What are you watching and what do you recommend? (Week of March 16, 2018)
Martin Freeman has f**king had it with fans wanting Sherlock and Watson to be lovers
Stefon on St. Patrick's Day - SNL
'Rick and Morty' season 4 still hasn’t been ordered by Adult Swim.
‘Will & Grace’ Revival Renewed For Season 3
Bill Hader's Stefon Makes Triumphant Return to Saturday Night Live Weekend Update
Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman to Host Saturday Night Live
The Netflix app needs a "playlist" function.
Saturday Night Live - Bill Hader 3/17/18
'Superstore' is giving workplace comedy a must-see renovation
Today I finished 'Black Sails' and was kinda bummed to discover that Toby Stephens (Captain Flint) wasn't even nominated as an outstanding lead actor. I just want to echo his wonderful performance (short part from the finale)
I have been watching the Dick Van Dyke show on Netflix and it is still hilarious and has held up really well.
Marvel's Black Panther Animated Series is Streaming for Free on YouTube
John Candy as Orson Welles on the Billy Crystal Comedy Hour (1982)
Atlanta fake Yoo-hoo commercial
John Goodman, Fred Armisen Make Surprise Appearances in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open
The real story of biggest corruption scandal of all time is comming to Netflix. "The Mechanism", from the creator and director of Narcos.
I gave him that
Peep Show - Mark And Dobby Get Physical In The Stationery Cupboard
Why Cord-Cutting Soared in 2017: High Cost of Pay TV Was No. 1 Factor
Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama
Thoughts on "Bates Motel"?
Legion | Season 1 Recap: What's Really Real? | FX
What are some shows that just destroyed you?
The sound mixing on the Big Little Lies finale scene rocks
Regular Show: Muscle Man goes insane
Can someone explain to me why when the term “asshole” is used on tv, why is the “hole” part the part that’s always censored?
KRYPTON - "The Symbol You Know" Teaser Promo
One of the coolest TV promos, Mad Men Season 7
Seinfeld - George Costanza - Coffee
Will r/television help me try to get Legit rebooted by Netflix?
The Office - The Password
If other skills were depicted in television shows like hacking, coding, or digital image manipulation is on CSI/NCIS/etc, what would they be and how would they be shown?
What are your TV/movie viewers pet peeve?
ACS The Assasination of Gianni Versace.
'Clarissa Explains It All' Reboot Starring Melissa Joan Hart in the Works at Nickelodeon
On My Block- Series discussion
New Animated Series Round-Up: Netflix will have a zombie animated series, Amazon´ll have a series produced by the same team from Bojack Horseman and Nickelodeon greenlits The Loud House spinoff
David Tennant to Star in HBO's Comedy Miniseries 'Camping'
The cynical hyper-realism in TV shows today...
Adam Scott: Aziz Ansari ‘Is Doing Great’ in the Wake of Sexual Misconduct Allegations
3995 gordonfroman I'm not done with Scientology, can we burn them down first before we go to the next
349 [deleted] I wish they would highlight the exclusive brethren. I escaped the exclusive brethren (you can see me previous posts) a year ago. It’s got 45k members worldwide and hides under the guise of a “normal” Christian church- it is anything but that. The leader flies around in a private jet, all high ranking members have a massive amount of wealth, power, and control over everyone’s lives. They aren’t allowed any external education, tv, books, and laptops and phones were allowed a few years ago, albeit with heavy filtering and monitoring. I remember signing the contract to get my phone through their shell IT company which provides “safe IT” for all members and it explicitly says all communication will be monitored. Fuck that- I got my own phone, and within months of literally absorbing everything I could find on the internet about cults & brainwashing I came realized just what I was in. So yeah, I guess you can say the internet saved my life! There has been very limited exposure brought to them, the closest is this documentary on YouTube I’m considering doing an AMA with a longer story, proof etc.
1764 TheAskRedditDude I'm hoping she looks into Nexium, the cult where Allison Mack is the main recruiter and they brand the female members. I was reading how people think it could be the next Scientology.
299 misterbondpt Herbalife?
554 Happy_Feces I was once part of a mainstream cult called The Gate, based on the 12 step principle. It's in the uk and semi-Christian so I wasn't expecting it to be one, but it was. I left and lost a lot of friends as they had to shun me. More common than you think.
485 hydro123456 Maybe after she's done with religion she can go after the MLM's. Those are getting pretty cult like these days.
231 Namboman I'm 100% in on Leah owning the "cult exposer" corner
83 shiftynightworker Do the FLDS next!
36 quatefacio Twelve Tribes- I only know the one in the Kootenays, BC. Them and their creepy cult busses. The have a cafe and 'Seem' regular folk, but they are creepy AF. I have 2nd hand knowledge of their wedding vows and the (non) status of women. This area has The Duhkabours, US draft dodgers, and more! Nothing does crazy like out of town folk!