TIL that Abraham Lincoln once gave a speech so enthralling that reporters in the audience stopped taking notes and now we don't know what he said.
TIL There's a micro-generation called "Xennials" for those born between 1977 and 1985. These people grew up with an analog childhood and a digital adulthood
TIL that Tupac's godmother, Assata Shakur, was a Black Panther, Black Liberation Army member, revolutionary and bank robber. She was convicted for the murder of a police officer, escaped prison, found asylum in Cuba, and is still alive with a 2 million dollar American bounty on her head.
TIL that the character of Austin Powers was created by Mike Myers as a persona for his faux 60s rock band Ming Tea. His then wife loved the persona so much that she encouraged him to write a film about the character.
TIL a litter of kittens can have separate fathers due to multiple mates during the mother's heat.
TIL Harriet Tubman, in addition to organizing the Underground Railroad, served with the U.S. Army as a scout, spy, nurse and soldier during the Civil War, leading a raid with the African-American 2nd South Carolina regiment that freed over 700 slaves.
TIL Travelers with a Buddha tattoo will be immediately deported if seen in Sri Lanka.
TIL Up to a BAC of about 0.06%, alcohol is a stimulant. If you reach this level and keep drinking, it begins to act as a depressant. This phenomenon is called a biphasic response and it's why many people experience a happy buzz when they first start to drink, but later become agitated
TIL Radio GTMO, the Armed Forces radio station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has a vinyl collection of over 20,000 records, including some albums that exist nowhere else.
TIL of the Mountain Jews who were known to be accomplished warriors and horseback riders, typically heavily armed and slept without removing their weapons.
TIL there is a woman from Oklahoma who needed her leg amputated due to cancer, so she kept the limb, had it skeletonized, and now runs an Instagram account largely dedicated to taking photos of/with a former portion of her own skeleton.
TIL in the year 2000 American Target Shooter Josh Lakatos decided to illegally stay in the Olympic Village and turned an unsupervised building into a playground for sex orgies.
TIL bluesman R. L. Burnside killed a man and said: "I didn't mean to kill nobody, I just meant to shoot the sonofabitch in the head. Him dying was between him and the Lord."
TIL whilst filming the movie Entebbe, about a plane being hijacked, a plane was hijacked and landed at the airport on the day of the filming. They then filmed the real hostages being released and edited it into the movie. The producer called it a "blessing from the sky on a day of bad acting."
TIL that Hugh Grant got busted for soliciting a prostitute because he kept pressing his brake pedal with his foot while receiving oral sex, causing a police officer to notice the flashing brake light.
TIL the original founders of Tesla were Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. They created the company's first car, the Roadster, and were eventually ousted by the board of directors.
TIL the Smash Mouth hit song "Walkin' on the Sun" is about the 1992 LA riots.
TIL that a Roman goldsmith may have discovered aluminum metal 1800 years before modern chemists did, but Emperor Tiberius had the discoverer killed in order to ensure the metal would not diminish the value of his own gold and silver assets
TIL the early modern olympics used to feature an art competition, with sections dedicated to literature, graphic art, music and more. The Amsterdam Olympic stadium is actually a gold medal winner for architecture.
TIL if you don’t pay a hotel bill in Ontario, there is a law that says that hotel can sell your horse
TIL in the 1900s, Radithor was marketed as an energy drink, but was really just distilled water with radium in it. When the first person died of the radiation poisoning, he had to be buried in a lead coffin. His body was still radioactive when he was disinterred years later.
TIL that the flag of Papua New Guinea was designed by a 15 year old school girl who won a nationwide competition to design the national flag
TIL studies of Vitamin D supplements show they offer a significant chance of preventing cold & flu, while Vitamin C actually has little to no benefit.
TIL Chevy Chase pissed off SNL's first openly gay cast member by suggesting a skit where they weigh him every week to see if he has AIDS
TIL the longest land border of France is with... Brazil. Because the French Guyana is officially part of France, the 649 km (405.6 mi) contiguous border is longest than any boundaries with European countries. Their longest border in Europe is with Spain, which is 646 km (403.8 mi) long
TIL of Katsuma Dan, a Japanese marine biologist who studied in the US before WW2 and who saved his marine lab with a note to advancing American forces asking to preserve his scientific work. (note in comments)
TIL a Jewish woman saved her own life and her sister's life in a German concentration camp by playing Chopin so beautifully that the commanding officer declared "She shall live."
TIL because most of your body's cells are constantly replacing themselves at varying rate, only your central nervous system cells, your eye lens cells, and (for females) your eggs are as old as you are. The cells in other body parts are much younger: intestines - 3 days; lungs - 8 days; etc.
TIL the Catholic Church has accepted Darwinian evolution as compatible with Christianity since 1950.
TIL of bog butter—an ancient waxy substance often found buried in peat bogs that was used as a way of preserving butter in ancient Ireland. The butter would gain flavor notes from its surroundings that were namely described as “gamey,” “moss,” “funky,” “pungent,” and “salami.”
