TIL no symphony orchestra can ever make a profit on its own, even if it sold out tickets at every show. This is mainly because the show consists of 40-100 fully salaried members who only perform the same piece 2 or 3 times. Most orchestras rely heavily on donators to be profitable.
TIL that President LBJ was a competitive womanizer, and whenever people mentioned Kennedy's many affairs, LBJ would bang the table and declare that he had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose.
TIL You'd have to click a mouse roughly 10 million times to burn 1 calorie.
TIL Pres. Teddy Roosevelt was given strong coffee and puffs of cigar as a child to 'help' with his asthma. As an adult his coffee drinking became legendary and he drank up to 40 cups/day. His son, Theodore Jr., remarked that his father's ideal coffee cup might be "more in the nature of a bathtub"
TIL Sublime made 40oz. to Freedom by sneaking into the music department at CSU-Dominguez Hills after hours and recording all night.
TIL the apples in the phrase "how do you like them apples" refer to WW1 trench mortars nicknamed "toffee apples" used by the British
TIL: NPR CarTalk Tom Magliozzi's grave stone has "It's not hard work that killed him" inscribed in Latin.
TIL: Earthworms have even been ranked the number one most influential species in the history of the planet – above dinosaurs and humans.
TIL when the First World War began, it was compulsory for all British officers to have a moustache. Poignantly, that edict was revoked in October 1916, because the new recruits were so young that some could not rustle up more than a thin, mousey streak.
TIL that in 2015, Americans left 658 million vacation days unused. 222 million of those days were lost because they could not be rolled over, meaning Americans worked $61 billion dollars worth of time for free.
TIL of the Sack of Rome in 390 BC. After the Romans were routed and the city was all but destroyed, the Romans figured their only decision was to pay the invaders to leave. It worked.
TIL of Chinese folklore's "Pixiu", a creature that was banished from the heavens for being unruly--; It was spanked by the Jade Emperor so hard that its butthole was sealed, leaving it cursed to a diet of gold, silver, and jewels but unable to expel any of it.
TIL when the Nazis burned Sigmund Freud's books he said, "What progress we are making. In the Middle Ages they would have burned me. Now, they are content with burning my books."
TIL of Torch Lake, often compared to the Caribbean, it is located in Michigan and is one of the clearest lakes in the world.
TIL Like smallpox, Polio is on its way out with 22 cases worldwide in 2017
TIL That Buddy Bolden, the man credited with creating the musical innovations that would lead to the birth of Jazz, had acute schizophrenia and was permanently committed to a mental institution at age 30.
TIL that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow roughly 0.9 meters in a day if presented with the appropriate conditions.
TIL that Cougars are the biggest cat that can purr and meow.
TIL: Kentucky has 120 counties (4th out of all states) because the rule in the early 1800’s was you needed to be a day rides by horse to the county seat to take care of business.
TIL Nietzsche criticised antisemitism and German nationalism, believing in his final years he was "a pure-blooded Polish nobleman, without a single drop of bad blood, certainly not German". He claimed he and Germany were great thanks to "Polish blood in their veins" and wanted "all antisemites shot"
TIL: The BBC used the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony during WWII because it simulated the Morse Code "V" for Victory ...-
TIL the last name of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" author Dale Carnegie was not originally named Carnegie - in an example of how to influence people, he changed the spelling from Carnegey to resemble the name of the more influential Andrew Carnegie
TIL a bald eagle somehow made its way to Ireland in 1987 and was so tired that it had to be returned via airplane.
TIL that Marjory Stoneman Douglas fought against efforts to drain the FL Everglades and reclaim land for development when she was 79 years old. Her tireless efforts earned her several variations of the nickname "Grande Dame of the Everglades.” She also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
TIL In 1981, horse meat labeled as beef was discovered at a plant that supplied hamburger and taco meat to Jack in the Box. The meat was originally from Australia, and during their checks on location, inspectors discovered other shipments destined for the US that included kangaroo meat.
TIL Blackbeard and his crew would lock themselves in the hold of the ship and light pots of sulphur to see who could last the longest without suffocating.
TIL California is the 6th largest economy in the world behind USA, China, Japan, Germany, UK. It's bigger than India, France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Canada, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Mexico.
TIL: George Carlin Recorded a comedy album called "I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die" 2 days before 9/11. After 9/11, he decided not to release it. (It was ultimately released December 2016.)
TIL the scientist John von Neumann (1903-1957) could by the age of 6, divide two 8 digit numbers in his head and converse in ancient Greek. He published over 150 papers during his lifetime, and is considered by many to be among the most intellegent humans to have ever lived.
TIL There is no generally accepted term to describe what Northern Ireland is: province, region, country or "something else".
