TIL that while in Sharon Springs, Theodore Roosevelt was approached by a 12-year-old girl who asked if he would like to have a badger. Expecting to humor her, he agreed, and the girl came back with a 2-week-old badger. President Roosevelt named him Josiah and he became one of the presidential pets.
TIL a bidet is considered a key green technology and uses significantly less water, electricity, and wood than a single roll of toilet paper
TIL that crows are one of the smartest non-primate animals on earth, with the intelligence of a 7-year-old human. They use and manipulate tools, they have long-term memory including facial recognition, and they understand analogy.
TIL you would need 76 work days to read all the privacy policies you agree to each year
TIL that it's been more than 45 years since any human being has traveled far enough from our planet to capture a whole-Earth portrait like the famous "Blue Marble" photograph. 45 years!
TIL that NASA is developing a clockwork rover that uses no electricity to survive the harsh climate of Venus. It's powered by a wind turbine, springs, and gears, and transmits data via a Morse code shutter.
TIL of sensimilla which is a female cannabis plant that has been prevented from being fertilized and thus grows without seeds. The plant produces flower with a higher THC content since it is no longer putting energy into producing seeds.
TIL: New-born human infants can differentiate between genders, showing a clear preference for females. They're especially attracted to their own mother's face. They're also better at adults when recognizing features on a monkey's face.
TIL why lawyers say 'attorney at law'. It's to distinguish them from attornies in fact, which is when you give a relative the legal power to make decisions on your behalf. Attorney at law is a legally trained representative who acts for a party.
TIL that crows use cars to crack open nuts. To avoid being run over, they drop their nuts at pedestrian crossing.
TIL that U2 has performed only one show without the full band; Adam Clayton got so drunk the night before a show in Sydney that he couldn't go on stage and was replaced by one of the band's technicians. Clayton felt so bad he missed the show that he quit drinking.
TIL humans live closer to the time of the T-Rex than the T.rex lived to the time of Stegosaurus
TIL that Frank Sinatra did not serve in the military during WWII, classified as F4 (Registrant not acceptable for military service) because the US Army considered him "not acceptable material from a psychiatric viewpoint".
TIL a group of off-duty Army Rangers got into a 30-minute firefight with a group of suspected crack-dealing members of the Hilltop Crips gang
TIL that when Niels Bohr escaped from Denmark, he was smuggled out in the bomb bay of a Mosquito bomber. Because he didn't wear his helmet, he didn't hear the pilot instructing him to put on his mask, causing him to pass out from oxygen starvation for most of the flight.
TIL that Jack's nude sketch of Rose in the movie Titanic was actually drawn by director James Cameron himself on set.
TIL that Winston Churchill was known to wander off somewhere in London and have conversations with people, to find out what they were thinking about the state of the war.
TIL There Are 2 Pieces of Aluminum from the Destroyed World Trade Center on the Surface of Mars. They were quietly built into 2 of the Mars Rovers.
TIL there is donkey power, which is one third of a horsepower.
TIL in 1933, US Steel, Remington Arms, J.P. Morgan, and Standard Oil joined the DuPont family in an attempt to overthrow FDR with a fascist military coup called the "Business Plot"
TIL that we have had the ability to turn Lead and Mercury into Gold since the 50's. It's just cheaper to mine so we don't do it on a commercial scale.
TIL That Sega developed a Virtual Reality headset for the Sega Genesis in 1993. It was nearly released but was cancelled due to making testers sick
TIL "in Russia, Norway and many northern and eastern European countries synchronized clapping is more popular than random clapping."
TIL former US President Calvin Coolidge had a pet raccoon named Rebecca who was originally slated to be Thanksgiving dinner at the White House
TIL Davy Crockett was born in a non-existent state called Franklin, later incorporated into Tennessee
TIL the 3 Musketeers bar once had three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Restrictions imposed during World War II would force the bar to become all chocolate.
TIL the Looney Toons Golden Collection DVDs have a disclaimer at the beginning given by Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the cartoons are a product of their time and contain ethnic stereotypes that have not been censored because editing them would be the same as denying the stereotypes ever existed
TIL that Polaris, the 'North Star' was not used by ancients for navigation. It only became the closest naked-eye star to the celestial pole in Medieval times. Before that, the Ursa Minor constellation was used for navigation.
TIL When Princess Diana went to Disneyland she made her sons Harry and William wait in line just like everyone else.
TIL Isaac Newton poked a bodkin (a needle) in between his eye and bone and pushed it as close to the backside of his eye as he could. He then pressed it against his eye to study the patterns in his vision it made
TIL that Pizza Hut released their signature perfume "Eau de Pizza Hut" in Canada in 2012, and the intended fragrance was of "a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened."
TIL that bird egg shape predicts how well that bird species flies. Round eggs indicate less flight worthiness, pointy eggs indicate higher.
TIL that Inside the Actor's Studio host James Lipton was once a pimp in France back in the 1950's.
TIL the United States has not had a President under 6 feet tall in almost 40 years.
TIL the official units of measure in the USA are metric units like meters & kilograms, & it has been like this since 1875 when the US signed the Convention of the Meter. This was reinforced by the 1975 Metric Conversion Law & a 1991 Presidential Executive Order.
TIL The Chinese Take Out Box was invented in Chicago, IL in 1894
TIL Popeye increased spinach sales in the U.S. by 33% when he became popular in the 1930's, setting in stone the myth that spinach has a lot more iron than most leafy greens, while it's actually not the case.
TIL there was a snake in Australia that went to rehab for an ice addiction
TIL a geneticist discovered a cancer-causing gene and called it 'Pokemon', which stands for "POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor". He decided to rename it as 'Zbtb7' because The Pokémon Company, not wanting bad press, threatened him with legal action.
TIL Charles Darwin ate many exotic animals he discovered including the Galapagos turtle

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