My nephew had the assignment to make a weather forecast video for school. Fortunately for him, his dad works in video production.
The Voice Behind 250 of Your Favorite Cartoons (Phil LaMarr)
Biggest scam in Prague
Gus Johnson - Spring Break
Pouring water down a 50 meter well. Nürnberg Castle, Germany.
One of Mr. Roger's subtle, yet most powerful statements ever, took place in 1974. He asks 'Officer' Clemons to join him to soak their feet in some pool water on a hot day and then helped him dry his feet. Years earlier many pools were off limits to black Americans.
Sweet boyfriend's reaction to girlfriend's camera prank
Mark Zuckerberg in 2009 when asked if he would share user information: "Of course not."
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Fred Rogers Heartwarming final message to Grown up fans.
When Tatsuo Horiuchi retired, he decided to try his hand at art. But instead of spending money on paints and brushes, Horiuchi used what he already had pre-installed on his computer—Microsoft Excel.
Chris Evan will forever be known as Captain America but I'll always remember him as Jake Wyler
Bruce Lee Fight Scene Re-Fashioned to be a Lightsaber Battle
A doctor at a children's hospital in Chicago told Austin that he would dress up as Chewbacca when he had news that a heart was available, for a transplant, for Austin. Austin got that news this week
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2 adults and 6 kids destroyed a pretty rental house.
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I love this Chris Evan's scene which shows how funny he actually is.
279 jannikn Ugh, I don't really feel like watching 3 minutes of pausing to read text instead of just listening to narration. Well, I'm off to buy some diamonds.
185 louis25th You know what is shittier than diamonds? A PPT video full of texts and senseless background music.
145 keyprops Who are you calling "you people"?
54 Chuchip Is this a powerpoint presentation?
62 bartimeas You're preaching to the choir. This has been beaten to death on reddit
16 Rheasus #**All text from the video is here, fuck text flashing/ scrolling videos** 1869: Diamonds are discovered near the Orange River producing a sudden surplus. 1888: The De Beers group of companies is founded by Englishman Cecil Rhodes De Beers buys land claims in South Africa to mine Diamonds. The company is named after Diederik and Johannes De Beer, farmers in South Africa who sold their land after the unexpected diamond rush. 1887: Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato, another diamond millionaire, compete by overproducing diamonds. The rivalry causes diamonds prices to nose-dive. 1889: To fix this diamond inflation, Cecil Rhodes works with the diamond syndicate in London. They agree to buy a fixed number of diamonds at a certain price, regulating output to control demand. This practice continues today. The agreement is lucrative. When diamond trade slows, supply is decreased to maintain the price. 1902: Cecil passes away with De Beers controlling 90% of the worlds diamonds. 1932: The great depression shrivels diamond demand. This forces De Beers to temporarily close its mines. 1939: Harry Oppenheimer, son of De Beers' former chairman Ernest Oppenheimer, travels to New York to advertise in America. The mission: To change the perception of diamonds from a luxury item to a necessity. To solve this problem, ad agency N.W. Ayer & Son works with De Beers to link diamonds with romance. 1947: They focus on engagement rings, debuting the phrase "Diamonds are forever." This transforms the engagement ring into more than a luxury item. Before this campaign, engagement rings were almost entirely out of style. To preserve scarcity, the campaign aims to associate diamonds with love and sentiment, deterring buying from reselling them. Today, this slogan is considered on of the most successful ad campaigns in the 20th century. 1940's and 1950's: De Beers and N.W. Ayer & son links diamonds with glamour, creating 'role models.' 1960's to 1980's: De Beers reinforces diamonds as the ultimate expression of love. The "Shadows and lights" campaign features musical scoring by Karl Jenkins. The song Palladio would later appear in a compilation album... Diamond music 1990's: Argyle diamond mines PLC breaks off from the De Beers cartel to focus on a niche, coloured gemstone market. 1999: The problem of blood diamonds, which are sold to finance wars, fets the United Nations involved. De Beers claims they've halted outsourcing diamonds to guarantee they're "conflict free" New mines are discovered in Canada, and their producered decide to work outside the De Beers cartel. This schism, combines with a rise in synthetic diamonds, causes De Beers' market share to fall to 45% 2008: De Beers creates Forevermark, a microscopic mark on their diamonds to distinguish them from synthetics. The rising awareness of blood diamonds prompts De Beers to alter its business plan. They shift their focus from controlling the supply and demand to marketing a cleaner image. 2003: The "Right Hand Ring" campaign aims at single women, a major shift from their original strategy. 2011: De Beers joins the Responsible Jewelry Council, providing another microscopic mark on their diamonds, promising buyers they're ethically obtained. 2013: The loss of blood diamonds from their supply, along wit a growing number of competitors, causes De Beers market share to hit a low of 33% Even with today's recession, De Beers' retail sales are over $30 billion. De Beers may not last forever, but they're not going away anytime soon.
13 Predicted_Text Jokes ok you, I'm way too poor to ever be able to afford a diamond
15 binomialnomen This video should be twice as long. Too many words for my slow eyes to try to read. Also, dumb it down a bit. Maybe read it to me. You know what? Never mind. I wasn't going to buy a diamond anyway. [This video already told me not to.](
6 algernon_moncrief pretty unwatchable. i agree the diamond market is bullshit for a couple of reasons but goddam
4 _Sasquat_ what a shitty video. if they're going to force people to read text, it needs to be on screen long enough.
10 centagon So wait, they're saying that diamonds face more competitors than ever resulting in a relatively low price? Sweet. Diamonds on sale. Better get one.
10 oldschoolfl moissanite is the future. You can even buy loose stones pretty cheap, and few people can tell them apart:
12 hanr86 Whatever. Buy it or don't. It's your choice.
3 punk-assnerd Nah, but dinosaur bone rings instead.
3 Shonk_Lemons What is this video going to teach me that Kanye hasn't?
3 knightskull De Beers made this commercial to make holding a negative view of the diamond industy uncool!
3 FuriouFive The Venn Diagram with Reddit users and diamond buyers is basically two circles a couple inches apart.
3 the-camster We understand it's a marketing scheme. But it was wildly successful. It's become a tradition. What you people are trying to do is put the genie back into the bottle. Not going to happen.
5 mollekake_reddit Buzzfeed-inspired vidoes are shit. And EVEYRONE should stop watching them. I did not watch this video, and never will.
5 mourning_starre Shit title OP. Just from reading it I already feel attacked for something I've never done and I have no desire to watch the video.
2 theworldsworstphotog It’d be nice if the text could move around more
2 Tjingus Wow that text was way too fast. It gave me anxiety watching the video. I couldn't finish it.