TIL Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet pledged their financial support the last living Titanic survivor, Millvinia Dean, after it was reported that she’d been forced to sell her mementos from the wreck to pay for nursing home bills.
TIL 3 Harvard scientists were paid US$50,000 in the 1960s to promote sugar use and paint fat as the bad guy
TIL of Dipprasad Pun, a Nepalese soldier during the War of Afghanistan who was attacked by 30 insurgents. Believing he was about to die, he expended all 400 rounds of his ammunition, launched 17 grenades, detonated a Claymore mine, and killed an attacker with his tripod, causing them to retreat.
TIL that greasy pizza boxes cannot be recycled; the paper fibers cannot be separated from the oil during the pulping process
TIL: A Teenage Hacker Figured Out How to Get Free Data on His Phone, simply by visiting any url containing "/speedtest"
TIL When Taiwan's president in 1995, Lee Teng-hui, had stopped in Honolulu to refuel his plane, the U.S government refused to grant him a visa and forced him to spend the night on his plane. Lee later complained that he was "being treated as a second-class leader."
TIL While leaving Italy during a tour there was a bomb scare on David Bowie's plane, forcing them to return to the airport. They later discovered the threat had been a ruse by the Chief of Police, who wanted Bowie's autograph
TIL that the word nepotism comes from the practice of popes appointing their nephews as cardinals, a way to secure their power over the college of cardinals
TIL India was controlled by a giant British company, with a private army twice the size of the British army, and not the British government for nearly 100 years (1757–1858) before the British Raj was formed.
TIL at the Starbucks located inside of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia, customer names cannot be called out or written on cups due to security concerns.
TIL Our bodies, when healthy, produce 1 to 1.5 liters of snot every day. Most of it trickles down our throat unnoticed.
TIL the United States has five times more heliports than any other country, and about as many heliports as every other country in the world combined
TIL that Keanu Reeves came to the aid of Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer when she first moved to LA and was stranded on the side of the road
TIL of Superstar USA. Essentially "Anti-American Idol" only the worst singers progressed, but were told they were performing well. In the finale they revealed to the "winner" that she was actually a terrible singer, and the show was all a prank.
TIL: Moon Rock Given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin tested to be Petrified Wood
TIL that high-speed Internet is available on the Moon.
TIL that in Europe, coffee was once considered as the "Muslim drink" and banned, until Pope Clement tasted it and deemed it Christian
TIL George Carlin narrated four seasons of "Thomas the Tank Engine"
TIL nobody really knows where Bosnia ends and Herzegovina begins,and there is no official or universally accepted boundary in the country between the two regions
TIL that Dustin Hoffman, Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman were roommates as struggling actors in New York City in the 1960s. They now have 19 Oscar nominations and 5 wins between them.
TIL of Ben L. Salomon, a dentist in the Battle of Saipan whose field hospital was overrun by the Japanese. He provided cover fire for the wounded to escape and then manned a machine gun for additional cover fire. When his body was found, 98 dead enemy soldiers were piled in front of his position.
Today I learned that the word “magi” (or the singular “magus”) refers to followers of Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian religion whose modern-day adherents included Freddie Mercury. “Magi” also gave rise to the “magic” and “magician,” as Zoroastrians were known to practice astrology and alchemy.
TIL Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and Dr. Darrell Cass, both pediatric surgeons, removed a baby from a womb to cut out a tumor, placed the baby back and several weeks later the baby was born healthy.
TIL that Lee Richmond, the first Major League pitcher to throw a perfect game (in 1880) once had a physics professor explain to him that a curveball couldn't exist, and it was only an optical illusion. In response to this, Richmond invited the entire faculty to watch him pitch.
TIL that in AD 378, an auxiliary in the Roman army helped save Constantinople from the Goths when the auxiliary, dressed only in a loincloth, stabbed one in the throat and sucked out his blood, terrifying the Goths
TIL that despite China spanning five different time zones, the entire country uses the same time: Beijing Time (UTC+8:00). This causes sunrise to come as late as 9 am, during winter, and sunset to come as late as 9 pm, during summer, in certain parts of China.
