/r/television's Weekend Recommendations & What Are You Watching? (Week of February 16, 2018)
Does anybody remember Beyond Belief- fact or fiction
Let us The Soup fans rejoice it is back and hasn't missed a beat.
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How Abraham Lincoln really died. - WKUK
Harvey Weinstein Documentary Receives February 20, 2018 Release Date on UK's Channel 4
How NBC Flubbed Its Coverage, Reported The Wrong Gold Medalist, Then Botched The Correction Of One Of The Most Stunning Upsets In Olympic History
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to end with potential 4th season
Whitest Kids U Know - The Grapist
Delocated is a modern classic that deserves more recognition here and everywhere! Anyone? FRRT!
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Rowan Atkinson's Maigret series of TV movies is a revelation.
Season 9 of SpongeBob ran from 2012-2016, but which season is the longest running ever?
Sneak peek of Cartoon Network’s new show, “Craig of the Creek”, premiering March 30.
Nothing is Ever Anyone’s Fault | A Fucked Up Love Duet from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Scariest episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?
The Sopranos - Linguistic compilation
The Jews Are Coming - an Israeli satire/sketch comedy show based on historical events (with English subtitles)
Which show had an unremarkable first couple of episodes, but later turned out to be very rewarding?
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Star vs the Forces of Evil returns with new episodes Saturday March 3rd.
What TV show had a great pilot but became a huge disappointment a few episodes later ?
Wondering if anyone has begun watching Re:Mind that just came to Netflix?
Brandon Vietti confirms on Twitter that up to 15 episodes of Young Justice season three are finished.
I tried to watch Miranda but I can't get through a full episode, even with Tom Ellis
You're the Worst: Bloody Metaphors
Hold the Sunset, episode one, review: John Cleese’s big sitcom return fizzes with comic energy
19-2, a cop drama that had an insane long take of a school shooting
The Shield - "Pissing all over us"
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is a comedy series based off of the Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) novels. It deserves more attention.
"[The Wire] "Count be wrong, they fuck you up."
Why Aren’t You Watching Mozart in the Jungle?
1140 lordb4 I think it might make a good mini-series, but I don't think it would be hard to stretch it beyond that.
529 WholeLottaWhat I enjoyed the episode but personally wish they would just leave it where it ended. I like the finality of him being trapped in that spaceship forever (or at least until his real body dies). From reading that article it sounds like he will be found alive, which in my opinion kinda ruins the ending of the episode. But id still give the show a chance if this idea actually comes to production
496 Mgas95 This would have a lot of potential as a series. These cloned characters existing in a world where the stakes for them are real, but for everyone else it isn't. I feel like it would be fairly humorous too, knowing how people act in space games like EVE or Elite Dangerous. I think the show could have a really cool mix of scifi adventure with real world story. Also as a huge fan of Stargate, BSG, Firefly, Expanse, and Dark Matter, I can always use another space show. And if it was on Netflix that would give a lot of flexibility to make it interesting. Edit: Additionally, would the game view them as glitches, players, or NPCs? given how in the show an update manifests in game as an interact-able mechanism, would bug hunters be actual people or NPCs whose job it is to kill them in-game?
73 CuddlePirate420 The show wouldn't last long. After Daly doesn't show up for work after the 10 day break, police go to his house to find him dead in his chair, locked into his game. It is discovered that the last person to have had any contact with him is the pizza delivery guy. That leads police to find out the pizza was ordered from Cole's phone. Now being a suspect, a few hair strands found at the crime scene are compared to hers and are a match, proving she was there. Cole breaks down under questioning and reveals she was being blackmailed to retrieve weird things from Daly's mini-fridge. Daly's computer and DNA analyzer are thoroughly analyzed and his dev-copy Star Fleet code is found. Eventually they figure out what he was doing. When the employees learn of this, they are understandably traumatized. With their head engineer dead, one of their programmers in jail, the customers dropping like flies from the PR shitstorm, and the rest of their senior team quitting and filing lawsuits against the company, Callister goes bankrupt and the servers are promptly taken offline.
181 neugo So, you're saying that, instead of getting paid once as a director - he wants to get paid many different times as both a director and a producer??? Surely you jest!
84 Silver_Testelone It might seem cool now, but after the first episode (if they are taking the realistic approach) it would just be filled with ugandan knuckles shouting very loudly about de wae.
54 CptNonsense This sounds like it could be awful
14 Oddworld- No please don't! The best thing about Black Mirror episodes is that they start, shit happens, and then they end and leave you with something to think about. If he wants to direct a serial he should come up with an original idea and leave the Black Mirror episodes alone. I really hope Charlie Brooker doesn't like money.
12 Blizardio so basically live action star trek sword art online. hmm
32 Ninjabunny2point0 A tv show about a spaceship in space, except it's a video game with other human players. Hmmm... Might be promising