TIL that Voodoo Donut in Portland, Oregon used to serve a donut drizzled in Nyquil and then had a shot of Nyquil in a cup in the center of the donut - until the FDA stepped in & made them stop serving it.
TIL former NFL player James Brooks was found to be illiterate when he was unable to read court documents after admitting to not paying over $100k in child support. When the judge asked how he graduated from Auburn without being able to read, he said, "Didn't have to go to to class."
TIL three border collies have been trained to run around a Chilean forest devastated by wildfire while wearing special backpacks that release native plant seeds.
TIL that China has only one time zone – despite spanning 5 geographical ones
TIL that the videogame publisher Bethesda offered the makers of Fallout New Vegas a 1 Million dollar bonus if the game scored a review of 85 or higher on Metacritic- the game released and got an 84, and no bonus was given.
TIL the oldest living organism is called Pando and is 80,000 years old, it looks like a forest but is actually one tree covering over 100 acres and...its dying.
TIL of irukandji syndrome. Caused by irukandji jellyfish venom, it has an unusual symptom where the victim has a feeling of "impending doom." The victim is so sure they are going to die, that they ask the doctors to kill them.
TIL the creator of "Charging Bull" on Wall Street meant for it to be a symbol of optimism after the stock market crashes in 1980. Placing the "Fearless Girl" in front of the bull changed the latter's meaning.
TIL of the "Monkey Love Experiments" where infant monkeys were housed with two artificial mothers: one, made only of wire, dispensed food, while the other had no food but was made of soft terrycloth. The monkeys spent nearly all of their time clinging to the soft mother despite the lack of food.
TIL when Dungeons & Dragons was released, various groups believed it was a front for murderous Satanists. This lead to Tom Hanks’ first starring role in the TV propaganda movie Mazes and Monsters, in which he becomes his D&D character and stabs a hobo in Manhattan because he thought it was a goblin.
TIL Art Bell set a Guinness World Record by staying on the air for 116 hours and 15 minutes. Using the money raised on air, Bell chartered a plane to fly to Vietnam and rescue 130 stranded Vietnamese orphans, who were eventually brought to the United States and adopted by American families.
TIL that International Master Jeremy Silman created the Chess puzzle for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone where Ron sacrifices himself, but wasn't credited for his role, while "everyone from the hairdressers to the donut delivery boy" were.
TIL: mattresses can have up to 900% markup (a $3000 mattress can cost as little as $300 to make)
TIL branches from a 3000 year old, still living, Greek olive tree were used to weave victors' wreaths for the winners of the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics
TIL that Germany opened its Special Forces to women in 2001. Only one woman applied & she failed the requirements. As of 2016, no woman has passed the selection process.
TIL that cruise ships are required to carry body bags and to maintain a small morgue in the event of a death onboard
TIL In 2006, China slaughtered 50,000 dogs after three people died of rabies. Dogs being walked were seized from their owners and beaten to death on the spot. Owners were offered 63 cents per animal to kill their own dogs before the beating teams were sent in.
TIL the Queen Termite has the longest life span of any insect in the world, living up to 50 years old
TIL that when a critic insulted the nudity in Michelangelo's The Last Judgment, the painter punished him by painting the critic's likeness onto the body of Minos, the judge of the underworld; he then further insulted the critic by giving the likeness donkey ears and having a snake bite his genitals.
TIL that Colorado has more ghost towns than active municipalities
TIL: Thích Qu?ng ??c, also known as, ‘The Burning Monk’, had his heart displayed in a glass case. His heart was thought to be holy after self immolation and 2 attempts to further cremate his remains were unsuccessful, leaving only his heart in tact.
TIL that there has never been a recorded instance of someone being killed by a black bear mother defending her cubs
TIL that in 1874 the "American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" brought the attention to child abuse because there were no rights for protecting children. The case of Mary Ellen.
TIL Chip-chan is a Korean woman in her 40's who believes her movements are being controlled by an implanted microchip. She has been livestreaming for over 10 years, sleeps 12 hours a day, and rarely leaves her apartment
TIL that the rule of thumb “half your age plus seven” was in earlier sources understood as a formula to calculate the ideal age for the bride, instead of a lower limit for the suitable age.