TIL Once a guy parachuted on top of the Devil's Tower but got stuck there for six days because nobody knew how to get him down.
TIL It took architect Christopher Wren 35 years to complete London's St. Paul's Cathedral. After he died twelve years later in 1723, he was entombed inside, and Wren's son placed a dedication nearby, which contains the words "Reader, if you seek his monument, look around you."
TIL that Diogenes was once challenged by a Sophist who claimed that motion is an illusion. Diogenes stood up and walked away.
TIL Rosalind Franklin is the unsung hero of DNA research. Her X-ray Crystallography allowed her colleagues Watson and Crick to accurately characterize the double helix. Many believe she should’ve shared in their Nobel prize.
TIL: People who donate a lot of blood in Warsaw get free public transport
TIL the penis head is shaped like that so it can scoop out the previous mate's semen to make sure YOUR sperm cells get to the womb
TIL there's a genre of music called "Nintendocore". It's a mix of melodic metalcore and chiptune (8-bit music), named as such because it often samples music from Nintendo games.
TIL of pig toilets, outhouses that drop their waste into a pigsty for the swine to consume
TIL of a show "Shaq vs." where Shaq competed against top athletes in their sports to prove himself "the greatest athlete." In 2 seasons, he only won twice: once beating Joey Chestnut in a hot dog eating contest (where Shaq was allowed teammates), and another time beating Charles Barkley at golf.
TIL Of Michael Malloy, aka Iron Mike, a man who survived being intentionally alcohol poisoned, having cold water poured on him in the snow and being left alone, and being run over twice by a group trying to collect his life insurance
TIL the earthquake that caused the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami generated 9,600 gigatons of energy, equal to 550 million Hiroshima explosions
TIL that most male marsupials have a bifurcated penis of two columns to correspond with the female's two vaginas.
TIL During filming of 'The Wizard of Oz', Judy Garland was constantly sexually harassed by the munchkins. The munchkins were paid so little to appear in the movie, they resorted to prostitution and used to have regular orgies in their hotel rooms.
TIL of the Witcham Gravel helmet, a Roman auxiliary cavalry helmet found in England with three hollow bosses on the neck guard. No other Roman helmet is known to have such a feature.
84 pobody Well yeah, almond nipples are way too tiny to milk them by hand.
21 Alortania ... how did you think it was made? [Almonds don't have nipples]( :P
13 lbouth44 How the fuck else would it be made?
6 theoriginaled Just like you do with cows.
4 OhDeerLordMan Great way to make Cyanide too.
3 Calcularius And here I thought you squeezed their little almond titties.
2 BonoBonoDave Ha! I imagined it being made of almonds that are not 'ripe' yet and kind of milky inside
2 MiRQd Anything that isn't animal milk is made this way.
2 hurtadjr193 No, you kill almonds
2 darwinsaves I just jack my almonds off.
1 Thaumarch I learn the craziest things on this sub.
1 EileanBharraigh Heh. I always wondered how you make almond milk but was too lazy to google. Now I know.
1 corpsmanh But how do you grind almonds with water. Water isn't abrasive.
1 MikeLimaBravo [Pretty sure this is how you milk an almond](
1 foiled_tater_patties Then you put it on your Grape Nuts
1 rizzo3000 Don't forget the best part, you get to use a nut bag to strain it!
1 thekfish "BUT IT'S NATURAL!" - Too many people in my office
1 bionix90 Thus, it's actually almond juice. Almond "milk" is a lie told by business in order to sell the product because who would ever buy "almond juice"? Same with soy "milk".
1 apatel150 Can confirm. Source: I've drank some almond water before.
0 craigc6 You can't milk an almond. Has to have nipples... You can milk anything with nipples... I would call it almond juice.