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what has been the worst and the best show of the season,new or old show's can be included..?
13 DrinkslikeanAMERICAN Called my internet service provider last night to reset my password on the account. Was locked out due to log in attempts. I haven't had cable in over a year. Lady on the phone says, " I see you have our 100 megabyte internet." I said, yup! They offered me a dvr and fifty channels of cable service. For five dollars less than I am currently paying for just my internet connection. No contract, no cancellation fee. So going to accept the deal so I can watch the Wild hockey games easier.
6 riazada I cut my cable in March and haven't missed it a bit. I found a few friends that get together to watch GOT and that's more fun than me watching at home anyway. Everything else I can wait til it's on Netflix.
3 kurokabau As soon as I can get my sport somewhere.
3 MBAMBA0 How come so many people do not include free over-the-air, advertiser-laden broadcast TV as one of the options for 'cable cutters'?
4 reddit_user_138 This is backwards, the TV ad market is steadily eroding the consumer base. The cause is the abundance of terrible ads, the effect is people seeking out alternatives...
1 winksup Remember when there could be volume differences between commercials so you could be watching tv late at night at a regular volume, when one commercial you can barely hear at all is followed by one blaring through the tv so loud itd wake everyone in the house up? Good times. It's like they always made the girls gone wild commercials at volume 11 with everything else at 6.
1 riazada Eh... I'd rather save the $100 bucks than watch a show anyway.
1 Junior_Pete I keep encouraging everyone to rethink their cable subscription. It's expensive for something you will never have time to make time for it. So inconvenient.