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638 miniman3214 "car is automatic, don't need brakes." Well then, you don't need a license.
973 sendmeyourjokes Why does everyone tell them there is a dash cam? Let them try to wrongfully sue, let them try to steal/cheat. You have it on cam saying otherwise. Stop them from doing it again by making them actually take responsibility for their actions. I'd go to the cops for sure and tell them what happened though.
517 FACE_MEAT Get your asses back in your cars and drive to a parking lot to sort it out. For some reason, people involved in minor accidents think it's a good idea to get out of their cars on the roadway to sort things out. Not only are you putting yourselves in grave danger, you're holding up traffic.
261 aan8993uun NEver tell them you have a dash cam. Call the police and tell THEM you have a dash cam. You don't have the burden of proof here, you're not the one committing fraud. Call the police, act like it needs an incident report, get them to show up, show them, and sue the fucking brain from her skull.
45 thomseximus I had a dashcam, then my car got broken into because of it. It was the only thing in my car that was stolen. I don't always want to have to take off the dashcam and store it away every time I get out of the car.
15 Karlociraptor Best investment I ever made! So far has saved me from two at fault accidents and one red light ticket (proved I was in the intersection during the yellow). Someone hit me after going straight in a right turn only and I turned from the lane over (straight or turn lane) and tried to blame it on me. I didn’t mention the dash cam (GoLuk Mini) and let them tell their outrageous lie to the officer. When she asked me what happened I asked what the penalty was for providing false statement, after her response I said “great, I’ve got a dash cam and will just show you the video.” She gave me the accident report stating I had zero fault and told me to leave. I don’t know what happened to the other driver but their car was there without them when I went by about two hours later. My insurance did not charge me any deductible or raise my rate the next cycle. Absolutely spend the $160 on a dash cam!
64 Envoy_to_the_Stars EXTRA PSA: Invest in something that will let you DISPLAY your video quickly and easily for the Police Report. If the officer can quickly see exactly what happened, on scene, it just makes things run that much smoother. And it can help ensure that it's not a "no fault" record. I have this for my phone, so that I can take the MicroSD out of my Dash Cam, stick it in my phone, and display, download, and send the video content on the fly.
44 thedabdude man I really need to get one but this one doesn't look very clear. Edit: that lady was definitely trying to screw someone over as soon as she saw the dash cam her facial expression changed
12 yoeyHD I would love too, but due to privacy concerns (Germany), it's not perfectly clear if I would be allowed to use the footage in such a circumstance. EDIT: at least I'm not 100% sure