TIL 550 motorcyclists participated in a ride to protest New York State's mandatory helmet law. During the ride, One of the rider's breaks failed and was sent over the handlebars and hit his head on the pavement, killing him. Medical experts said he would have survived if he had worn his helmet.
TIL that honey bees ejaculate so forcefully that their penises explode. This kills the honey bee.
TIL More people have died by taking selfies than by shark attacks in 2015
TIL microbiologist Raul Cano, successfully revived yeast that had been stuck in amber for 25 million years. He then co-founded a brewery that uses the same 45 million-year-old species of yeast to brew beer.
TIL on 8 September 2009, Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer disobeyed a direct order from a superior to pull back from his position so he could rescue wounded soldiers from a firefight a mile away. He ended up going back five times, saved the lives of 36 soldiers, and won the Medal of Honor.
TIL that in 1984 Mcdonalds offered free Big Macs,Fries, or a Coke for each Gold Silver or Bronze in the Olympics. During that year the Soviet Union boycotted the US olympics and therefore the US got many more medals than expected which became a huge failure for Mcdonalds
TIL the Super Soaker inventor is a Tuskegee-trained NASA engineer who used the money earned from a toy to do research on solar power and batteries
TIL Things like brass doorknobs and silverware sterilize themselves as they naturally kill bacteria because of something called the Oligodynamic effect
TIL men with noticeable bellies and higher BMIs last 7.3 minutes longer in bed than slimmer men
TIL at a 'The Who' concert in 1969, a man rushed the stage and tried to take the microphone. Roger Daltrey punched him in the face, and Pete Townshend kicked him in the crotch. The man was actually a plain-clothes policeman trying to warn of a large fire next door. Townshend was later arrested
TIL that two days after the Beatles released Sgt. Peppers, Paul McCartney and George Harrison went to a Jimi Hendrix show. Hendrix opened with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band.
TIL there were so many mummified cats excavated in Egypt that 19 tons of them were shipped to England to be used as fertilizer
TIL the first stapler was made in the 18th century for King Lioux XV and each staple was inscribed with the insignia of the royal court.
TIL at the 1912 Olympics, a marathon runner quit and went home to Japan without telling officials and was considered a missing person in Sweden for 50 years. In 1966, he was invited to complete the marathon. His time: 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds.
TIL that in 1979, an Indian man named Jadav Payeng started planting trees on a dying island near his home. Since then, Jadav's island has blossomed into Molai Forest, an oasis bigger than Central Park with thousands of plants and animals
TIL before his suicide, composer Jeremiah Clarke flipped a coin to decide whether to hang or drown himself. After the coin landed on its side, he went home and shot himself instead.
TIL that President Lyndon B. Johnson often peed in public, even during his presidency. One time, a gust of wind blew his urine onto the leg of one of his Secret Service agents. When the agent informed him he was being peed on, President Johnson replied, "I know. That's my prerogative."
TIL rock&roll pioneer Ritchie Valens had a fear of flying due to a freak accident where two airplanes collided over his school's playground, killing or injuring many of his friends. He got over this fear due to the demands of his career and subsequently died in a plane crash at the age of 17.
TIL Beethoven was once challenged to an improvisation contest by a famous pianist named Daniel Steibelt, Beethoven took the piece Steibelt's music was written on, turned it upside down, played it, then improvised on that and mocked Daniel through his own music. Daniel left halfway through.
TIL: That Abraham Lincoln faced chronic depression. He would not carry knives for fear he would use them on himself.
TIL the phrase "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer", often attributed to Machiavelli or Sun Tzu, was actually first said by Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II.
TIL keyboardist Billy Preston is the only musician to be credited on a Beatles recording other than the group's four members: the group's number-one hit "Get Back" is credited to "The Beatles with Billy Preston".
TIL that Bill Watterson, the creator of "Calvin and Hobbes" came off a 20 year hiatus from drawing comics to illustrate 3 comics for "Pearls Before Swine." The originals went on to sell for $74,090 for Parkinson’s disease.
TIL: The Dead Sea Scrolls, prized by Jews, also talks about Gilgamesh, the Babylonian hero, as a real person who died in the Flood. He receives dreams of his impending doom, making it a possible prequel for his journey in his Babylonian Epoch.
TIL of Unit 684 an expendable South Korean black-ops team of 31 convicted criminals whose mission was to kill North Korea's premier Kim Il-sung
TIL Fracking caused a >10000% increase in Oklahoma earthquakes
TIL that Starbucks will serve beverages at "Kids' Temperature" (130°F), if you don't want to wait for your drink to cool off.
TIL when dogs get the "Zoomies", it's known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or FRAPS, which is pent up energy.
TIL that Gamespot ripped the PSX version of Alien Resurrection to shreds for its "awful control scheme" of moving with the left analogue stick and looking with the right, better known as todays standard for console shooters
TIL The Polish government funded CD Projekt RED, granting them 7 Million US$ to make their upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077
TIL 1-3% of people are equipped with a mutated gene called hDEC2 which allows their body to get the rest it requires from just a few hours of sleep.
TIL that a Bunny, is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry. During the apartheid regime, Indians were not allowed in certain shops and cafes and so the shop owners found this quick way of serving the people through back windows.
TIL that a French chef committed suicide when his three-star Michelin ranking was downgraded
TIL that Dean Koontz decided not to sue the filmmakers of High Tension for plagiarizing his book Intensity because he found the film to be so puerile, so disgusting, and so intellectually bankrupt he didn't want the association with it that would come from a lawsuit.
TIL there are more plastic flamingos in the world than real ones.
TIL - The U.S. is on pace to have about a million centenarians (100+ years old) by 2050
TIL that total milk intake dropped by nearly half when chocolate milk removed from school program
TIL The largest recorded earthquake in North America was in Alaska in 1964 registering a 9.2 magnitude.
TIL: The Gummy Bears Theme Song was performed by Joseph Williams, former lead singer of the band Toto, who happens to be the son of famous composer John Williams.
TIL that "Opus No. 1", one of the most recognizable hold music songs of all time, was recorded by two highschool students in their garage in 1989, one of whom went on to build IP phones for Cisco. The song is now being played on over 65 million IP phones worldwide.

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