TIL that out of the top 30 100m sprint times, only 9 were run by athletes not associated with doping, all 9 are by Usain Bolt.
TIL: The meaning of the word "that" in Meatloaf's song 'I would do anything for love' changes with every chorus to reapond to the preceding lyrics. This led so many fans to be confused about the lyrics meaning that the singer had to explain it with a chalkboard.
TIL the African country of Swaziland has only 1 psychiatrist to serve a population of over 1 million people
TIL if you plant an apple seed, it will grow a tree but that tree will most likely not produce an apple of the same type that the seed came from. This is due to a horticultural phenomenon called 'unfixed hybrids', and most trees are grafted rather than grown true from seed.
TIL Morton's fork is a type of false dilemma in which contradictory observations lead to the same conclusion. Asserting that a person suspected of a crime who is acting nervously must have something to hide, while a person who acts calmly and confidently must be skilled at hiding something.
TIL before receiving a $2.5 billion divorce settlement, "catwoman" Jocelyn Wildenstein spent $10 million of the couples' money on jewelry, employed 366 servents, and once ran up a $5000 monthly cellphone bill
TIL that because DHL, a German company, isn't affected by sanctions, it can ship packages to countries like Cuba and North Korea.
TIL the word "cuckold" derives from the cuckoo bird, alluding to its habit of laying its eggs in other birds' nests.
TIL that testicles have taste receptors
TIL that Roy Dotrice, who is the narrator for all five of the Game Of Thrones audio books holds a Guinness World Record for "Most character voices for an audio book", with 224. He was also featured in a few episodes in Season 2 of the television series as the Pyromancer
TIL that as a democratic former British Colony, the United States is eligible to join the Commonwealth of Nations
TIL Chris Pine is a legacy of Hollywood actors. His father, Robert Pine, played Jim Halpert's dad on the office and Zack Morris' dad on Saved By The Bell. His grandma, Anne Gwynne, was one of the first "scream queens"
TIL of Lothar von Arnauld de la Periere, a WW1 German submarine captain who sank 4x as much tonnage as any other submarine captain since, despite respecting all the rules of engagement against civilian ships.
TIL that a library in Portugal unleashes a swarm of bats every night to combat book-damaging pests.
TIL "decimation" was a method of punishment in the roman army, where a tenth of all soldiers in a group got executed by their peers.
1664 awwrats I often wonder if I would have had the courage to pack up my family and all of my worldly possessions and brave the unknown for a chance at a better life "out west". Those were some special people.
304 srcarruth High Rock Canyon in Nevada has messages scrawled in wagon axle grease still on the walls
323 Black_Moons Fun fact: the ruts get shallower the closer you get to Oregon.
150 Owyheemud Another stretch of Oregon Trail wagon ruts can be seen alongside a paved road, Lytle Blvd, that runs between the Oregon towns of Owyhee, and Vale.
301 bonzaiferroni If that's the case it might still be possible to find all the bullets I lost trying to ford the river.
634 briesch59 Damn I got dysentery just reading this
258 HauschkasFoot Oregon Trial: *The judge has died from dysentery*
61 alldaycj I like how this list leaves off Ash Hollow, Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff in Nebraska. Literally the three most important parts of the Oregon Trail in Nebraska.
48 TwinPeaks501 From Oregon. Saw these as a kid. Made history seem so real.
22 darkgraycanary I hate that comma so much.
15 r0botdevil I grew up in Oregon, and my elementary school class took a field trip to go see them. It was honestly pretty cool, even at that age when I didn't have nearly enough context to adequately appreciate how cool it really was.
79 OstentatiousSock Not really surprising. If you live in areas where people have been a long time you sometimes see old desire paths. I have an ancient one in my back yard. We don’t know how it formed but we’ve tried to get rid of it a few times and it always settles back down into the old path.
13 AngsterMusic I think a lot about the pioneers that came up on the Mississippi River. They had to have been like, "Wow how in the world..." but then they get through that and come across the Rocky Mountains. At that point, I wouldn't have gave a shit what else was further west. I'd be done right there.