TIL of the White Rose which was a non-violent Nazi resistance group made of college students and a professor. It started by releasing pamphlets against the Nazi Party and ended with the execution of 6 students and the professor.
TIL that Buddy Holly is the reason Elton John wears glasses. He started wearing glasses at 13 to imitate Holly. Eight months later they had done so much damage to his eyes that he actually needed glasses.
TIL that Allen Klein, Rolling Stones manager and owner of the song "Dead Flowers," which plays at the end of "The Big Lebowski," initially wanted $150,000 for it. He was then convinced to let them use it for free when he saw the scene in which The Dude says, "I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!"
TIL: Rebecca Black donated the proceeds from her video "Friday" to charity
TIL Killer-whale mothers often stay with their adult sons for their entire lives, sharing their prey and knowledge, & that the mother's might also play a direct role in fostering mating opportunities. They really want grand children.
TIL that in non-English speaking countries, Dora the Explorer teaches you... English!
TIL there exists a kind of garlic called "solo garlic" which doesn't have separate cloves but is just one solid piece.
TIL cats and dogs produce vitamin D in their fur and need to swallow their fur to ingest it
TIL the HGTV show House Hunters is staged and some houses featured on the show aren’t even for sale
TIL that immediately after he gave up absolute power by signing a constitution, King Frederick VII of Denmark remarked, "that was nice, now I can sleep in in the mornings"
Today I learned that in Japanese, there is a phrase bushu-suru (??????). In literal terms, this means "to do the bush thing," in reference to a bizarre 1992 incident where George HW Bush fell ill and vomited directly onto the Japanese prime minister.
TIL that JFK, Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis all died on the same day.
TIL in 1946, a local chicken farmer offered 100 chicks for each homer the Nashua Dodgers hit. Newcomer Roy Campanella hit 14 in his first season and sent all 1,400 to his father who used them to start a thriving poultry farm. He also went on to become one of the first black major league players.
TIL that lawyer and political commentator Barbara Olson was flying to California on September 11th, 2001 to be a panelist on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. She was on AA Flight 77 which was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon. Maher left a panel chair empty for a week in her memory.
TIL that Fred Rogers, after filming a segment on David Letterman, stopped by Eddie Murphy's dressing room to give him his regards, and tell him how much he liked his portrayal.
TIL Napoleon struggled to learn English, and some of his attempts were kept: "Since sixt week j learn the Englich and j do not any progress."
TIL that 'Moron', 'Idiot', and 'Imbecile' were once valid Psychology terms for people with low IQ. When these terms entered vernacular usage as insults, they were disused in favor of 'Mental Retardation' which in turn was disused in favor of 'Intellectual Disability'.
TIL DMX, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes attended the same junior high school with Biggie Smalls, at the same time.
TIL: In 2005 a company named SeaCode wanted to anchor a cruise ship three miles off the coast of Los Angeles, and fill it with up to 600 foreign programmers. The idea was to eliminate visa restrictions, and avoid U.S. labor laws.
TIL Kurt Vonnegut's brother, Bernard, won an Ig Nobel prize for determining that the ability of a tornado to pluck the feathers from a chicken is not a good method of estimating its wind speed.
TIL the orange is a hybrid of the mandarin orange and a fruit called the "pomelo"
TIL ELO's first album "The Electric Light Orchestra" has a different name in the US. The american record company tried to call and confirm the name of the album. When they failed to reach anyone on the phone, they wrote down "No Answer", which someone misconstrued as the name of the album.
TIL Mr. Rogers told the U.S. Supreme Court during the attempt to ban VCRs that he sided with the VCR, as it helped families to watch his show together. Supreme Court said his testimony was a contributing factor which allowed VCRs
TIL Canada has a crude oil reserve over 4x the size of America's. North Korea has none.
TIL that in China, companies use stamp chops instead of signatures, and whoever is in physical possession of the stamp can legally sign any document for the company, even rewriting their own employment contract
TIL that Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, has steadfastly refused to license the characters for any other reason than publishing. This included turning down an offer from Pixar for a Calvin and Hobbes film.
TIL that when Stalin visited his mother in 1935, she asked him what he did. He said "Do you remember the tsar? Well, I'm like a tsar" his mother's response was "You'd have done better to have become a priest".
TIL the reason why it is said bad moonshine will make you go blind, is because it can contain methanol, which if consumed, metabolizes into formic acid which may cause blindness and brain damage.
TIL there is a certain temperature and humidity at which a human can't cool down, and will die from the heat of their own metabolism
TIL: As part of her sentence for abandoning 35 kittens in the woods, an Ohio woman was ordered to spend a night alone in the woods without water, food, or entertainment.