TIL of the old grey whistle test. When the first pressing of a record was played to old greys (men in grey suits) any song they could whistle back after hearing it once passed the test. The song was considered a potential hit.
TIL it took 49 years to publish the first authoritative English dictionary. It took five years to publish the first part, A to Ant.
TIL that two of the Zodiac killer’s ciphers have been cracked, but the last two codes still remain unbroken. One of which apparently contains the killer’s name, which he sent in a letter to the police to taunt them.
TIL that Eric Rudolph, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bomber, wasn't arrested until 2003. He was digging through a dumpster at 4am when a rookie cop apprehended him.
TIL of the Greek God Priapus, who was cursed with a permanent erection except when he wanted to have sex, at which point he would become flaccid.
TIL of Sean Baker a former soldier of the Air Force who was beaten to the point of brain damage by the guards at Guantanamo Bay because of mistaken identity during a training exercise to deal with uncooperative prisoners.
TIL that the first uniform was trademarked in 1963. It was the iconic Playboy Bunny outfit
TIL a man scratched a will on his tractor bumper while pinned.
TIL in the 1997 NBA Finals Karl Malone got fouled with 9.2 seconds left in a tied game and went to shoot 2 free throws. Before he got to the line Scottie Pippen told him "The Mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays". Karl's nickname was "The Mailman". He misses both free throws and the Bulls win.
TIL that any 2 people on Earth are no more than 50th cousins with each other
60 chyaos [The Big Royalty Check]( I'm waiting For my royalty check to come, And it still hasn't come yet. It's about a year Overdue. I guess it's coming From the Big Royalty Check in the sky. I waited and the mailman Never dropped it in my letterbox. Oh, oh-oh, oh I guess it's a Big Royalty Check in the sky. Oooh baby. But you can't Beat the tax man And me All at once.
51 woutomatic I really like the idea of an artist who wants to make a crappy album but can't because he is so talented.
46 Mitsuman77 You want to know the funny thing, I bet a lot of people were like "Oh man, this album is so avant garde. It is just pure art!!"
23 [deleted] [deleted]
18 mustardtruck Ben Folds was in a similar position where he still owed his label an amount of musical bars that would constitute 4.6 songs. He wrote come crappy boy band style songs - and [this one]( Some gems are: *People tell me* *Ben, just make up junk* *And turn it in* *But I never was alright with turning in* *A bunch of shit* *Don't like wasting time* *On music that won't make you proud* *But now I've found a reason* *To sit right down and shit some out* And: *I'm really not complaining* *I realize it's just a job* *And I hate hearing belly-aching rock stars* *Whine and sob* *Cause I could be busing tables* *I could well be pumpin' gas* *Yeah, but I get paid much finer* *For playin' piano and kissin' ass*
6 snowfox222 Contractual obligations was my favorite album of his.
5 bolanrox see also Love Beach by ELP
6 [deleted] [deleted]
8 Eliju Ween did that with 12 Golden Country Greats and it turned out to be a killer album.
4 Abe_Vigoda Melvins did the same thing. They released [Prick]( to try and get out of their contract with Atlantic.
3 JPeter321 Good old Van.
3 KrustyFNL I heard The Clash's Sandinista (triple album) was made for the same reason. I'm too lazy to verify. :-/
3 peewinkle So many artists have done this. Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed comes to mind.
3 Peachman2000 Nothing beats Lou Reed. He made an hour long album of various noises called "Metal Machine Music" in order to get out of his contract. Ironically enough, it spawned the Noise Rock Genre.
2 abusepotential Supposedly a similar story explains Bob Dylan's much-maligned double-album *Self Portrait*. He wanted it to be intentionally bad to get everyone off his back, stop calling him the voice of the generation, and to burn through his contractual commitments. Greil Marcus's notorious RS review at the time begins, "What is this shit?" Of course it's not so terrible an album. Even coasting at the time he and The Band and some of the players from *Nashville Skyline* can't help but pump out great tunes like the raucous version on there of "The Mighty Quinn" or the album's one uncontested stunner, "Wigwam".
2 Uid2 In 1956 Miles Davis signed for Columbia while still owing four albums to previous label Prestige. He recorded all four over two (non-consecutive) days. Their average allmusic rating is 4.75 out of 5.
2 Mtlguy Sounds like Dana Carvey's inspiration for 'Chopping Broccoli'.
2 Eddie_Savitz_Pizza didn't even bother to tune the guitar
2 BetterBadIdea check out Mick J's Cocksucker Blues.
2 The206Uber Ernest Hemingway did pretty much the same thing with his book *The Torrents of Spring*. He was trying to get out of a publishing contract with Boni & Liveright so he could go with Scribners (at the urging of F Scott Fitzgerald) but B&L had right of first refusal on his second book. That second book was a fairly scathing parody of Boni & Liveright's #1 author Sherwood Anderson, so they declined. Hemingway ended up at Scribners with the legendary editor Max Perkins and became a star as a result.
3 danielrch Something to think about for all those tool fans waiting for the next album
1 memes_are_retarded I wonder who George is. I kinda feel sorry for him.

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