TIL there is a Russian version of the Lord of the Rings based on the premise that the original LOTR is a "history written by the victors;" in reality Mordor was on the verge of an industrial revolution which was a threat to the war-mongering and imperialistic faction represented by Gandalf/the elves
TIL a secret vault was discovered in a long-abandoned maternity home run by nuns... it contained the remains of 800+ toddlers
TIL a child, Bobby Dunbar, disappeared at age 4, then was "found" in another state with different parents. Investigators took the child, returning him to the Dunbars. Years later, DNA revealed it was the wrong kid.
TIL a California woman won $1.3 million in the lottery and filed for divorce 11 days later. She didn’t tell her husband, and two years later her husband found out all about it and sued her. The Judge awarded her husband all of her winnings.
TIL the tail feathers of Birds of Paradise are so black that they absorb 99.95% of all light, just .01% less than the blackest human-made nanomaterial, and help make brightly-colored patches stand out more during mating dances
TIL Oskar Dirlewanger was a Nazi officer so sadistic that other SS units avoided interacting with him. He's been accused of child molestation and necrophilia, and was beaten to death by guards while in Allied custody
TIL the Cagots were a group of people that did not differ in race, language, or culture from the people around them... despite this, they were hated and persecuted for centuries, and historians still aren't sure why
TIL that in early 2016, a woman tracked down the family of a WWII veteran whose Purple Heart she bought at an Arizona Goodwill store for $4.99
TIL that Milton Hershey kept his employees working during the Great Depression by having them construct buildings in Hershey, PA including a school, arena and hotel. When a steam shovel was brought in for construction, Hershey told his foreman to get rid of the shovel and hire 40 men instead.
TIL, Chernobyl wildlife flourished after the disaster, implying humans are more detrimental than severe radiation.
TIL that Tuberculosis has killed some of the most influential people in history. Popular names include Pocahontas, George Orwell, Andrew Jackson, Franz Kafka, Jane Austin, John Smith, Frederic Chopin, and Eleanor Roosevelt.
TIL About Albert Göring, the brother of Hermann Göring (2nd most powerful man in Nazi Germany), who was a rabid anti-nazi that helped save the lives of countless Jews and other dissidents.
TIL that pooping at work could save the average person $120 per year.
TIL that the “pink hat man” is a 72 year old man who who owns Cub’s tickets and sits behind home plate but wears a pink hat so his wife knows that he is at the game and not cheating.
TIL Guy Fieri officiates gay wedding ceremonies to honor his late sister
TIL Lace monitors dig into a termite mound to lay their eggs, the termites then reseal the mound keeping the eggs at a constant temperature. The lizard returns 9 months later to dig the eggs out so they can hatch.
TIL that Millennials being scrutinized isn't unique to this generation. Older generations have been doing it to younger generations for over 2,000 years. Similar criticisms include laziness, being self absorbed, spending too much money, expectations being too high, and the use of technology.
TIL of a colony of ants with no queen, no males and no offspring, comprised entirely of non-reproductive females, that live in a disused nuclear bunker in Poland. The colony is supplemented by ants falling through holes in the ventilation which cannot escape.
TIL the Goiania Incident was a mass radiation exposued caused when some poor people found a radioactive device in an abandoned hospital and passed it around, calling it "magical dust"
TIL that Keanu Reeves runs a private charitable foundation to fund cancer research and children’s hospitals. In 2009, he told Ladies Home Journal: "I don’t like to attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does."
TIL that 65% of Brits admitted to falsely claiming to having read a classic book in order to impress someone with 1984 being the most popular with 42% of respondents having lied about reading it.
TIL of Prize Insurance, which companies buy instead of prizes for competitions. The policy pays out in the unlikely event that somebody wins the competition.
TIL the Bronx Zoo put a Congolese man on display in the monkey cage in 1906
TIL Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US
TIL Mr Rogers poured the 100 billionth Crayola crayon
TIL that the Roman Emperor Nero did not play the fiddle as he watched the Great Fire burn Rome. When the fire broke out he was at his villa in Antium, 35 miles away. When he received news of the fire he immediately rushed back to Rome to begin relief efforts.
