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187 themick Also, many people under 30, have never had cable. Cable companies need to adapt. Too many commericals, too expensive, too many hidden fees, poor customer service etc etc.
45 Acejanos Secretly hoping Comcast implodes on itself.....
80 Jetcaptainedgar who else can make a 90 minute film 3 hours long?
66 JaceLightning Duh. I told my uncle I don't have TV and he couldn't believe it. He asked me where I got the weather, and I replied "the internet" Why are people cutting cable? - Online you can watch where you want on whatever device you want whenever you want - You can pause, rewind as many times as you want for as many shows as you want at a time - Fewer or no ads playing during your video - Netflix is _far_ cheaper than cable. You don't have to pay for some channel you don't watch - it's social. You can leave a comment on a YouTube video, or see ratings and reviews on Amazon Prime before you watch Why does anyone buy cable?
9 RogueLeaderJ Yeah, and cable companies are taking it out on the internet pricing. The market needs competition and it needs it now.
9 CouchToad And yet, I STILL have to buy internet access from these assholes and their infuriating monopolies on service in my area.
39 [deleted] 'Why pay to be brainwashed?' - Millennial. Seriously though, it's too expensive. I do not even pay for internet at my new apartment and opt to instead share account information and use the complexes Comcast wifi. Where do these guys get off thinking we have up to $2,500 a year to devote to internet phone and television subscriptions.
7 spicedpumpkins Between Hulu, Netflix and Amazon video I don't feel like I'm missing a damn thing from cable except all the bullshit that came with having cable (commercials, shitty customer service, etc). Feels good.
5 I_Nice_Human Cable companies need to sell App Logins or Online Logins. No one wants a set top box!! No one wants to pay bullshit fees for said set top box! Literally only reason I have cable is for the login. I'm either watching on my AppleTV or mobile device.
10 sgt_bad_phart Comcast, and the others, I know you didn't ask for advice, you'd much rather use lobbying, deception, and near criminal activity to maintain customers and/or profit margins. But I have a suggestion for how you could survive becoming extinct and possibly even look like heroes in the end. 1. Fire every last one of your customer service team and start from scratch. Your policy should be customer first, every single time. 2. Even in markets where you have little to no competition, price your internet service below the national average while offering above average speeds. 3. Abandon the broadcasting model of content distribution, consumers hate it now. Don't freak out, stay with me. 4. All those channels you had...they become streaming channels, all on demand. Even offer Netflix like some of you already do. 5. Rather than a customer paying a flat rate for a giant block of channels they'll never watch, charge a per channel fee, they only pay for what they're interested in watching, with the ability to instantly add more channels at any time. I know, those blocks of channels prop up the less profitable channels...well keep reading. 6. Those channels that don't turn a profit, get rid of them, what's the point of keeping costly channels that don't offer positive returns. You're all about money aren't you! 7. Stop trying to prioritize data or impose data caps, this isn't dial-up. So what you would end up having is an internet service provider service at a reasonable price with good speeds and no data caps. Your customers would pay only for the channels they really want to stream from, on-demand of course, you can keep commercials in place if you really want to, like Hulu. You'll quickly see which channels aren't of value and drop them, thus saving you money. And ultimately you'll end up with as much or more money than you're making now. Your network management will be simplified as well as you'll only have to worry about handling internet traffic, not TV as well. This is the future that all those customers you're losing are moving towards. Little to no commercials, everything on demand, affordable cost, only paying for what they want. You can choose to evolve into what consumers want, or fight them, resulting in more lost customers and your eventual death. This is your choice!
6 imTHATitguy My wife and I have been satellite/cable free for about 4 years now I think, strictly Netflix and Hulu currently. The biggest adjustment for my wife was not having a DVR to watch her typical shows, but luckily most of what she watched was on Hulu anyway. Anything she wanted to watch "live" required her to retrain herself on how to remember it was getting ready to come on. Over the years though, her TV watching has drastically decreased and she doesn't seem to care. The main reason we decided to "cut the cord" was due to cost. We didn't really mind commercials and all the other stuff that you guys usually cite, but price was a big factor. Combined with the constant up-charges for shit and we just had enough. It's been a while but I know at one point, our package was something like $79. However, there was a required extra fee of $10 (or more) for a receiver lease (that they wouldn't let you buy), an extra $5 for DVR service, an extra $10 for HD channels, and extra $10 for a second simple receiver in another room, an extra $10-$15 in taxes. We were paying upwards of $130 for a $80 package...fuck those guys. It was a matter of principle at that point. With DirecTV, the receiver game you had to play sometimes was also highly ridiculous. If you wanted certain features that a new receiver provided, you literally were at the mercy of whichever unit the technician picked up at the warehouse or shipped. They in no way would ever guarantee you a certain receiver and usually the one you got was leased to 5 other people previously. Then you have to give it back after you cancel service and have paid money for it for years. All that was in addition to the $70/month I was already paying for above average internet service with no data cap, so we canceled satellite. Just typing all of that makes me shudder. Although at this point, I'm still at the mercy of a cable provider since that's how I get my internet. If/when they decide to start being profit hungry, I'm not really sure what I will do.
5 Frustratedtx I wish the cable companies didn't also have a monopoly over internet. I live in Houston, one of the largest markets in the country, and the only options available are Comcast and att. Fiber is not offered in my area. ATT Uverse has a max of 100mbps for $100 a month, which is robbery. I have comcast which was charging me only $75 a month for 250mbps, which didn't seem like a bad deal until they decided to cancel that rate and double it to $150 a month without notifying me (other than sending me a new bill). I was able to get a hold of customer support and lower it to $90 a month, but that is my only option... They essentially got an extra $15 ($75 if I was lazy) out of me a month because they can and they know it. Internet needs to be treated like a utility with mandates and heavy penalties to lay fiber across the country, and the cable lines need to be opened to competing services.
3 shed1 Cable companies have really messed this up. I haggled for a lower rate, and they achieved this by taking away some of my channels. Okay, fine, but now I have fewer choices and you've shown me that I can live without certain channels. At this point, I only watch a handful of channels and sports, and I watch less TV than I ever have. I grew up on cable TV. I never thought I would totally abandon cable TV. If they've lost me, and they basically have, they are in very real trouble. I'm giving YouTubeTV a go this weekend. If I like it over the free trial, I'll cancel my cable immediately. If not, I'm going to try some other services, but my goal is to drop cable as soon as I can.
3 speedrunneratwork So here's why I still have cable. I already have Netflix (DVD and streaming) plus Amazon Prime. If I cut the cord I would need to get Hulu or just watch the network shows from their own site and have to wait for cable shows like Mr. Robot. I already wait for HBO shows to come on disc from Netflix which is about a 10 month wait. I watch baseball so I would also have to get, soccer I would need to subscribe to NBC I guess for premiere league. All that adds up plus there would be no DVR.