TIL That an 11 year old boy survived 400 bee stings by channeling adrenaline through his favourite anime Dragon Ball Z. He pretended to be Goku becoming a Super Saiyan.
TIL in 1946, a local chicken farmer offered 100 chicks for each homer the Nashua Dodgers hit. Newcomer Roy Campanella hit 14 in his first season and sent all 1,400 to his father who used them to start a thriving poultry farm. He also went on to become one of the first black major league players.
TIL there exists a kind of garlic called "solo garlic" which doesn't have separate cloves but is just one solid piece.
TIL Mr. Rogers once sued the Ku Klux Klan for pretending to be him
TIL that lawyer and political commentator Barbara Olson was flying to California on September 11th, 2001 to be a panelist on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. She was on AA Flight 77 which was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon. Maher left a panel chair empty for a week in her memory.
TIL that Fred Rogers, after filming a segment on David Letterman, stopped by Eddie Murphy's dressing room to give him his regards, and tell him how much he liked his portrayal.
Today I learned that in Japanese, there is a phrase bushu-suru (??????). In literal terms, this means "to do the bush thing," in reference to a bizarre 1992 incident where George HW Bush fell ill and vomited directly onto the Japanese prime minister.
TIL Killer-whale mothers often stay with their adult sons for their entire lives, sharing their prey and knowledge, & that the mother's might also play a direct role in fostering mating opportunities. They really want grand children.
TIL Mr. Rogers told the U.S. Supreme Court during the attempt to ban VCRs that he sided with the VCR, as it helped families to watch his show together. Supreme Court said his testimony was a contributing factor which allowed VCRs
TIL that when Stalin visited his mother in 1935, she asked him what he did. He said "Do you remember the tsar? Well, I'm like a tsar" his mother's response was "You'd have done better to have become a priest".
TIL: As part of her sentence for abandoning 35 kittens in the woods, an Ohio woman was ordered to spend a night alone in the woods without water, food, or entertainment.
TIL there is a certain temperature and humidity at which a human can't cool down, and will die from the heat of their own metabolism
TIL that the wife of George Lucas, Marcia Lucas, won an Oscar in 1977 for Best Film Editing in Star Wars. To date, George Lucas has won zero Oscars.
TIL that 'Moron', 'Idiot', and 'Imbecile' were once valid Psychology terms for people with low IQ. When these terms entered vernacular usage as insults, they were disused in favor of 'Mental Retardation' which in turn was disused in favor of 'Intellectual Disability'.
TIL the original Bozo the Clown, who died in 1997, had vision loss in one eye but fooled doctors by memorizing the eye chart so he could serve in WWII
TIL that a Scottish botanist broke China's monopoly on tea in the 1840's by disguising himself as a Chinese noble "from beyond the Great Wall", and requesting tours of tea plantations, where he learned the secrets of tea production
TIL the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers had a prank war on tour in 1999, culminating in Dave Grohl dumping 500 lbs of spaghetti on drummer Chad Smith
TIL that a professor asked his students to either flip a coin 200 times and record the results or give the fake results of 200 coin tosses. The students were amazed at how the professor easily identified the real results by seeing if they had six heads or tails in a row.
TIL that there’s a construction themed park where you can operate real heavy machinery for fun
TIL monkeys DO have vocal tracts for speaking, they just don't have the brain wiring to do it
TIL that a telescope is currently under construction in Chile that is expected to provide images that are 16 times sharper than the Hubble Space Telescope
TIL German chocolate cake isn't German. It's named after a guy named German.
TIL It is estimated that trillions of oysters once surrounded New York City, filtering bacteria and acting as a natural buffer against storm surges.
TIL of William Donovan, the only person to have received all four of the United States' highest awards: The Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the National Security Medal. Donovan was also awarded the Silver Star and three Purple Hearts.
TIL 1920s Bootlegger George Remus had one of the worst breakups in history. His wife, owning all his assets, divorced him, tried to have him deported, hired a hitman to kill him, and left him with $100 from a Multi-Million dollar empire.
TIL in 1941, the crew of submarine HMS Trident were given a reindeer as a gift by the USSR navy and it spend six weeks on the sub with them until they reached home.
TIL that the last remaining living member of the munchkins from Wizard of Oz was 18 years old at the time of filming. He's now 98 years old.
