/r/television's Whatcha' Watchin' Wednesday: What have you been watching and what do you think of it? (Week of November 22, 2017)
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450 MulciberTenebras For the love of God, let one of them be Bran just waking up in Winterfell... just to fuck with everyone. It was all a bad dream. Then Ned knocks on the door and calls for Bran (fade to black). EDIT: Oh, I just thought of an even better one. Rowan Atkinson playing a tour guide in modern times showing tourists around the Iron throneroom. Recapping the series all wrong, without a care.
82 BoJang1er So that's why they could only afford to do 6 episodes!
212 jmcgit I'm sure it'd be too expensive to fully produce them, but it would be fun if we had deleted endings on the DVD/Blu-Ray release.
59 JoshSidekick Just watch them all in a row and pretend it's just a remake of Clue.
75 Toidal Film 6 series finales, if any get leaked, the worst one becomes canon
136 drpussycookermd The finale of Game of Thrones, based on A Song of Ice and Fire by Gorge RR Martin Jon and Dany stand over a shimmering heap of icy shards, all that is left of the Night King. Viserion looms over them non-threateningly. He's totally better now. Dany: 'Tis over. The Night King is vanquished. Jon: I'll vanquish you. Jon grabs Dany, kisses her deeply. Dany: But we're cousins. Jon: Kissing cousins. Sharp cut to modern day bedroom. The Grandson (Fred Savage) is finally asleep. The Grandfather, recast as George R.R. Martin, closes the hefty tome entitled The Winds of Winter with a dull thud. He smiles at his middle-aged grandson, who snores softly into the pillow. Suddenly his smiles turns into a frozen frown, a glassy grimace. His eyes turn blue. He opens his mouth to the sound of crackling ice. The end?
17 Broomizo And I hope they put every one of those false endings in the DVD special features
52 HoldenTite Hackers:"What the hell? They are all just different main characters waking up from a dream next to Walter White."
14 daniesza They can say they are filming multiple versions, they don't have to actually do so. Who would know