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79 SilentWeaponQuietWar To me this show was the most realistic "computer nerd" drama that's ever aired to date. The way that Joe's character in particular embodies so many different people (Jobs, McAfee) was a pleasure to watch unfold.
87 froakiefroak Considering an article like this/similar to this gets posted at least once or twice a week, I assume some people watched it.
9 tabiotjui I love that line because it harms the show itself Would you want to be the best show no one watched?
15 jimonabike Never heard of HaCF til it hit Netflix. Well worth watching, ending it at season four was the right way to end the story.
6 Haematobic Considering that at the time it was somewhat sold as "Mad Men, but set in the '80s and with computers instead of ads", as a Mad Men fan, I jumped right in. I finished season 1; at the time I really enjoyed most of the technical details shown (the episode where they have to retrieve data off of a dead HDD was really well done) but I wasn't crazy about the plot or most of the characters. Didn't really feel motivated enough to watch S02 at the time, so I dropped it.
6 f0gax I watched the first season and liked it a lot. I made it through two maybe three episodes of the second season and had to bail out. There was something *off* to me about the game platform she was running. And it was off enough to take me out of the show. I can't remember the details now, but the feeling I recall is that it seemed to much like a modern online game than what you'd find in the 80s.
4 JC-Ice Other than "computers in the 80s" I never got a sense of what the show was about from the ads. Is it like Mad Men? Or Hackers? Is it based on a true story?
16 CO_PC_Parts I really liked this show when it first came out but then sort of lost it when I realized that somehow, these 4-5 characters are magically always at the cusp of "the future of computing." First it's creating the IBM clones from the 80's that allowed home pc prices to drop like crazy. Then it's pc gaming, and an extension, online gaming and communities. Which leads to online auctions and payments. Then antivirus work. Then it's the internet itself, starting with DARPA, then sort of being like Cisco and McAffee at once then by extension it turns into indexing web pages. That's where I stopped so not sure what else is going on. But let me get this straight, these same 4-5 people basically reverse engineered IBM PCs, then created early day gaming like Boulder Dash, then online communities similar to Compuserve and craigslist. Then they turn into fucking ebay and paypal? Then on a tangent they get into networking, coming up with protocols for the early internet and switches like Cisco and then fucking Google for web indexing. Seriously at times the show is like a nerd version of Forrest Gump, these guys are always right in the middle of every computer advancement the past 35 years.
7 PM_me_ur_swimsuit > best TV drama no one is watching I'm not sure about that, but the show was criminally underrated during it's original run. For me the show had some character issues (I wanted to set Joe and Cameron on fire half the time) that held it back, but otherwise it was pretty good overall.
2 filthylilbeast I don’t think people realize it’s a computer nerd show. The title for one , is kinda misleading.