TIL there's a Superman cartoon made in the 40s that pioneered high quality animation and cost half a million per episode to draw
TIL that Harvard professor Tom Lehrer was asked at the age of 84 by rapper 2 Chainz if he could sample his 60-year old song. Lehrer replied, "I grant you motherfuckers permission to do this. Please give my regards to Mr. Chainz, or may I call him 2?"
TIL The concept of the "Rap battle" has existed since the 5th century, where poets would engage in "Flyting", a spoken word event where poets would insult one another in verse
TIL the 1994 NBA MVP Hakeem Olajuwon released pairs of $35 sneakers instead of endorsing shoes from other brands. He said, "How can a poor working mother with three boys buy Nikes or Reeboks that cost $120...She can't. So kids steal these shoes from stores and others. Sometimes they kill for them
TIL despite his immense wealth, John D. Rockefeller always took the train from his mansion to his downtown New York office every day. He was often harassed by beggars and other passengers, but refused to travel with bodyguards or use private transportation.
TIL When Simon and Garfunkel were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Art Garfunkel thanked Paul Simon for enriching his life and Simon said, "Arthur and I agree about almost nothing. But it's true, I have enriched his life quite a bit." After three songs, the duo left without speaking.
TIL of the Jim Twins, two identical twins who were separated at birth and lived nearly identical lives. They married and divorced different women with the same names, had dogs with the same names, smoked the same type of cigarettes, drove the same type of car, and vacationed at the same beach.
TIL "All of My Love" by Led Zeppelin was written as a tribute to Robert Plant's son Karac, who died of a stomach infection in 1977 when he was 5. Plant did the vocals in one take.
TIL there is a guy who made an entire electric toaster from raw materials - mining and refining steel, nickel, copper, mica, and making plastic - after being inspired by a Hitchhiker's Guide quotation.
TIL Domino's discontinued using the Noid as their mascot because a mentally ill man named Kenneth Lamar Noid thought the ads were a personal attack on him. In retaliation, he took two Domino's employees hostage, demanded $100,000, a special-made pizza, and a salad. He later killed himself in 1995.
TIL that China experienced an episode of mango hysteria in 1968. Upon receiving them as diplomatic gifts, Mao had them distributed across the country where songs, poems, rallies and altars were built in the mangoes' honor. A dentist was even executed for comparing a mango to a sweet potato.
TIL about "pee paint," a special paint that repels pee back on the pee-er. Cities use it in an attempt to reduce public urination on walls.
TIL the term "Crosshair" comes from when the military used actual hair in optics during WWII. Mary Babnik Brown first woman to have her hair used for military aircraft bombsights because she had never chemically treated or heated with a curling iron.
TIL The Beatles were signed to EMI (Electrical and Musical Industries) in 1962 and with their insane success the label funded the research that lead to the CT scanner, which EMI released in 1972.
TIL owls make almost no noise from flying, even when tested in a room with multiple microphones
TIL: The original voice actors for the Red and Yellow M&M characters were Jon Lovitz and John Goodman. The current voice actors are Futurama alum Billy West and Academy Award winner JK Simmons
TIL on Valentine's day in Japan, women give their male co-workers chocolate. Unpopular co-workers receive cheap giri-choko("ultra-obligatory" chocolate) while others receive honmei-choko ("true feeling chocolate").
TIL Egypt has compulsory military service for males, but only if they have a brother. If they have no siblings or only a sister, they are exempt
TIL that the reason there was a talking robot in Rocky 4 was because Stallone used that robot at home to help his autistic son, so he wrote it into the script so that he could have his son on set with his robot and care worker
TIL - When Coca Cola Launched Dasani Water In The UK Their Slogan Was 'Bottled Spunk' & 'Can't Live Without Spunk'; Oblivious That In The UK Spunks Means Semen.
TIL Fruity Pebbles is the oldest cereal brand based on a t.v. show.
TIL sci-fi author Isaac Asimov refused the invitation to friend and famed A.I. pioneer Marvin Minsky's lab at MIT in the 60s because he was "Writing about really intelligent robots of the future and was sure that if he came and saw the clumsy ones that we were making it would spoil his imagination."
