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121 NobodySpecial999 God damn I miss Craig.
28 shannytyrelle If that’s your cup of tea it’s fine, I just think they relied too much (and Corden is on the same boat) on the ‘viral video’ aspect of the show, I guess it’s good for business especially because Fallon and Kimmel are the ones to consistently get the A-list celebs unlike the other hosts, even Conan has been getting shitty guests lately. Although by focusing too much on the games and bits which are so clearly pre-planned the thing turns into a daytime show ala Ellen and not a late night show. Not being in the states I mostly just watch the clips, I guess it might be more enjoyable catching it in bed and it just being in TV. I think the last truly interesting Fallon interview was that Kidman one about their failed date, but it was only good because she just took over and told the story, nothing to do with Jimmy tbh.
103 blanston And he is a horrible interviewer, which you would think would be kind of a detriment when hosting a talk show. But he is following Leno's lead in that regard. Ask a couple predetermined questions, laugh and move on. He doesn't seem to engage guests like Letterman, Carson or Ferguson as examples.
89 wherestherice Jeeeesus, I’m no fan of Fallon but is it really necessary to rake him over the coals with another one of these articles?
137 Charith__Cutestory Bwahahahahahah. *slaps desk* hahahahahaha *snorts* teeeheeee teeeheeee *claps hands* hohohohohohoho. *deep breath*
202 rocker2014 "out of touch with the times" meaning "doesn't make his entire show about politics". I don't want or need more politics in late night comedy. It's stale, it's boring, cheap, and easy. I get it, Trump provides a lot of material, but that doesn't mean it all needs to be touched. Nor does every late night host need to be political. I personally find Fallon to be a natural for The Tonight Show. I enjoy the show and he is fun to watch.
28 MyNewAccount962 I hate the criticism Fallon gets. He just likes having silly fun. Nothing wrong with that. And, It's not an act. Fallon's a genuinely happy guy.
24 Aequitassb For a guy who is supposedly irrelevant, he sure does get a lot of think pieces written about him.
33 tellittrue Fallon is simply an over the top "you're the best" worst type of shilly talk show host. His musical sense is much more spot on. Those who complain about Colbert being to political should also know, he's a pretty bad interviewer unless it's someone he knows personally. Craig Ferguson was the best interviewer ever.
30 danwins23 I watch all of these “late night” shows fairly regularly. After going from Noah, to Oliver, to Colbert, to Kimmel I’m very glad to have Fallon not just railing on Trump. The dude is just trying to make a fun show, and he does a good job. Yeah he overreacts with the laughter and such but damn he’s just trying to lighten it up.
3 cloudycane I don't watch Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, not a fan, but his problem is not that he's not political. Not every late night show hast to be political, it's getting tiresome.