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42 unbalancedforce When watching this it was like having flashback to that time in my life. I don't think that has ever been captured in TV or movie. It's a weird subject to tackle.
42 FareweII I liked the idea of the show - early teens are often portrayed as a wonderful time of discovery on tv(mostly because a lot of it is just Disney sitcoms), so making it as uncomfortable, messy and awkward as it is in real life is refreshing and all the puberty stuff on the show is well done and funny, *but then Family Guy-esque jokes come in*. The coach character is absolutely awful, ghost in the attic is just awkward and not funny and there's so many meta and 4th wall breaking jokes that fall flat on their face. I don't remember the exact details, but there's an episode half way through the season where a character references a line from previous episode from a scene where he wasn't even present - it's funny. But then other characters react to act to it, asking "what?" and he has to explain that it's a joke from a previous episode *then* he starts talking about the next episode and the jokes in it, it goes on for fucking ever...That scene is humor of the show in a nutshell - actual joke was short and funny, but then you completely ruined by unnecessary winking.
73 homarus-americanus Am I the only one who didn’t struggle with puberty? I don’t understand what the problem is
13 PM_ME_YOUR_MUTTS i just cant give this show a try, the animation style is just hideous. cant get past it. is it actually worth it/good?
7 Aevum1 Wasnt this show heavly critized and not very well recived for being a over the top cringefest ?
17 whygrendel It's not. It's cringey as fuck in a very particular way.
2 possessivefish Totally agree. The white shorts and period thing I think has happened to almost every teenage girl. Fucking embarrassing.
2 BuffaloveRay I really enjoyed this show, and will watch if there is a season 2. I would also be lying if I said this shit wasn’t cringy as fuck lol! Omg... the pillow relationship bit made me uncomfortable, but it kept me laughing.
1 Rixen108 Has it been confirmed for a season 2?
1 malobeto I guess I don't see why that's supposed to be funny. The only thing I see this show getting praise for is an accurate portrayal of how awkward puberty is, and even then after watching a few episodes none of the puberty stuff seemed that relatable to me. It was all just a bit too generic.