TIL Scientists put slime mold onto a model of a map of Tokyo, with food representing urban centers. After a day, it created a network almost identical to Tokyo’s actual rail network. Human designers created that network to be as efficient as possible; slime mold did the same, but without a brain
TIL The cheese used by major pizza companies (Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut) is monopolized by a single cheese company, Leprino Foods, which has control over 85% of the pizza cheese market.
TIL the iconic opening sound used in Law and Order known as "The Clang" is an amalgamation of nearly a dozen sounds, including an actual gavel, a jail door slamming, and five hundred Japanese monks walking across a hardwood floor
TIL despite being dead, Agatha Christie was able to save a life in 1977 when a nurse who'd read her book 'The Pale Horse' that described thallium poisoning so well that the nurse could diagnose a baby the doctors couldn't. Thallium was found in the baby, and she was given treatments, saving her
TIL Adult Swim put an entire episode of Rick and Morty (Rixty Minutes) on instagram using 109 15 second clips, in reverse order, so that viewers couldn't watch sequentially until the last clip was posted. "It's our latest frustrating excercise in audience engagement."
TIL that the shortest scientific paper ever published had zero words. A clinical psychologist Dennis Upper attempted an experiment: to combat writer’s block by writing about it. His experiment failed, but no results are results all the same, and the paper was published.
TIL that when Parker Brothers tried to introduce a german version of Risk, the board game in which players try to dominate a map of world, the German government threatened to ban it on the grounds that it might encourage imperialist and militaristic impulses in the nation’s youth.
TIL That a Dairy Queen in Franklin, PA, has one of only four surviving Apollo command module boilerplates displayed in it's front yard.
TIL that Jim Dale performed 300 voices for the Harry Potter Audiobooks and had to playback recordings of himself on set to remember each one, each time.
TIL Mother Teresa encouraged members of her order to secretly baptise dying patients, many of whom were Hindus and Muslims
TIL Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17-year-old girl when he was 39 years old.
TIL The Simpsons released an album in 1990 and the lead single "Do the Bartman" was a worldwide hit. It was co-produced by Michael Jackson, who also provided background vocals and was a huge fan of the show. Following his death FOX played the video before an episode as a tribute to Michael.
TIL that Elvis Presley's autopsy and toxicology reports are the property of the Presley estate and are sealed from public view until 2027 — 50 years after his death.
TIL fabric softeners carry a warning not to use them on children's sleepwear but despite this, smiling happy babies feature heavily in its packaging and promotion.
TIL Tojo missed his heart when he tried to shoot himself as GIs came to arrest him, he was subsequently arrested, hospitalized, charged with war crimes, coerced into absolving the imperial family for any of said war crimes, and hung.
TIL Liberian militia leaders adopt crazy names such as General Butt Naked, General Mosquito, and his nemesis, General Mosquito Spray.
TIL Stephen King wrote a handwritten review for Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix in which he said Dolores Umbridge was "the best fictional villain since Hannibal Lecter."
TIL John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli the dwarf in Lord of the Rings is the tallest member of the Fellowship at 6'1"
TIL a suburb of Sydney, Australia installed loudspeakers at a "trouble spot" in a car park to drive away the hooligans by playing Barry Manilow songs.
TIL there is a programming language called Malbolge, specifically designed to be almost impossible to use. When it was created it was so difficult to understand that it took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear.
TIL In Kurt Cobain's suicide note, he quoted a Neil Young song saying "It's better to burn out than fade away". Neil Young said that "it fucked with me" and he had actually been trying to get in touch with Cobain around when his suicide happened, in order to offer encouragement.
TIL Bryan Cranston did most of his own stunts on "Malcolm in the Middle". A writer on the show jokingly asked whether Cranston would be willing to wear a suit of live bees, Cranston said yes—so they wrote a script around the idea. He ended up covered in 10,000 bees, and only got stung once.
TIL King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusions, a psychiatric phenomenon in which people believe they're made of glass. Charles VI refused to let people touch him and wore reinforced clothing to protect himself from accidental "shattering."
TIL: After Domino's admitted their pizza tasted bad in 2010 and reinvented their pizza, The company's stocks have outperformed every large tech company in the past decade.
TIL the Seinfeld theme song was actually done on a synth, not a bass guitar.
TIL the man who directly killed the most people was Vasily Blokhin Stalin's chief executionor. During the Katyn Massacre, he personally executed 7000 people.