TIL that that Hitler and all his cronies paraded around in Mercedes Benz cars ignorant of the fact that they were named after a Jewish girl: Mercedes Jellinek
TIlL of the "wave of death" - When a driver stops and waves another car through an intersection. This "kindness"can often lead to tragedy.
TIL that Mr. Rogers was a vegetarian on ethical grounds, stating "I don't want to eat anything that has a mother."
TIL that in 2017 a woman asked Tinder for her data. It sent her 800 pages of her "deepest, darkest secrets"
TIL Rome's sewers and forums are older than the Roman Republic.
TIL that part of the reason Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate birthdays is because only two birthday parties are mentioned in the Bible and people died at both of them. They believe it was a warning against celebrating birthdays.
TIL in the 1960s, two doctors made a taxidermy female turkey to see what attracted a male. They discovered almost nothing stopped the male’s advances, even when the female’s wings, feet, and legs were removed. The male even made attempts to a stick with female’s head on it.
TIL that the song "Mr. Blue Sky" is actually part of a musical suite of four weather-related songs called "Concerto for a Rainy Day"
TIL of Angus MacAskill, a 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m) "true" (no growth abnormalities) giant known for his incredible feats of strength such as lifting a ship's anchor weighing 2,800 pounds (1,300 kg) to chest height, and an ability to carry barrels weighing over 350 pounds (160 kg) apiece under each arm.
TIL Paprika is made from Bell Pepper
TIL that in 1952 the air in London became so polluted that 4000 people died and 10,000 became ill...over a 5 day period.
TIL about Robert Antley, a bike shop owner who was waiting for burglars in his store. When they broke in, he was waiting with a gun where he made the men strip naked and brutally beat them for hours.
TIL that bears, lions, and leopards all coexisted in the Atlas mountains of Morocco until the 1870s.
TIL that despite his famous last name, before becoming president Franklin Delano Roosevelt inherited most of his wealth from his grandfather Warren Delano Jr., who made his fortune as a drug smuggler in China.
2938 Hdalby33 How do you cast 11 year olds who are just the right amount of geeky for a film franchise projected to last 10 years?
1538 jkL0Ling I also bet they weren't expecting Daniel Radcliffe to end up being the shortest of the three
728 Randolm I liked her response to the question asking if she was surprised that casting went with good looking people... 'I'm not an idiot'.
231 RadSlad Weirdly, I remember when the first movie came out, I told some friends that I thought Daniel Radcliffe was "soooooo hot." (DISCLAIMER: We were all 11 years old so he was our age) They all made fun of me and told me that he looked like a nerd. Now, thanks to the kinds of things he likes performing in, I've seen photos of his bare ass. Definitely hot.
1059 BitOfAZeldaFan Then theres Luna, who is the best cast character in cinema history.
150 E_Chihuahuensis What? I mean, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are good-looking but they’re no runway models. Normal-looking actors are pretty much the norm in British films/commercials anyways aren’t they?
350 hc84 She was only talking about Hermione, but did not want the others to feel like shit, so included them.
120 HillaryBoobPhD “No, they don’t have to be green. The only really important thing is that his eyes resemble Lily’s” LOL
326 Shalabadoo One of the best decisions that was controversial was Curaons decision to change them into regular clothes rather than wizard robes all the time, which I feel translated very well and was probably a factor in the whole "damn they're all hot now" thing. I thought it made it seem more realistic
163 680links i feel like if daniel radcliffe and emma watson didn't end up being so good looking and rupert grint didn't end up being so...plain the harry/hermione ship in the fandom probably wouldn't have been as powerful as it is today. plus have you seen british tv? their main characters aren't beautiful models like they are in hollywood, they're more realistic and average looking. makes the show much more relatable in my opinion.