/r/television's Weekend Recommendations & What Are You Watching? (Week of February 16, 2018)
Bojack Horseman on gun control
Trump vs The World: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Netflix's 'The Joel McHale Show' With Joel McHale brings back just the right vehicle—for Joel McHale
Does anybody remember Beyond Belief- fact or fiction
Let us The Soup fans rejoice it is back and hasn't missed a beat.
Harvey Weinstein Documentary Receives February 20, 2018 Release Date on UK's Channel 4
How Abraham Lincoln really died. - WKUK
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to end with potential 4th season
Arrested Development - Mrs. Featherbottom has an accident.
Sir David Attenborough to present new cinematic BBC One documentary about endangered animals
Tracy Morgan Strikes Back - The Last OG
Doctor Who - The Doctor defined. "I do what I do because it’s right! Because it’s decent!"
Just started watching “ Electric Dreams “ by Philip K. Dick on Amazon Video
Delocated is a modern classic that deserves more recognition here and everywhere! Anyone? FRRT!
If you could bring back any show for one more season...which would it be?
How NBC Flubbed Its Coverage, Reported The Wrong Gold Medalist, Then Botched The Correction Of One Of The Most Stunning Upsets In Olympic History
Rowan Atkinson's Maigret series of TV movies is a revelation.
Married With Children-Fever
Whitest Kids U Know - The Grapist
Nothing is Ever Anyone’s Fault | A Fucked Up Love Duet from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Carlton called a sellout
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Lee Mack's Shrunken Shirt - Would I Lie To You?
Scariest episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?
BBC Studios Scores Non-Scripted Orders From Viacom’s C5 – BBC Showcase
You gotta pay the toll to get his soul - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Star vs the Forces of Evil returns with new episodes Saturday March 3rd.
The Sopranos - Linguistic compilation
I was underwhelmed with Fargo season 2 the 1st time watching, going through 2nd time now - absolutely amazed
When a new TV show is conceived from scratch (not a book/comic adaptation) are multiple season storylines mapped out from the beginning or do they just wing it from season to season?
‘Game of Thrones’ Exec Producer Frank Doelger Launches Drama Firm
The cast of Counterpart it's really good
Counterpart - 1x05 "Shaking the Tree" - Episode Discussion
Season 9 of SpongeBob ran from 2012-2016, but which season is the longest running ever?
The Impact of Dragonball Z: The Series that Changed Everything
Sneak peek of Cartoon Network’s new show, “Craig of the Creek”, premiering March 30.
Classic Clip: Titus on Gun Control
Anyone watching ER on Hulu?
The Jews Are Coming - an Israeli satire/sketch comedy show based on historical events (with English subtitles)
Just watched "Beyond the Walls (Au-delà des Murs)," 2016
93 thefuryandthesound It's your grandma's version of Sharknado.
60 aYearOfPrompts I don't watch it, but my parents apparently love it. Saturday nights they watch a rerun movie then a new movie at 9pm. When I asked why they said they enjoyed that it's low anxiety, and they have a stable of actors like the old studio system that change roles but provide a familiar comfort. I get it. It's a lot of the reason I like the Orville and the Good Place so much. I am looking for more positive stories these days as the real world seems so dark and stormy.
45 skiandmtbdirtbag I am an actor who was based in Vancouver and Hallmark almost single handedly keeps crews and cast employed up there. Last year they did 87 xmas movies. Not movies....xmas movies ! 15 day shoots and a budget of about Two million and they just keep cranking out. Last year I was filming two different xmas movies at the same time, one at night and one during the day. My characters were virtually interchangable and started to do the wrong monologue on the wrong set. Initially the only person who noticed was the script supervisor....
36 ArticArny They are great movies for days when you need a break from all stress. Nothing bad ever happens, you already know the couple is getting together in the end, there's never a truly evil villain if there is one at all, the conflict they have to overcome is almost non-existent, all the people are nice, and everyone is pretty. Simple mindless fun. Honestly there are some days where I would love to be living in a Hallmark movie.
17 AustinBennettWriter One of my friends writes a cheesy Christmas movie every year. He loves it. He also loves the extra income. He also loves that one of his scripts was the highest rated Christmas Hallmark movie of 2015.
7 violue I didn't realize how many they had until I started watching Frasier reruns at night, and Psych reruns on "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries" channel.
6 Chaosmusic My mom (74) watches them constantly. If one is on at a time she can't watch it, she'll DVR it. She'll even watch ones over again. My mom's TV watching is primarily football (NFL, college, arena and Canadian), NCIS, Hallmark movies and tv shows, and sometimes shows like CSI, Hawaii 5-0 and the like.
6 Moonlight150 If my grandmother isn’t watching reruns of NCIS, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder or any other show in that vein. She’s watching some Hallmark Christmas movie no matter what time of year it is. Does Hallmark even have any other movies that aren’t Christmas focused?
6 vman_isyourhero I would watch them as a general movie but they need to kill the music score during "comedy" scenes or "emotional" scenes, also change the ethnicity of the leads so I don't have see a bunch of upper class white people go through 1st world problems, I want to see hispanic or african american go through 1st world problems and the one with Andy Garcia doesn't count.
3 cabose7 The companies that make them have hilarious trailers
3 Wynner3 Some how I keep getting stuck watching a few of them with my Aunt every year. I can tell the production on some, or all, is limited by the lack of locations and the cookie-cutter story type. I see the same story over and over with different actors, but she loves them so much.
7 Unfinishedmeal Still waiting for a gay couple.
2 TheRoyalMarlboro Legally speaking, the enjoyability of a movie is not as important to a movie as it's seriousness and whether it achieves A B S O L U T E K I N O G R A P H Y.
2 admiraltoad I personally don't get it but to each their own. Watching these movies to me is like listening to nails on a chalk board.
2 londonhilton It somehow warms my heart reading all these comments about people watching Hallmark movies (I think I never watched a minute of this channel and tbh I thought Hallmark is documentary channel until this day) because of ¨low anxiety and happy endings¨
2 magnuum My gf is addicted to these movies, but ive watched a couple and now they all seem the same to me. Not my cup of tea but they do make my gf happy
2 notesunderground Omg my dad loves hallmark movies. He'll go on for an hour describing one of them when I call him; the plot, the characters, the scenes, and the ending. My responses "uh huh" "oh ok" "cool " "Ok bye dad"
2 MissusLunafreya Man, it's like they put these out every year. Must be cheaper that way, you know?