TIL of Ahmed Gabr the WR holder of the deepest scuba dive in sea water (1090 ft). It took 15 minutes to descend, 13.5 HOURS to ascend.
TIL the first recorded death sentence in the British North American colonies was carried out in 1608 on Captain George Kendall, who was executed by firing squad at Jamestown colony for spying for the Spanish government.
TIL that addiction is a learning disorder, a condition where a system designed to motivate us to engage in activities helpful to survival and reproduction develops abnormally and goes awry.
TIL public drinking fountains in the US and UK are the result of the temperance movement
TIL the Sambia people of Papua New Guinea lock all of its women in a "Menstruation Hut" during their period because they believe that it gives them witch -like powers.
TIL that several communities in the US at one time were "sundown towns" which essentially mean't any non white persons were banned from the town after nightfall
TIL that pufferfish poison is the result of symbiosis with a strain of bacteria
TIL of Witold Pilecki, a member of Polish resistance who volunteered to be imprisoned in the Auschwitz death camp to gather intelligence in 1940. He later escaped and was the author of Witold's Report, the first comprehensive Allied intelligence report on Auschwitz and the Holocaust.
TIL that the Moriori people in the Chatham Islands lived by a code of non-violence and passive resistance. This made it easy for Maori invaders to take control of the island, while killing or enslaving its entire population.
TIL in 2003, when the French opposed going to war with Iraq, the U.S. House of Representatives served "Freedom fries" as opposed to French fries.
1841 wasitabarorabatisaw The Rolling Stones had this same problem with screaming fans, and sometimes for a laugh they would play Popeye The Sailor Man and no one noticed.
328 TotalWaffle Word of this issue made it back to English amplifier makers (Vox, Marshall) who started work on more powerful equipment, which future rockers would find very useful.
125 invincib1e Fun follow-up fact: this gave them the idea to make albums that were never meant/possible to be recreated for a live audience. If not for these frustrations, we may have never had Sgt Pepper!
537 SaintVanilla The concerts were reported to have smelled like urine due to all the girls pissing themselves in excitement ["Rivulets of piss in the aisles"](
143 tanyanubin I saw them at Shea stadium - couldn’t hear one note. Fantastic!
490 badamache What I learned, from a documentary on Netlfix I think, is that when they played in Japan, the crowd was much quieter, and the band was shocked to hear how lousy they now sounded in concert, especially compared to their studio work.
99 Disturbme666 Then in 1969 when John played live at the Peace in Toronto festival he was blown away how much technology had grown and he could actually hear himself on stage They also stopped touring because of the death threats made over Johns "we're more popular than Jesus" comments Also, due to the complexities in the new music they were recording at the time, they found they were unable to perform their new songs live. They released Revolver in 1966 then went out on tour, but they didn't play any of the songs off that album
65 johnramsey5 They couldn't even hear themselves play a lot of the time.
85 FartMartin I recall audiences in theaters screaming while viewing *A Hard Day's Night* and *Help.* Yeah, I'm old.
70 DawgDVM I never understood why concert attendees, especially young women/teens, feel the need to scream loudly and high pitched at concerts. I can understand when a famous song or song you like starts, but that should be it. Best concerts I've ever been to was of the Glenn Miller Tribute Band. The fans were all old (I was probably the youngest there at 15 and again at 27), many people danced on the dance floor, no one screamed, people clapped when songs ended, it was classy and perfect.
15 CitizenChorney Also the physical danger of fans storming the stage. No amount of security could keep them away.
15 [deleted] [deleted]
14 TheTallGuy0 My mom saw them in ‘65 I think. She couldn’t hear anything. They needed The Dead’s sound system.
24 polakbob My dad and I are (were) huge Beatles fans, and ~10 years ago sat down to do the Anthology together. For those who don't know, the documentary is an eleven & a half hour breakdown of their entire early life and career as the Beatles - done by them. It's ridiculously good and I highly recommend it if you're at all interested in them as a band. Dad had seen it before, while it was my first time. He commented early on that I would learn why they stopped touring and it would be a heartbreaking realization. I waited anxiously episode by episode, expecting the death of Brian Epstein to break their spirits or something. Finally it was revealed that the reason they stopped was because they knew no one was listening at concerts. At first, I didn't see the big deal having been looking for something really dramatic from the start. With time I've come to appreciate what he was saying though. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have been the biggest band ever, to still be kids, to have doubts about yourself like any normal person that were probably amplified to astronomic levels by the scrutiny your public life and put you under, and to come to the realization on your own that people weren't really listening to you perform. The story of the Beatles is almost as good as the music they made.