either “Learning how to raise kids” or “City slicker moves to the country/small town and becomes humbled”
3 StephenHunterUK Having watched the original *Grand Hotel* (or as I like to call it 'Slap a Spaniard'), I somehow doubt that a modern day American adaptation will be anything as good. But I'd be interested to know who they cast as the US version of Belen.
2 tolandruth Just reading the description of these they all look horrible. Edit: after reading comments I was just on abc ones didn’t see that you had to click on other networks.
1 snakebit1995 Some seem good some seem bad. I don't know why but the one about the hotel fascinates me. i doubt it would be good but it feels like something I must see at least once. Same with that one about the teenage kid in a house of all women.
1 c0mbeferre I don't watch any network dramas, so I'm only really looking at the comedies here (although lol are all of CBS's pilots just cop show reboots? very on brand). The NBC comedy pilots sound promising and have pretty good casts. I'm intrigued by Abby's (Mike Schur as executive producer hasn't gone wrong yet), Bright Futures (really interesting cast - a couple of the guys from American Vandal, a YouTube star, a rapper, and an Instagram Star), and Like Family (premise sounds dumb but Kether Donohue and Brandon Mychal Smith are excellent on You're the Worst). I'm also interested in Fox's Rel since Lil Rel has been so great in everything he's done so far. CBS's shows seem like a desperate attempt at being relevant, but their format always works for them and at least they finally seem to be hiring non-white actors to play non-stereotypical roles, so who am I to judge?