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7901 Farahsway Show me on the doll where he made you watch Seinfeld.
16637 stesha83 I for one am shocked that sex with Aziz Ansari is awkward.
3205 Shift84 The next sexual encounter he has is going to take forever. Do you consent to me touching your leg? I consent to you touching my penis. Do you consent to me fumbling my way through opening your bra? Are you sure? Like, really really sure? No don't shake your head, say your answer.
2585 DanWillHor Woman meets celebrity that couldn't fight his way out of wet paper bag. Woman gets the celebs attention by literally ignoring her current date. Celeb gets her number. Woman and celeb go on date. Celeb takes her to expensive restaurant 2 blocks from his expensive apartment. Woman complains celeb didn't ask what kind of wine she liked. Celeb pays the check and they leave for his apartment before they could finish half the meal. Woman returns to his apartment. Celeb asks her if she wants to sit on his marble counter because that's normal? She does because celeb is 5'3" 120lbs and couldn't lift himself on the counter so we know she did this of her own power. They make out and celeb does/says awkward shit. She doesn't ask him to stop but doesn't enjoy it. Celeb performs oral on woman. She doesn't like this but doesn't ask him to stop. More awkward, celeb then asks for oral. Woman gives it. Woman doesn't like it but doesn't ask him to stop. She says she needs to use the bathroom. After returning, woman voices discomfort. Celeb voices understanding. Instead of leaving she takes his invite to sit on/near his couch because.....he wanted to watch Oprah with woman? She gives him oral again. Etc. Eventually leaves and texts him the next day about how it was horrible and how he needs to not be horrible. Celeb reaponds privately with seemingly sincere regret at a misunderstanding and apology. Woman has 3000 word revenge-porn story written about celeb because.......righteous anger? ____________________________________________ What is described above is a groupie meeting a celebrity. I'm sorry but her actions scream "groupie". Further, her actions on the night are actions she regrets, not obvious clues to stop asking for the acts she still allows/performs anyway. Was Aziz right in his behavior? No, I guess not but only in the sense that he treated her like a groupie. I guarantee he's had this exact encounter a few dozen times. She wanted a boyfriend, he thought she was a groupie. End of story. No way he forced her into anything. Again, he's built like a 13yo boy. He didn't attack or molest her. She gave him head on multiple occasions that night. She was disappointed not assaulted.
3747 REDDIT-IS-TRP i like how the website didnt reveal that girl's real name but Aziz got called a rapist in public 10/10 stuff
4525 curryjimmycamel I am so glad I'm not the only one to think this wasn't rape. Bad sex doesn't mean rape. Everybody has a story of a hook-up they regret. Also white wine pairs well with oysters.
6112 [deleted] [deleted]
620 deafgaming No one will probably see this, but I used to contribute to the magazine that made the original story. To be honest, there isn't really a strict editorial process compared to more reputable magazines. The magazine is a great platform to let young people voice their opinions, but I'm unsure about calling some of the publications fact. I think they can be questionable.
6623 Ameriican America is losing its fucking mind
36637 Virtual_Messiah >*He didn't even ask what kind of wine I preferred.* Wish that was a joke.