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305 Neel5 So the voter hates House of Cards. Hates Westworld. Doesn’t think Atlanta is funny. Thinks The Handmaid’s Tale is monotone. Very interesting.
165 mrsirgrape I can actually respect this guy's opinions. I disagree with him on a lot of this, but at least he tried to watch the stuff he was voting on. I remember seeing an Oscar voter article like this and they voted for something they hadnt seen just to spite something they hated. At least this guy made an effort.
47 B0ssDoesntKnowImHere Can you really blame an Emmy voter for voting honestly though, and not based on general consensus?
82 sexy_mofo1 So he's from /tv/.
154 perogies 'This is Us' was the sappiest, most tear jerking pile of shit I've watched in a long long time. Westworld was thoroughly entertaining and i didn't get a pretentious vibe from it. That's my two cents anyway.
29 WordofGabb This almost reads like satire.
48 Dallywack3r Jesus christ this guy is like a cartoon version of what people imagine Emmy voters are like
18 Casual_Notgamer Doesn't sound like anything to me.
20 jonasdash He's certainly entitled to his opinion and I'd say I agree with most of what he wrote in some varying degree, with a couple exceptions. I think Westworld can certainly seem pretentious, but I think a lot of that is because it's supposed to be a fantastic future world of ultra rich people stroking their egos in a luxury resort run by people playing God... I mean, obviously, it's going to come off this way. It's still pretty brilliant and very well done. Atlanta isn't FUNNY as much as it is whimsical and amusing and heartfelt. It's not going to tickle your funny bone, but it will make you think and be able to laugh at the absurdity of it all. For what it's worth, I would have put The Leftovers as my vote for Drama. I think it was brilliantly done and everything about it was just right. For comedy I would have voted for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I feel edges out Silicon Valley because it did something different and remained consistently very funny. Don't get me wrong, I like Silicon Valley and it was funny, but I wouldn't vote for it because I feel it leans a little to hard on regurgitating the success / failure / failing upwards formula from first two seasons without much improvement in the characters.
163 djchazradio >I have a duty to vote for [Full Frontal] because the host [Samantha Bee] is a woman, but there’s a certain smugness about that show that doesn’t work for me. Bill Maher? I love that show [Real Time], and I’m tempted to vote for it just to push back against the oppressive political-correctness that he faced [after he used the N-word on one episode this season]. This guy is an old-ass cracker-ass mansplaining babyboomer. He thinks Samantha Bee is "smug," but thinks Bill Maher (the smuggest motherfucker in the universe) should be given a pass for throwing out the word nigger? Jesus Christ fuck these people. *****Edit***** Sheesh the SJW word police are here. Okay fine. I have prepared a statement: >*I regret the language in my most recent comment post where I used the terms "old," "cracker-ass," "mansplaining" and "baby boomer" to describe an individual.* >*These terms are hurtful and politically-incorrect, so I would like to extend my deepest apologies to those sensitive people who felt "disgust" at my "bigoted" comments. I wish you well in the road to recovery after having had these terms invade your safe space.* >*You are all very special, and your feelings and beliefs must be respected.* That concludes my statement. Thank you. And I'm very *very* sorry.
70 whoatethekidsthen Rupaul's Drag Race "A little too female, a little too gay" What the fuck?!
4 Retardomantalban What I find fascinating in these types of pieces is the fact that the voters DON'T WATCH THE SHOWS THEY'RE VOTING FOR. Entertainment Weekly does this sort of run-up to the Emmys each year and the same thing happens. Quotes from industry types border on "Ehh, I didn't watch these three shows so I voted for the one I did" or "I hear great things about X, Y or Z, but I just love Robin Wright, so I'm going to vote for her."
2 mm825 It's pretty clear that people within the industry still respect those who can produce 20+ episode seasons or daily talk shows, the higher degree of difficulty was why this guy like Colbert and This is Us. He's right, it is harder and it's unfair for these shows to compete with eachother for the same awards, but at the end of the day degree of difficulty doesn't mean shit to viewers, good TV is better than mediocre TV.
13 staymad101 Lmao oh lord, this guy is basic as hell. Of *course* he voted for This Is Us, and I say this a someone who primarily enjoyed the show. This reminds me of when they interviewed that old white academy viewer and they said they didn't even watch 12 Years a Slave because it was depressing or something.
64 AMGS_Initiative The "old white man" talking about being brought to tears by a t.v. and voicing his opinions claiming them as a "professional opinion" is calling a show about robotic AI generating actual legitimate feelings, "pretentious". hrmmm.......... ...irony?