TIL while researching his political comedy ‘In the Loop’, writer Armando Iannucci (creator of Veep) sneaked into the US State Dept in Washington using a pass which he claims ‘‘could have been produced by a child’’.
TIL of the "Concave Hollow Earth" theory, according to which the Earth is actually the outer edge of a sphere with the entire universe inside it, a theory that may eventually have influenced Adolf Hitler.
TIL A horse's hoof is basically a big fingernail, and they run along on the tip of a single toe.
TIL potato chips cause more weight gain than any other food
TIL that in Great Britain, 93,000 liters of beer are rumored to be lost each year in facial hair.
TIL Australian Don Ritchie talked at least 160 people out of committing suicide at Watson's Bay by offering them a cup of tea and someone to talk to. He was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for his efforts.
TIL that inside neutron stars, nuclear material can form "nuclear pasta", where it exists in phases like the spaghetti and lasagna phase, so named for their resemblance to pasta.
TIL Jóhann Jóhannsson had spent a year writing the score for Darren Aronofsky's "Mother" and at some point realized that the film was better with no music at all. He convinced Darren to delete everything.
TIL Jägermeister became popular in the '80s after a newspaper article explained how college students in New Orleans and Baton Rouge took a liking to the drink because of rumors it contained more intoxicants than just alcohol.
TIL Porky Pig’s original voice actor Joe Dougherty had a natural stutter. This made recording sessions long and production costs higher because he could not control his stutter. He was eventually replaced in 1937 by Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny.
1105 GreenStrong Calling it a helmet misses the point, it is an augmented reality device. The original design goal was to make the aircraft effectively transparent, the pilot could "see" 360 degrees through the aircraft's sensors. I think the milliseconds of lag on the first generation made this impractical, but I haven't read about the new generation. It was designed before comparable devices like the hololens, it is built to be extremely reliable under changing temperatures and high G-loads, plus being hardened against EMP and radiation. and the whole development program's cost is spread over just a few hundred aircraft. Facebook paid $3 billion for Oculus, before they sold a single device. Based on the 231 F-35s currently in service, the DOD paid $9.25 billion for this helmet system, which started development much earlier. Zuckerberg had the advantage of watching numerous small companies and acquiring one when they were successful, DOD had to foot the bill for every single mistake.
314 Michael_APKPLZ [It's a pretty awesome helmet.]( It literally gives the pilot superpowers. X-ray vision, infrared vision, omni-directional input from the plane's cameras. Which, you know, is helpful if another plane is trying to shoot you. And this sort of development, usually in conjunction with private military contractors who patent much of the tech, tends to trickle down into civilian hardware after a few years. So soon enough you could see all that cool stuff embedded in your motorcycle helmet, or the dashboard of your car. But yeah, let's just bash on the cost of the hardware without any kind of context. That's fun.
86 Dragon029 That helmet costs $400,000 largely because: 1. It projects video onto the visor, replacing the HUD of a normal fighter jet. Combined with the F-35's DAS system that provides spherical thermal vision, [it means pilots can look through their legs and see the ground below them.]( It also more importantly displays augmented reality symbology to show where allies are, where threats are, flight information like speed / altitude, etc. 2. The cost also covers the specific computer system that the helmet plugs into (there's multiple computers on the jet - think of it as a specialised GPU for the helmet). 3. It's designed to protect the pilot from 700mph winds and from debris when the thick polycarbonate canopy above them is detonated during an ejection. 4. While doing all that, it has to weigh less than 4.7lb so that there's a low risk of (primarily smaller / lightweight) pilots breaking their neck after ejection, when their parachute opens and they're at risk of having their neck snap backwards. There was controversy last year about reports that indicated that the helmet wasn't safe for pilots that weighed <136lb, but they've since brought out a lighter version of the helmet. 5. It replaces the need for pilots to wear night vision goggles, which normally use batteries, add weight, reduce your FOV, takes minutes to setup, etc. Instead the F-35's helmet has a night vision camera built into the forehead that switches on / off with the press of a button.
8 apsdoifjpoaisjdfpoia Can you watch porn on it?
7 Pikesmakker Well it's not exactly a fucking bike helmet
12 JoePoints that is one amazing helmet
28 timecronus ITT people that make assumptions based on only the title
7 kuzuboshii Imagine if Monster Cable had this contract. One helmet? That will be $40,000,000,000, please. It has gold connectors.
7 IKnowSoftware Comes in Space Gray only, no headphone jack :(
17 barath_s A NASA spacesuit costs $12 million. One uncited quora answer puts the spacesuit helmet alone at $3 million The inside of the helmet is covered in gold Edit : Nasa research into optics is to be thanked for uv coated sunglasses, the beginning of vr, etc..
6 Doooooby I mean the aircraft itself costs around $95 million, so it's a relatively small amount of money in comparison.