TIL of the Coronation Chair, Every crowned English & British monarch since the 14th century, except Queen Mary II, has used the chair for coronation.
TIL Jack Daniels employees get a free bottle of Jack on the first payday of each month.
TIL Beyonce's hit song "Run the World (Girls)" is a heavily sampled version of a song by 3 men, and was co-written by 2 other men. The only female writer or producer involved in the song was Beyonce herself.
TIL after being struck by lightning, golfer Lee Trevino was asked if he would do anything different to avoid it. "I'd stand in the fairway with my one iron pointed at the sky," he said. "Not even God can hit the one iron."
TIL of The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist where three men they stole 2,700 tons of syrup worth $18 million from a warehouse in Quebec
TIL that when Black Panther political activist Eldrige Cleaver was in exile in France, he invented the idea of penis pants
TIL that the UK's first vegetarian church was founded by a Reverend Cowherd at Beefsteak Chapel
TIL that only 17% of the Egyptian Population is actually Arab
TIL When Divine died just 3 weeks after gaining mainstream success in "Hairspray," Whoopi Goldberg sent a wreath to the funeral, inscribed with "See what happens when you get good reviews."
TIL: Edgar Allen Poe's character Richard Parker who is eaten in a shipwreck in his 1838 book. In 1884 an English ship sinks and the name of the boy who is eaten is Richard Parker.
TIL people born after 1993 are considered "Gen Z" and not Millennials according to randstad
TIL the term for the spikes on a stegosaurus's tail was coined by "The Far Side" cartoonist Gary Larson
TIL the filing fee for a lawsuit in England is based on the amount of money claimed. Claims over £200,000 have a £10,000 filing fee.
TIL William Shakespeare invented the word "Swagger".
481 uefigod Random thought: if the majority of the population uses 'antisocial' as what 'asocial' is defined here, Does its dictionary meaning still hold relevancy?
32 Ghost666killa I don't know about this one I check both my countries dictionary, Oxford and Google, they all said; "not sociable or wanting the company of others." What about antisocial personality disorder?
17 losermcfail i think the word is still being used correctly in england, but not so much in canada
9 felon_turdburglar This is correct. In Psychology, Anti-Social is a type of personality disorder. This is actually a very frustrating fact in the psych community because of how often people who are introverted or asocial are branded anti-social. It's frustrating because we'd like to inform people every single time but eventually you give up and go with the flow. Anti-social people are up there with sociopaths with one particular distinguishing trait that separates the two. I'm pretty sure that quiet David over there is not the same as sadistically desensitized Dave who manipulates his victims into trusting him because he gets off on other peoples elevated heart rates.
5 LaLaDeDo Most who think they have antisocial personality disorder are actually experiencing social-anxiety disorder.
3 Byrdn There's also plain "unsociable".
3 monk_510 Antisocial social club makes sense now
3 SunsetRoute1970 The word *antisocial* describes the behavior of criminals, psychopaths and sociopaths, people who are a danger to others because of their deviant or pathological personalities. If the general public chooses to adopt the term "antisocial" to describe people who are just reclusive or perhaps just shy or avoidant, we lose the ability to adequately describe people who are truly antisocial. Perverting the meaning of words (like using "paranoid" to describe a state of mild anxiety) makes the misused word meaningless. This probably wouldn't be too much of a problem unless you run into someone who is genuinely criminal, psychopathic or sociopathic. Examples of antisocial people: Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, Ken Lay (of Enron), Gerry Webb (Australian murderer), Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber.) Describing some angsty teenager who sasses his teachers as "antisocial" is wrong. And inaccurate.
3 TheGhezzi Language evolves maaaannnn
16 AnotherAccount22003 Nobody looks up definitions to these words before using them. Language is defined by the people using it, not linguists who write dictionaries.
8 Mitch-Sorrenstein Just googled it, it means both, actually.
4 LucianoThePig Too late. I think the word's meaning has changed now and can't go back
2 RigasTelRuun Also fun fact nauseous means to have characteristics that make someone feel nauseated. So you should really say I feel nauseated instead of feeling nauseous, unless of course you are making those around you feel sick.
2 ThomasAdlard It's the small things that annoys me hahaha
2 bitsbyte Great now I can annoy those folks who can't stop telling me they are introverted. I swear it's like the vegan thing.. they just gotta tell everyone.