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55 countdownnet [Most popular video creator on Patreon](
74 doeweevenlift Thank you OP for not giving a misleading title like the other folks that posted this video
152 lanternsinthesky I like Phil, but I think everyone should take this video with a grain of salt, because this isn't the first time he has talked about he might have to shut down his channel and whatever. This is just as much marketing for future content as anything else, which makes sense when he is trying to run a business, but this is a video that should be watched with a critical lens, and not just be taken at face value.
47 AstroAgama He offers no evidence, he videos are averaging 1 - 2 million views with no major dips, and he plugs his patreon again. Seems like a pattern with him.
13 NextChamp The man was literally on Hot Ones talking about how great his career is going despite limitations on the platform as late. I don't wanna doubt the man is having issues behind the scenes. But maybe DON'T go on other channels or have interviews and happily say all is well and then on your main channel say things are shit.
43 thef1guy I can't stand this guy and never watch his videos. He's actually the reason why I am very suspicious of video thumbnails vs the expected content. He used to clickbait me then I consciously made a point of never clicking anything he creates. Its been many years since he got me again
23 TooTall7121988 Finally unsubscribed today. Am I the only one sick of the bullshit clickbait titles and all the “HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON NATION”?
13 pupi_but Who is this guy and why should we all care about him shutting down?
16 swisscriss My opinion on Phil has been forever soured since his car crash several years ago. The way he behaved was astonishing. The mask slipped and you saw the real man in that incident. Philip Defranco is not your friend, Philip Defranco isn't anyone's friend. The only thing Philip Defranco cares about is Philip Defranco and maybe his son Philip Defranco the third esquire.
14 Allthehigherground "oh no guys my career might end. this is finally it." - every couple of months. Cringe YouTuber anyway, fuckoff.
21 beet111 his channel is doing fine. he's manipulating his viewers to get you to subscribe to his network.
6 immafragger no wonder his channels dying....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
10 NerevarineVivec Pretty excited. I am hoping for a more moderate centered news network. It seems like everything now just continuously bashes the other side all day.
12 NiceRepostBROoO This guy is everything I fucking hate about 'youtubers'
9 InternetBecause As someone who was watched Phil for a long time, has kind of moved away since he left discovery, the dude needs business help. I'm about to leave college and enter into the working world as a consulting for a firm. I understand his frustration with YouTube but the dude has been making very poor business decisions and just blames YouTube for it. He is investing so much into a news network that hasn't debuted yet and I personally believe, just based off of viewing numbers from an outside perspective, that his analysis of the 'suppression algorithm' is probably off. My man cannot continue to keep blaming YouTube when its just bade business on his end.
2 LnRon Youtube is about finding quality videos or quality channels, then binge watching them, then not watching them again. These are the people who deserve to get paid. The truth is there is just so many of these channels and videos that its hard to take YT ad whiners seriously especially since these whiners are the large channels well past their prime if they ever had anything relevant to say in the first place.
2 Chrwilcoa Until I saw this video I hadn’t realized that he is not showing up in my homepage nearly as much as he used to.
5 hughheff "Tired, Frustrated, But Also Excited" sums up my early dating life.