TIL that in 2013 a Nigerian boat cook spent 60 hours at 100 feet below the surface of the ocean being kept alive by a air pocket.
TIL: During the initial years of Soviet Russia under the Bolsheviks; Priests, monks and nuns were crucified, thrown into cauldrons of boiling tar, scalped, strangled, given Communion with melted lead and drowned in holes in the ice.
TIL that the word "nightmare" is derived from the Old English "mare", a mythological demon that rides on people's chests while they sleep, causing bad dreams.
TIL that cocktails such as Rum and Coke and Jack and Coke, use Coke, not Pepsi, because of the popularity of a song called “Rum and Coca-Cola.” Pepsi offered to pay to rename the song, but was outbid. It became the second-highest grossing song of the 1940s, behind "White Christmas."
TIL The Please Touch Museum was a museum that focused on teaching children through interactive exhibits and special events, and up till 2013 it housed the Walking Piano from the movie Big.
TIL that in Marvel comics, Stephen Colbert won the popular vote in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
TIL Reason for Super Saiyan golden hair transformation was because Akira Toriyama saved himself time by eliminating the need to color the Saiyan's hair black.
TIL a Milwaukee man that lives by the airport painted “Welcome to Cleveland” on his roof.
TIL In Jackie Chan Adventures, Jackie was played by James Sie who was an impersonator of Jackie Chan
TIL that the Pompeii masturbating man, was not in fact popping one off. In an anti climactic fashion, his position is likely due to instant rigor mortis due to the extreme heat from the eruption.
TIL that in some countries you can find solo or monobulb garlic, which consists of a solid piece of garlic instead of individual cloves.
TIL That after Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody" knocked the Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" for the #1 spot, he sent Elvis a telegram that read "If you can't handle the Beatles, I'll do it for you, pally."
TIL cigarettes have rings around their bodies because they are alternating sections of thick and thin paper to facilitate retardation while resting and faster burning while smoking.
707 AudibleNod Uh, thanks racists?
350 clhines4 This must be the only time segregation ever benefited anyone -- when it is over, you get more bathrooms.
173 CornFedIABoy I'm going to guess this was done not to conform with Virginia law, as a Federal project wouldn't be bound by state law, and was rather done to conform with the prevailing racial attitudes of the project managers.
18 jbreezy420 You know Ted in accounting has his own private bathroom he found on the 3rd floor of at the far end of the east side. So many clean seats
52 gtk Is there an actual link to anything that states this definitively? Because normally the number of actual toilet cubicles/urinals are based on a numerical ratio to the number of people. So if a building with 1000 people needs 50 toilet cubicles, and then you segregate this into a building with an area for 900 white people and an area for 100 black people, you end up with 45 white people toilet cubicles and 5 black people toilet cubicles. There are double the number of toilet rooms, but not double the number of toilets. This looks like typical wikipedia experts making bad assumptions.
14 napkin6 Hmm. I’ve never noticed that. There’s two per corridor per floor per gender. There’s 5 above ground level floors and two (I’m sure there’s more than two) official below level floors. So that’s 140ish bathrooms. There may be one or two here and there but even the generals offices don’t have their own bathrooms. I’m sure there’s executive bathrooms somewhere because I’ve never seen a General in the bathrooms I go in. Those bathrooms have between 4 and 6 stalls and 3 and 5 urinals. There’s thousands of people that work in the building so it doesn’t seem like an excessive amount to me. But then again I’m not an expert on how many workers per bathroom is normal.
9 infantilepony Fear of communal pooping... The root of racism?
11 MudButt2000 You can never have enough bathrooms
6 UndercoverFBIAgent9 TIL my company was not built before the Civil Rights Movement
7 Nutstheofficialsnack Are 50% of these urinals?
3 zappy487 FUN FACT: The Pentagon has its own air system to insulate it from chemical attacks. ANOTHER FUN FACT: Because it doesn't have too many openings leading to the outside, there are no windows that open! Meaning all bathrooms are using stagnant air! And what fucking happens when you work in a building where 70+% of the folks are athletic types that use a lot of workout supplements, and eat generally good but gassy foods? Literal war crimes to my nostrils.
5 jimmyn0thumbs TIL the Pentagon has been overspending $ since before it was even built