TIL that in former US President Gerald Ford's senior year as a football player at the University of Michigan, when Georgia Tech refused to play if a black player named Willis Ward (and Ford's best friend on the team) took the field, Ford threatened to quit the team in response
TIL viagra was invented on accident: "It was originally developed as a medication used for lowering high blood pressure. It failed to acheive this purpose and was discontinued. When test subjects were asked to return their unused medicine, however, they all refused"
TIL that snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan was accused of disrespect by an opponent for using his opposite hand to take a shot. To prove he wasn't bringing the game into disrepute, he played 3 frames with his left-hand against a former world championship runner-up, winning all 3.
TIL pop star Adam Faith’s final words on his death bed were “"Channel 5 is all shit, isn't it? Christ, the crap they put on there. It's a waste of space.”
TIL that scientifically chicken noodle soup helps relieve symptoms of the common cold.
TIL that Iceland as a country smokes the most cannabis per capita than anywhere else, with 20% of the population considering themselves regular smokers.
TIL: Donkey Xote, an Spanish-Italian knockoff of the Shrek films released in 2007 promoted it’s DVD with a caption legitimately reading “From the producers who SAW Shrek”.
TIL that the sugar industry promoted sugar as a weight loss product.
TIL by the unification in 1861, only 2.5% of Italy's population spoke Italian
TIL Human echolocation is completely real. Daniel Kish is a blind man that learned to use clicking to ride a bicycle and hike alone. He also teaches other blind children how to echolocate.
TIL of Vincent Chin, a Chinese American beaten to death with a baseball bat by two laid off Chrysler plant workers blaming the Japanese for their loss of jobs. They ended up receiving just 3 years probation and a $3000 fine
Til that Benzodiazepines (Anti Anxiety Medication) if taken long enough, can produce a horrific withdrawal syndrome that lasts up to 3 years or more if stopped in some people. It is not recognized by psychiatry or any medical profession.
TIL Half of academic papers are never read by anyone other than their authors, peer reviewers, and journal editors
TIL That when you chop off a chunk of a specific tree it "bleeds". Just like a human would when you cut a limb off. The red sop acts as a coagulate and seal wounds, much like our own blood does.
TIL of Miyuki Ishikawa, a Japanese midwife who served 4 years in prison for killing between 103 and 169 infants and later trying to extract money from the parents
TIL that in 1972, in York, England archaeologists discovered the largest piece of fossilized human feces ever found. The dung measured 7 inches long and 2 inches wide and was created by a Viking in the 9th century who's diet consisted of meat and bread and was riddled with intestinal worms.
TIL prolonged anger changes the body and brain in permanent ways leaving a person angrier, more agressive and less healthy. Anger and depression share similar signs. Angry people have trouble letting go of things that are beyond their control. Laughing could be a good way to alleviate anger.
TIL in 1958, the inventor of the Little League baseball helmet demonstrated a 95mph pitch on the helmet the Major Leagues used at the time, and split it in two
81 pobody Well yeah, almond nipples are way too tiny to milk them by hand.
21 Alortania ... how did you think it was made? [Almonds don't have nipples]( :P
12 lbouth44 How the fuck else would it be made?
6 theoriginaled Just like you do with cows.
4 OhDeerLordMan Great way to make Cyanide too.
3 Calcularius And here I thought you squeezed their little almond titties.
2 BonoBonoDave Ha! I imagined it being made of almonds that are not 'ripe' yet and kind of milky inside
2 MiRQd Anything that isn't animal milk is made this way.
2 hurtadjr193 No, you kill almonds
2 darwinsaves I just jack my almonds off.
1 Thaumarch I learn the craziest things on this sub.
1 EileanBharraigh Heh. I always wondered how you make almond milk but was too lazy to google. Now I know.
1 corpsmanh But how do you grind almonds with water. Water isn't abrasive.
1 MikeLimaBravo [Pretty sure this is how you milk an almond](
1 foiled_tater_patties Then you put it on your Grape Nuts
1 rizzo3000 Don't forget the best part, you get to use a nut bag to strain it!
1 thekfish "BUT IT'S NATURAL!" - Too many people in my office
1 bionix90 Thus, it's actually almond juice. Almond "milk" is a lie told by business in order to sell the product because who would ever buy "almond juice"? Same with soy "milk".
1 apatel150 Can confirm. Source: I've drank some almond water before.
0 craigc6 You can't milk an almond. Has to have nipples... You can milk anything with nipples... I would call it almond juice.