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Today I finished 'Black Sails' and was kinda bummed to discover that Toby Stephens (Captain Flint) wasn't even nominated as an outstanding lead actor. I just want to echo his wonderful performance (short part from the finale)
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I gave him that
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230 underwoodlovestrains Gimple did really good work with seasons 4 & 5, but the quality has gone down a lot since then. I wonder what happened behind the scenes
186 Scaramuccia No one seems to be reading the article, Scott Gimple is not gone. He's been promoted and now overseeing the entire Walking Dead franchise.
54 BunyipPouch > Longtime writer/co-exec producer Angela Kang has been promoted to serve as exec producer and showrunner of The Walking Dead for season nine.
20 TheGent316 So I was looking through the episode list just see what she's written in the past and I came across an interesting question...What ever happened to writer Seth Hoffman? He disappeared from the writing staff after season 6 but he's written some of the series best episodes such as Too Far Gone, The Distance, JSS, No Way Out, and Not Tomorrow Yet. He's also co-wrote Claimed, Self Help, and Conquer. It may sound crazy but I almost wonder if not having his voice in the writers room these past two seasons has been a part of the quality downslide. I never even realized he was gone. Pretty underrated IMO.
38 MaleNudity Scott Gimple overseeing the entire franchise? That's the final nail in TWD coffin.
19 DMan304 If they follow the comic book timeline after the war, a new showrunner might be a perfect fit for a new era.
81 MJTony Let. It. Die.
57 SirBlumpkinTheSixth End this damn show already
13 Wes_Side238 >Angela Kang, who has been with the series since 2011, has been promoted to showrunner of the flagship starting with season nine, while Gimple will serve as chief content officer and oversee all things 'Walking Dead,' from shows to gaming and more. Kang will be a good change for the show. Not sure how I feel about Gimple being promoted after his track record the last few seasons; but I guess the less involved he is with the show, the better.
8 capslfc New era for Walking Dead
2 EugenesMullet Yeah, this isn't going to do anything to help the show. Somehow, Gimple's been promoted to oversee TWD as a franchise, so he now has even further influence than just this show. And Angela Kang does not have a great track record as a writer. And I thought this series had already hit rock bottom.