My nephew had the assignment to make a weather forecast video for school. Fortunately for him, his dad works in video production.
The Voice Behind 250 of Your Favorite Cartoons (Phil LaMarr)
Biggest scam in Prague
Gus Johnson - Spring Break
Pouring water down a 50 meter well. Nürnberg Castle, Germany.
One of Mr. Roger's subtle, yet most powerful statements ever, took place in 1974. He asks 'Officer' Clemons to join him to soak their feet in some pool water on a hot day and then helped him dry his feet. Years earlier many pools were off limits to black Americans.
Sweet boyfriend's reaction to girlfriend's camera prank
Mark Zuckerberg in 2009 when asked if he would share user information: "Of course not."
Why No White Panther?
Using Netflix in the 90's
Burger King Foot Lettuce but it's read with proper inflection
Italian cyclist team leader cheers his guys who are cold (kinda funny) Eng subs
You Can't Say This Word
Cop catch guy pulling wheelie on public road and tell him why its not worth it.
Fred Rogers Heartwarming final message to Grown up fans.
When Tatsuo Horiuchi retired, he decided to try his hand at art. But instead of spending money on paints and brushes, Horiuchi used what he already had pre-installed on his computer—Microsoft Excel.
Chris Evan will forever be known as Captain America but I'll always remember him as Jake Wyler
Bruce Lee Fight Scene Re-Fashioned to be a Lightsaber Battle
A doctor at a children's hospital in Chicago told Austin that he would dress up as Chewbacca when he had news that a heart was available, for a transplant, for Austin. Austin got that news this week
The Day The Walking Dead Died
This Guy
Marvel or DC? Pornstars asked to pick "This or That".
Trailer for new Mr. Rogers documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
Two 73 year-old friends ride the Terror-Dactyl in Colorado
Diabeetus Cat
"Apparently he's a Martial Arts expert"
Stumbled on this deep into YouTube. Kid plays with himself using PVC pipes and it's fantastic
Chris Hadfield's Out Of This World Career Advice
These dogs are brilliant.
Naked Pendulum dance
Oblivion NPC dialogue
Kids explain how to get rid of a one-night-stand to avoid an awkward morning.
2 adults and 6 kids destroyed a pretty rental house.
Man catches plane.
No more kitty brown eye.
Mink and Greyhound work together to clear rats
Four producers are given one day to remix the same song - wholesome reaction from the original artist
Flying in to New York City's LaGuardia Airport on September 14, 2001
m.A.A.d. City (Bollywood version)
I love this Chris Evan's scene which shows how funny he actually is.
4251 SadDragon00 God, the Hulu UI is fucking terrible. It's like they intentionally designed it with the purpose of adding more clicks to get places.
2361 Solid_Snark Yeah Amazon Prime is so bad. I bought a movie but waited to watch it. It fell down my queue and was nearly impossible to find. I even tried searching and it failed because I forgot to add “Collector’s Edition” to the title.
3385 GoldenJoel I would honestly say I hate the auto-previews on Netflix. I wish you could turn those off.
213 evd1202 I liked the Xbox one ui at launch. Idk why they change it every other day. Also Hulu ui can fuck off
1191 Phish777 This should be the standard training video for game developers
1282 EyeSightToBlind Xbox One is so hard to navigate. But it feels like they completely change it every 3-6 months
1414 gentile_exile Netflix's interface is great compared to Hulu, but still terrible in general.
185 pickled-egg ebay. There are pages on ebay that you sometimes have to use that genuinely feel like they haven't changed since 1996. It is a mess of a website, I genuinely feel sorry for the people who administer it because you just know that it's 20+ years of shit built upon shit and it's very likely the case that nobody wants to try and fix it out of fear of breaking it. It works but holy fuck is it a mess. Amazon is a mess too, it's a similar problem of years of additions and redesigns not being properly completed and it just being a cobbled together mess that somehow works.
98 JetSpyda Couldn’t agree anymore about Snapchat. Worst UI I’ve used in A LONG time. I don’t even know where most the shit is anymore and have pretty much stopped using the app completely.
703 Turious Yup, I'll never understand why Microsoft went all in on that space wasting, advertisement-laden tile system. Not only is it a non-intuitive UI but it's indeed claustrophobic, as he describes. Makes me not want to use their products entirely. Edit: After two dozen replies saying "because Microsoft wants ads in there," I get the picture. And I know. I guess my new question is "why did we let them get away with it?"