TIL the R-rated film Planes Trains and Automobiles would have been rated PG if not for the scene where Steve Martin says "fucking" 18 times in one minute. Despite the rating it is the only time in the movie where the word is used.
TIL Jelly Roll Morton, at the age of 14 tricked his great-grandmother into believing he was a night watchman at a barrel house when in fact he was working as a piano player in a brothel. In that atmosphere, he often sang smutty lyrics; he took the nickname "Jelly Roll", which was slang for vagina.
TIL the British supermarket chain Iceland has an EU-wide trademark on their name, and take legal action against Icelandic companies that use it. The Icelandic government has applied to have their trademark invalidated, so far without success.
TIL High heels on men's shoes was once considered virile and masculine
TIL: 92 Russians died for every 1 American in WWII
TIL that, primarily, Chameleons change their color to warm up (dark colors absorb more light) and be sexy (to other chameleons), not to camouflage themselves (as many people believe).
TIL: Near-perfect ellipsoid lenses have been found among viking artifacts. Hinting that the Vikings likely made telescopes 1000 years ago, 500 years before Galileo.
TIL that isolating a female cannabis plant from a male, can increase production of buds (richest THC source) as the female increases her efforts to attract pollen from the male plant.
TIL that 4 inmates once snuck out of prison, robbed several stores, and then snuck back into prison.
TIL that despite its useful properties, the dandelion has grown to be regarded as a weed, as a result of the rise of lawn culture and marketing by pesticide companies.
TIL The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for Plumbers around the United States
TIL that the traffic on the Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris is so chaotic, insurance companies will always split the liability of an accident 50/50.
TIL the caduceus symbol mistakenly used by many American medical companies is actually associated with thievery and commerce, the true medical symbol is the similar looking Rod of Asclepius.
TIL Bill Bonner is the guy Responsible for Millions of Vintage National Geographic Photos
TIL Thomas Jefferson believed Jesus's teachings were "the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man," but that they had been appropriated by his followers, resulting in a Bible that contained both "diamonds of wisdom" and the "dung" of ancient political agendas.
TIL about the Buer, known as the great president of hell. Only appearing when the sun is in Sagittarius, Buer goes about teaching natural and moral philosophy, herbology, and is particularly good at healing men of their illnesses.
TIL the Swedish propaganda/war ship Vasa sank 100m into its maiden voyage and was recovered 333 years later. Today it is the oldest preserved ship and can be seen in a Stockholm museum.
TIL Hangovers cost an estimated $220 Billion loss in productivity per year
TIL:That the oldest women in the world(now deceased) Jeanne Calment was "discovered" when she spoke in a documentary about meeting Vincent Van Gogh.
TIL Einstein theorised a machine to communicate with the future, the Tachyonic antitelephone.
TIL that In 2008, Iran tried to make the world's largest sandwich, a 1,500 metre long ostrich and chicken combo. The record attempt failed because spectators started eating the sandwich before officials could take a measurement.
TIL Thomas Jefferson was Deist, the belief that a God created the universe but hasn't interfered with it since.
TIL of a blood group called Bombay Blood Group originated in India.It is also called the HH group.An extremely rare ABO group. A rare phenotype is generally present in about 0.0004% (4 per million) of the human population, Bombay(Mumbai) locals can have occurrences in as much as 0.01% (1 in 10,000).
TIL: All of Tom Cruise's wives Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were aged 33 when their marriages ended
TIL that the first sports bra was two jock straps stitched together.
TIL modern day Samaritans follow Samaritanism which they believe to be the original, unchanged version of Judaism.
TIL when telephones first came into commercial use you had to whistle loudly into the receiver to get the other person's attention, as telephone bells hadn't been invented yet.
TIL, in Interstellar the depiction of a black hole required completely new CGI rendering software and was so accurate that it provided enough scientifical insight to publish three scientific papers
TIL When lions and tigers are bred, the offspring is a ‘Liger’. In 1995, residents of an Idaho town were on lockdown for days when 17 big cats escaped a make-shift zoo named Ligertown. The escaped cats had to be killed because they were too big for law enforcement tranquilizers.
TIL when Adelaide opened it's power grid to competition, instead of lowering costs as intended, generators were shut down at peak demand so companies could charge more, leading to the highest costs for power anywhere on Earth
TIL that the Chernobyl Power Plant continued operating and producing electricity until 2000, 14 years after the Chernobyl disaster.
TIL Disney declined Back to the Future on the grounds that a mother falling in love with her son was not appropriate for the company's family-friendly branding.
TIL Edward Teach better known as “Blackbeard”, was an English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of Britain's North American colonies. He sailed on the Queen Anne’s Revenge before settling on the Bahamian island of New Providence.
TIL that most of the presidentially pardoned turkeys die within a year of being spared
TIL Tryptophan in turkey isn’t what makes us tired after Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the overeating of carbohydrates. Turkey contains no more tryptophan than chicken or beef, and nuts and cheeses actually contain more.
TIL To understand a pun, your brain' right and left hemispheres have to work together, due to the unique structure of it
TIL almost all cattle is descended from only 80 aurochs tamed in northern Mesopotamia about 10,000 years ago
TIL about hoop snakes, a animal from Australian/American folklore that can bite its own tail and roll after its prey like a wheel. In one version of the myth, the snake straightens out at the last second, skewering its victim with its poisonous tail.
TIL the "Rh" factor of your blood type refers to an antigen that is either present (Rh+) or absent (Rh-) on your red blood cells. The "Rh" stands for the rhesus monkey because researchers recognized that this human blood antigen was similar to a rhesus monkey blood antigen.
TIL That "cage free" eggs really don't make a difference in the wellbeing of the hen, since they can be cage-free and still stacked on top of each other in a coup. We just continue to pay significantly more for the same product that just 'sounds' better.
12140 MezzanineAlt That's just like real farming. Spend all your money planting a crop, make it all back...
3761 radolf_hipster That whole series of how they made Interstellar is fascinating to watch. So many aspects of the filmmaking process that could have been achieved in post was actually created in camera. Nolan is an incredible director IMO.
7241 ZebofKansas It's cool they had a designated plot specifically for shooting. I know farmers that would cringe seeing that truck zoom through a productive corn field, paid or not.
970 armahillo Was the tesseract expensive or were they able to recoup their cost on that too?
462 Breeze_in_the_Trees I wonder if when the director told the production crew "we need a great plot", he was talking about storylines?