/r/television's Weekend Recommendations & What Are You Watching? (Week of February 16, 2018)
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Why Aren’t You Watching Mozart in the Jungle?
3835 TheOtherUprising She's right. And unfortunately this kind of thing was inevitable. There was a whole string of serious allegations that turned out to be true that started the movement. But it was only a matter of time before someone who simply had a bad hookup with someone famous decided to smear them with it.
1307 Ripclawe catherine deneuve and Margaret Atwood are being attacked by pointing out this is or has turned into a witch hunt. Accusations are coming that amounts to people signing a contract and feeling it was wrong to do "power dynamic"(James franco) now Aziz basically went on a bad date and was clueless about it. Meantime, actual sexual abuse like Dushku is not getting the press it deserves and the idiotic accusations make it less likely for others to come out.
1006 MaineSoxGuy93 She's absolutely right. When you cry foul over Aziz being a nincompoop, it makes it that much worse for people like Eliza Dushku to be taken seriously. "Grace," you owe Aziz an apology for trying to ruin his career.
372 PM_me_ur_swimsuit Whoa, someone on HLN that isn't Nancy Grace taking a hard stand on something?
524 PZeroNero She sought him out at an event and would have basically ignored him if he wasn't famous. She's can be looked as a predator if someone wanted to paint her like one, as she essentially spotlighted him. I mean wasn't she on a date with someone else during it also?
169 Altephor1 Touching women on the waist, getting blowjobs from your girlfriend, trying to hook up with your date... when will we stop this vicious cycle of abuse? WHEN WILL IT END PEOPLE!?
121 MulderD I tend to agree with this sentiment but all I can think about is how proud Banfield probably is about that last line in her rant.
48 InBetvveen People are beginning to associate and intertwine the words "sexual harassment" and "sexual assault". That alone is not good. There is a distinct difference between the two. It is hard for me to believe that Aziz committed either of these acts.
10 0wned_alover Christ, I'm happy she's still going out of her friends group for the next month now.