/r/television's Weekend Recommendations & What Are You Watching? (Week of February 16, 2018)
Bojack Horseman on gun control
Trump vs The World: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Netflix's 'The Joel McHale Show' With Joel McHale brings back just the right vehicle—for Joel McHale
Does anybody remember Beyond Belief- fact or fiction
Let us The Soup fans rejoice it is back and hasn't missed a beat.
Harvey Weinstein Documentary Receives February 20, 2018 Release Date on UK's Channel 4
How Abraham Lincoln really died. - WKUK
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to end with potential 4th season
Arrested Development - Mrs. Featherbottom has an accident.
Sir David Attenborough to present new cinematic BBC One documentary about endangered animals
Tracy Morgan Strikes Back - The Last OG
Doctor Who - The Doctor defined. "I do what I do because it’s right! Because it’s decent!"
Just started watching “ Electric Dreams “ by Philip K. Dick on Amazon Video
Delocated is a modern classic that deserves more recognition here and everywhere! Anyone? FRRT!
If you could bring back any show for one more season...which would it be?
How NBC Flubbed Its Coverage, Reported The Wrong Gold Medalist, Then Botched The Correction Of One Of The Most Stunning Upsets In Olympic History
Rowan Atkinson's Maigret series of TV movies is a revelation.
Married With Children-Fever
Whitest Kids U Know - The Grapist
Nothing is Ever Anyone’s Fault | A Fucked Up Love Duet from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Carlton called a sellout
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Do Not Diddle Kids
Lee Mack's Shrunken Shirt - Would I Lie To You?
Scariest episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?
BBC Studios Scores Non-Scripted Orders From Viacom’s C5 – BBC Showcase
You gotta pay the toll to get his soul - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Star vs the Forces of Evil returns with new episodes Saturday March 3rd.
The Sopranos - Linguistic compilation
I was underwhelmed with Fargo season 2 the 1st time watching, going through 2nd time now - absolutely amazed
When a new TV show is conceived from scratch (not a book/comic adaptation) are multiple season storylines mapped out from the beginning or do they just wing it from season to season?
‘Game of Thrones’ Exec Producer Frank Doelger Launches Drama Firm
The cast of Counterpart it's really good
Counterpart - 1x05 "Shaking the Tree" - Episode Discussion
Season 9 of SpongeBob ran from 2012-2016, but which season is the longest running ever?
The Impact of Dragonball Z: The Series that Changed Everything
Sneak peek of Cartoon Network’s new show, “Craig of the Creek”, premiering March 30.
Classic Clip: Titus on Gun Control
Anyone watching ER on Hulu?
The Jews Are Coming - an Israeli satire/sketch comedy show based on historical events (with English subtitles)
Just watched "Beyond the Walls (Au-delà des Murs)," 2016
1 Prax150 The creator, Olan Rogers, will also be doing an AMA right here on r/television right after the stream at 8:30!
334 GameBoy09 Commercials have been playing like crazy on TBS. They are really pushing this. I think they are going for the Rick & Morty and Adventure Time crowd, so Reddit is the place to be.
132 MortalJohn They're really reaching for that Rick and Morty crowd, I don't blame them.
72 Stepwolve interesting strategy - bringing the premiere directly to reddit. Clearly they realize that the 'reddit demographic' is who they need to watch their show
51 SJ117 Been keeping an eye on this show ever since it got picked up by TBS, so I’m quite excited to see it. Hopefully I can catch the stream on Thursday.
25 PikachuUseThunder More looking forward to 'Close Enough' from the Regular Show team..but I'm still interested in this show, can't wait.
20 siddonsk I've been a fan of Olan since his Balloonshop days. I'm so excited and know this is gunna be a great show!
38 ClarkZuckerberg I love Olan. I’m more a fan of *him* than some of his creative stuff on YouTube but I’ll definitely be watching this. Hope it’s not too much like Rick and Morty though as I’m not a fan.
17 K41namor I remember this short on youtube, so glad it got picked up
11 Sprickels I'm really looking forward to JG Quintel's new show on TBS
5 fullofspiders Everyone here is comparing it to Rick and Morty; it looks to me like Futurama. TBS seems to be putting a lot of effort into original comedies lately, rather than just syndicated stuff (although they're still doing that). I saw a few episodes of People of Earth and the pilot of that cabin in the woods show. Haven't seen enough to get a good impression though, since their Roku app sucks.
3 anagoge The cookies will finally be done!
8 SnapbackYamaka I feel like putting it on Reddit first is going to make a lot of Redditors hate it. This community doesn't like to be promoted commercially since it's basically a community that's been from word of mouth and spread naturally on the internet. Bringing in an outside TV station to give us a primere just seems like pandering to the wrong crowd, even if that crowd would happen to like the content.
2 Metroidman Where can you watch it at?
9 0 _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ I'm a sucker for a good Adult cartoon. This looks great!
11 0 EmptyglassesAmps Do a Fred Armison/David Tennant Iama!
5 0 Digitalizing Created by the guy from Balloonshop? I'm in.
1 0 leadandinspire First saw him on “Ghost in the Stall” and loved his humor and perspective on life!! Met him in person in Tampa during his eat a slice with me tour and outside of his soda shop in nashville!! An amazing man who follows his dreams and inspires all who come into contact with him!! Best of luck chasing your dreams brother!!
3 0 msmb89 Yaaas!! SO excited for this show!
4 0 kait65987 Wait, its premiering on Reddit?? SO COOL
1 0 bobjones50 I can wait.
1 0 FeFiFoShizzle this looks super good
3 0 Dwayneownz What a stupid website
0 0 kenku_sommelier
-3 0 smartid I've been scanning for David Tenant since he was on JJ, he should be on much bigger live action productions, not some faux-wacky banal animated show
-1 0 outofvogue Really trying to capture the Rick and Morty fans with this one.