TIL that comedian Ryan Stiles from Whose Line is it Anyway? has been a frequent fund raiser for children with burn injuries, raising over $500,000 for the Burned Children Recovery Center since 2009, helping the foundation to recover from the economy crash of 2008.
TIL in one of Thomas Jefferson's letters to James Madison in 1789 he stated that the Constitution and laws should expire after 19 years. This was to allow the new generations to learn from the past and change accordingly, it was also to prevent older generations from "binding" subsequent ones.
TIL Ewan McGregor's brother is a pilot in the RAF, and his callsign is "Obi-Two"
TIL there's a restaurant in New York that doesn't employ chefs; they employ grandmas. Every day, a different grandma from around the world designs her own menu.
TIL when Tater Tots first hit store shelves in 1956, people did not buy them because they were very inexpensive and there was no perceived value. When the price was raised by stores, people began buying the product.
TIL that rubbing an injury right after it happens alleviates pain because the spinal chord preferentially forwards pressure signals (to the brain) over pain signals
TIL Two babies were switched at birth, one family was rich and the other poor, the rich couple's biological baby became a truck driver and the poor couple's biological baby became a CEO of a company
TIL avocados depended on megafaunas to disperse its seeds. However, when the megafaunas became extinct, avocados survived primarily due to human cultivation.
TIL that a chimpanzee became the 22nd most successful money manager on Wall St after choosing stocks by throwing darts at a board of 133 tech companies
TIL if an expensive watch makes an easily audible ticking noise, it's most likely fake.
TIL “Happy Birthday” is now in the Public Domain after Time Warner was sued in 2016
TIL the aviation industry always uses "deaths per km" to quote safety to the public, while internally insurers use "deaths per journey", where air travel is more dangerous than most other forms of transportation
TIL Codependency is characterized by sacrificing one’s personal needs in order to try to meet the needs of others and is associated with passivity and feelings of shame, low self-worth, or insecurity
TIL That Anita Hemmings was the first African-American female to graduate from Vassar College. She did this by pretending to be spanish, however she was discovered the day before graduation. She still received her diploma.
TIL a 67-year-old neurosurgeon was "stereoblind" (unable to see depth) his entire life, but it was cured after he saw the movie "Hugo" in 3D at a movie theater. Afterwards he was permanently able to perceive depth.
TIL dogs can become afflicted by Happy Tail, a syndrome where the tail is wagged so hard that it hits walls, furniture, and people until it begins bleeding. Because of the wagging, that blood is then flicked onto walls, ceilings, and anything else in the vicinity.
TIL one of the key differences between monkeys and apes is how they sleep. Monkeys sleep in an upright position and have a light sleep. Apes like to lie down and enter into a deep sleep. The deep sleep in apes is believed to have improved cognitive ability in them.
TIL a man suffered a fatal stab wound from a knife-wielding chicken while watching an illegal cockfight in California
TIL 3D printed objects can be made to connect to WiFi without electronics
TIL in 1997, a physics student demonstrating the Leidenfrost effect by holding liquid nitrogen in his mouth accidentally swallowed the substance, resulting in near-fatal injuries. This was the first case in medical literature of liquid nitrogen ingestion
TIL when the head of Universal Studios saw a film by a young student named Steven Spielberg, he called him in for a meeting, offered him a 7-year contract and told him, "a lot of people will stick with you in success; I’ll stick with you in failure."
TIL that the Voyager 1 is still alive and well. In December of last year, it used its rockets to maneuver for the first time in 37 years
TIL Texas is the only state with it's own power grid, the Texas Interconnected System, which is therefore not subject to federal interstate regulations
TIL of Arnold Schuster, a private citizen who appeared on television to discuss how he assisted the police in catching a bank robber, who was then gunned down by an unrelated mobster who saw him on TV and hated "squealers" (informants).
TIL the 90s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” drew away 22% of Super Bowl XXVI’s viewers during its halftime show by doing a special live episode of their own, which is why subsequent Super Bowls got A-List performers and dropped the previous themed marching band format.
TIL Bing Crosby was refused a hotel room for wearing jeans so Levis made him a jean jacket - the Canadian Tuxedo was born
TIL the world record for highest CPU frequency ever achieved was set in 2011 by a team of engineers at AMD. They overclocked an AMD Bulldozer-based FX-8150 chip to 8.805 GHz using liquid helium.
