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51 drakesylvan If you honestly make any of the choices presented in this episode, you were most likely an idiot to begin with. This is the Darwin Award for bad parenting.
63 Serial_Doubter Every episode of Black Mirror: “Season __ Episode __ of Black Mirror is called “________” and shows us things to avoid when ____________” in the future.
7 beebop222222 I still dont get why she couldnt just take the chip out of her head. Like, they got in there somehow...pretty sure a neurosurgeon could easily locate a chip and remove it. Or at the very least disable it. One throwaway line by a character saying "its not possible" is not a good enough justification and this whole episode could have been avoided by just taking it out. Weak and boring episode imo.
6 A-Bronze-Tale No. It's telling us what to avoid when parenting NOW. This was actually a weak and predictable episode where technology was pretty much irrevelant and there was nothing thought provoking about it. I'm only 2 episodes in so far and I've been disappointed by both. Hopefully it gets better. Anyway, getting back to my original point. Helicopter parenting is something very real today, sure technology might make it easier to do but it's already a problem for some parents.
2 TheSchmoAboutNothing Just in the future? I thought it was warning us about being a helicopter parent in general
3 4scend Arkangel shows us how to ruin a good concept with a terrible plot
1 Baktab If you think that any sort of device like the Arkangel would be legal in the first place, you're reaching far. It even got banned in the episode itself.
1 cavs79 Ahhh this show hit me in the gut. What a sad ending. All that mom wanted to do was protect her her whole life and make sure she was was only the two of them. Of course she needed to lighten up but she did what any mother would do. Her daughter lied and her mom was just trying to find her whereabouts which lead to her discovering that her daughter was into bad stuff. Any parent would want to help and prevent their child from going down that path. She went overboard with the pregnancy though :/ And at the end her mom lost her daughter for good :( the thing she feared the most.