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what has been the worst and the best show of the season,new or old show's can be included..?
59 jbiresq Woody Allen movies are cheap and stars take scale to be in them. To waste this much on getting him to TV, on a project which he clearly did not care about and seemed to actively loathe, is bananas. That alone should probably cost Roy Price his job. They seem to be spending so much money but have no clear goal in what they are trying to do.
80 Sabnitron Sorry Bezos, but that's not how you get your own Game of Thrones.
30 jankyeyes > Sources say Price and lieutenant Joe Lewis doled out $80 million to lure Woody Allen to TV for Crisis in Six Scenes. One insider describes the six-episode comedy created by and starring Allen as a "$100 million boondoggle." Ouch.
11 actuallyidontknow >The streaming giant is said to be taking a hard look at its original scripted programming choices amid a lack of buzz and a mere 15 Emmy nominations, far less than the 91 garnered by rival Netflix. As a result, Amazon has started to clean house, canceling pricey dramas *The Last Tycoon* and *Z: The Beginning of Everything* after one season apiece, and, sources say, is reevaluating its ambitions in the unscripted space....*Tycoon*, which starred Kelsey Grammer and Matt Bomer, was produced by Sony Pictures TV's TriStar unit, and Amazon paid a licensing fee for the show. > **Sources tell THR that Amazon Studios head Roy Price had reservations about making the drama based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished final novel and clashed with showrunner Billy Ray, in part because Price had been vocal about his skepticism toward the show in conversations with others in the industry.** Ray was not given a chance to pitch a second season before the ax fell, according to sources. (He didn't respond to a request for comment.) Wasn't it Price's decision to commission *Tycoon* to series in the first place? This guy sounds great.
8 MetallicYoshi64 As a big fan of Woody Allen, I've gotta say, that was a real turd. What a glorious waste of money.
13 BixmanJ I'm confused. I really enjoyed the first season of Goliath but I don't see how it could be $65mm over budget. This isn't a period piece. How much was the original budget?
12 perogies I genuinely think part of their problem is that *millions* of people still don't think of 'streaming' or 'television' when they think of Amazon. Netflix and Hulu are synonymous with their content. Amazon is a lot of different things, making television is actually pretty far down on the list. They also do a piss poor job of marketing their streaming service, and don't make it visible enough or clear enough on their main website that a streaming service is even offered.
6 ropeadoped OP, where did you get $65 million over budget on Goliath season 2 from? All the article says is: > It also is said to be **millions of dollars over budget on season two of Goliath** after the drama's second showrunner, Clyde Phillips, exited amid clashes with star Billy Bob Thornton. Did you just pull that number out of thin air?
5 cmon_plebs_do_it > spent $80MM on six episodes of Woody Allen miniseries 'Crisis in Six Scenes' how? how can you spend 80 million on that crap?
4 cabose7 I don't understand how Crisis cost $80 million when half the show takes place in a house, even if it's a period piece. Cafe Society is way more expansive and only cost like $25 mil, and Crisis basically has the run time of a regular Woody Allen movie. If they were gonna give him $80 million they should've let him make that history of jazz movie he's been wanting to make.
5 stilesjp How the fuck can a show about a goddamn lawyer go over budget by $65m?
3 TheAsian1nvasion So it turns out 'Crisis in Six Scenes' was aptly named.
3 jelatinman How tf did they spend $80mil on a TV show for him? The length was the same as his film Match Point and most of it took place inside of one house. Did Miley cost that much?
2 bagels_for_everyone Shit they just took a 2 week hiatus out of nowhere. Guess I know why now.
2 LaxSagacity Amazon needs Chromecast support. They can't complain about viewers when they have made a decision to remove avenues for watching it on a TV. When I flick through Prime most of the shows seem boring. Or at least they don't seem exciting or interesting. I do keep meaning to watch The Man in The High Castle. I am looking forward to Jack Ryan. However I flick past most shows, read descriptions, watch a trailer and move on. It's not that I think they'll be bad, they just don't grab my interest and even if they are good. They seem like they'll be good in a long drawn out and non exciting way. Which is not going to make me watch a show spur of the moment. American Gods fell in the interesting category but that show was a mess. I watched a few episodes and it never explained what the fuck the show was, what the narrative was or what the fuck was going on. There was nothing to make me think if I invested the time watching all of it, that it'd be worth the time investment. It was either something that'd never end up making sense or getting better or something made where you have to watch all of it but the show itself never made an argument why you should. I wonder if Amazon is a little preoccupied with making shows from people who they think will win awards, versus shows that will win awards. The Grand Tour was fun though.