/r/television's Saturday Recommendations (Week of January 13, 2018)
Nick Offerman as "Karl Weathers" in Fargo - Drunken Rant
HLN Host Ashleigh Banfield Slams Aziz Ansari Accuser: "You Have Chipped Away at a Movement"
Legion shows us that you don't need 2-3 episodes of relationship drama to sell viewers on a TV couple. All you need is 3 minutes of great music and fantastic editing.
Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader.
Aziz Ansari accusation story was a gift to anyone who wants to derail #MeToo
History Channel is honoring Martin Luther King Jr. today by playing 10 episodes of his favorite show, American Pickers
This may be old news but The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is amazing
Everything Sucks! | Netflix - February 16, 2018
Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson to star in Coen Brothers' Netflix miniseries Ballad Of Buster Scruggs
Remember when Flavor of Love was a thing?
For a show with such poor reviews, Breakout Kings has some surprisingly good performances and likeable characters.
Atlanta | Season 2: Spotlight Preview | FX
The Jim Jefferies Show’ Renewed For Second Season By Comedy Central
I think that the show "Episodes" beautifully emphasizes the dynamic of "writer/creator versus corporate/money"
Interview With Peter Falk | 50 Years of Columbo (Columbo Featurette)
The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari
This season of Family Guy is good
'The Good Place' is basking in the Jaguars' playoff run
Netflix's 'Umbrella Academy' Series Has Begun Filming
L.A. to Vegas is surprisingly really good.
Conan O’Brien headed to Haiti for next instalment of ‘Conan Without Borders’
Which movies would you like to see made into tv shows?
"I Am Not Your Negro" is on PBS tonight at 9 PM
Halt and Catch Fire is the best TV drama no one watched
Black Mirror director wants spinoff series for Season 4's 'USS Callister'
On ‘Black Lightning,’ a Superhero Takes On Race, Justice and the Real World
Stranger Things season 3: filming may start sooner than expected
British Sitcom ‘Detectorists’ Is TV’s Buried Treasure
Being a child actor has always been tough. Social media makes it so much worse.
Aziz Ansari Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegation (Full Statement)
Harvey Weinstein Removed From Credits Of 'Waco' & 'Yellowstone'
With early reviews, The CW's "Black Lightning" is 100% fresh.
Why Conan Just Planned A Last Minute Trip To Haiti
The Brave (NBC)
David Simon adapting Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America for TV
Atlanta Robbin' Season Teaser #2 (heavy rotation)
Westworld, Ballers, Sharp Objects & More Coming Soon in 2018 | HBO
The 2-hour season 1 finale of "The Gifted" airs tonight
The X-Files script that was too bleak to air
Early 90s "Supermarket Sweep" U.S. episodes begin airing TONIGHT at 8:30 on Buzzr
3968 gordonfroman I'm not done with Scientology, can we burn them down first before we go to the next
347 wastedkey I wish they would highlight the exclusive brethren. I escaped the exclusive brethren (you can see me previous posts) a year ago. It’s got 45k members worldwide and hides under the guise of a “normal” Christian church- it is anything but that. The leader flies around in a private jet, all high ranking members have a massive amount of wealth, power, and control over everyone’s lives. They aren’t allowed any external education, tv, books, and laptops and phones were allowed a few years ago, albeit with heavy filtering and monitoring. I remember signing the contract to get my phone through their shell IT company which provides “safe IT” for all members and it explicitly says all communication will be monitored. Fuck that- I got my own phone, and within months of literally absorbing everything I could find on the internet about cults & brainwashing I came realized just what I was in. So yeah, I guess you can say the internet saved my life! There has been very limited exposure brought to them, the closest is this documentary on YouTube I’m considering doing an AMA with a longer story, proof etc.
1761 TheAskRedditDude I'm hoping she looks into Nexium, the cult where Allison Mack is the main recruiter and they brand the female members. I was reading how people think it could be the next Scientology.
293 misterbondpt Herbalife?
552 Happy_Feces I was once part of a mainstream cult called The Gate, based on the 12 step principle. It's in the uk and semi-Christian so I wasn't expecting it to be one, but it was. I left and lost a lot of friends as they had to shun me. More common than you think.
485 hydro123456 Maybe after she's done with religion she can go after the MLM's. Those are getting pretty cult like these days.
229 Namboman I'm 100% in on Leah owning the "cult exposer" corner
81 shiftynightworker Do the FLDS next!
33 quatefacio Twelve Tribes- I only know the one in the Kootenays, BC. Them and their creepy cult busses. The have a cafe and 'Seem' regular folk, but they are creepy AF. I have 2nd hand knowledge of their wedding vows and the (non) status of women. This area has The Duhkabours, US draft dodgers, and more! Nothing does crazy like out of town folk!