TIL that the legal "bar" originates from the physical barrier separating barristers from civilians; when you become certified to practice, you "pass the bar" by moving from the civilians' section to the barristers'
TIL that at the end credits of Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, the weird mumbling you hear before it goes off is actually a guy saying "No, no, this is the end of the show, you're watching it backwards!" being played reversed
TIL that locusts are just regular grasshoppers that swarm when excessive population density causes their legs to be touched so much that their brains release excess serotonin
TIL of William Ellis, a Texas born slave who crossed the border to slavery free Mexico and became a millionaire. Later on he attempted to bring African Americans to Mexico and even served as diplomat of the US to the King of Ethiopia.
TIL Jack Black sang the National Anthem at a WNBA game.
TIL Mark Wells Olympic hockey player in 1980 sold his gold metal due to unpaid medical bills for $40,000. After a the private collector bought it he sold the metal for $310,700. Mark told a interview "It killed me to sell the medal. But my life was crumbling. I was going to lose my home"...
TIL when a brand becomes synonymous with a generic product (like Kleenex) its called a proprietary eponym
TIL that George Lucas originally planned for Luke to become evil at the end of Star Wars VI and to replace his father after his death.
TIL Martin Lawrence is permanently banned from hosting SNL. The comedian hosted once in 1994 and performed a monologue where he criticized the vaginal hygiene of women. The rant, in which he went into detail about what he felt was a drop in feminine hygiene standards, will never be re-aired.
TIL that before Norm MacDonald's first appearance on the Tonight Show his dressing room was crashed by Robin Williams. While in the room he pretended to be a Jewish Tailor, talked to Norm's friend on the phone while pretending to be a Chinese Restaurant employee, dressed Norm, and then left.
TIL about Saturnalia, a festival in ancient Rome, where unconventionally the masters served the slaves. Christmas was likely heavily influenced by it.
TIL that Valve has no managers. Instead Employees choose which projects to work on, who to hire and can assemble their own teams for their new projects.
TIL that Venezuelan shopkeepers usually weigh cash instead of counting due to rapid hyperinflation
9477 MabelLovesWaddles "You become what you always were, a very big fish."
10768 emotional_doggybag This is actually a really beautiful story about 3 friends. The express writeup does not do it justice. In February 2015, a group of fishing buddies (Ron, Cliff & Paul) decided to go fishing in Thailand at a place called Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park. Intent on catching the biggest Carp in the lake, which at the time was a 154lb Siamese Carp. This fish is literally the fish of a lifetime and on that fateful day Ron would be the man that put this leviathan into the net. The battle between man and fish would last well over an hour before Ron eventually tamed the beast close enough to the bank to get it in the net. Once the leviathan had submitted, the three friends got a few trophy pictures and safely released the fish to fight another day. The three agreed to return the following year. Sadly in that same time Ron was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and passed away just a few days after the diagnosis. Before Ron passed away the three friends discussed their planned fishing trip to Thailand. Facing the harsh reality that was to be Ron wouldn’t be there to join them this time around, the friends agreed to scatter some of Ron’s ashes into the lake at Jurassic Mountain. However, this was not going to be the conventional scattering of ashes you might picture in your mind. It was agreed between the three that Cliff and Paul would use some of Ron’s ashes to make boilies and then use those to catch fish in Ron’s physical absence. Sadly, Ron passed away 3 days before Christmas 2015 and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. True to their word, Cliff and Paul had some of Ron’s ashes mixed into their fishing baits and dubbed them “Purple Ronnies” for their return trip to Thailand in April 2016. A full account of the story can be found [here](
1635 TooShiftyForYou *Mr Fairbrass said: “A few days before he died he asked us to take his ashes to Thailand and scatter them around the lake. I told him we would go one better than that and turn him into boilies and catch a big fish with them."* *"He just cracked up and said it was a brilliant idea."* *Mr Dale added: "I am not a religious person but it felt spiritual, it felt like Ron was there with us. After we caught this fish I looked to the heavens and said 'thank you, Ron.'"* *"Ron may not have been with us in person this year but he certainly was in spirit. He made sure the fish gods were smiling down and gave us the catch of a lifetime."* That's a really great send off and memory for a close friend.
790 Pappy_Smith >Ron Hopper on the left - before becoming fish food The caption on the picture of the three of them, I feel like they could have used better wording there
202 Dickens__Cider Carpe Diem.
99 BF1shY If Russian folklore has taught me anything... that Carp IS their dead friend.
149 NewNewTwo This has to be the most random thing I have seen today.