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294 whitewallsuprise What a wild ride that story was. This guy is clever.
54 spline9 The Playstation employed a similar method using intentional bad blocks on their discs. Error detection/correction when trying to copy the disc would result in an incorrect copy.
125 El_Hugo In Batman Arkham asylum (I think) there is a scene where you have to use your cape to fly over a gap. If you used a cracked game, the cape would not open and you couldn't advance as a result. Like the platform in level 4.
106 kyz I think Jon's overselling it. 1. Leander is my favourite game. I still have the disks. [There ain't no hole]( 2. The game boots even when the disk write tab is open, making the disk read-only. 3. In any case, you'd need to read the data back to confirm it (wasn't) written. The Amiga disk hardware has no flag saying "write failed". 4. Crackers play games, and their customers DEFINITELY play games. I'm pretty sure any cracker would find out within a day of their release that nobody could get past level 1-4. I'm probably going to have to open up ReSource and find out what the game actually does. Fun fact: this is one of the comments in the WHDLoad installer (install games from original disks onto your Amiga's hard drive) for the game. ; remove another disk routine (probably protection, but not very good since I removed it without noticing...) PL_L $7121A,$60000216 ; patch the disk routine PL_P $704EC,disk_routine Removed it without noticing! Poor Jon. EDIT: bonus factoid - the disk space argument almost holds up. The Psygnosis disk format is 6 1024-byte sectors per track, skipping the first two tracks, which is 970752 bytes of data. A standard, copyable Amiga disk is 11 512-byte sectors per track, which is 889856 bytes if you also skip the first two tracks. There's 512 bytes extra per track in the custom Psygnosis format. However, how much of that space is used? I took all the files needed by the game (which are installed on my HD), and computed how many blocks they'd occupy. * with 1024-byte blocks, the game uses 2362 blocks = 2418688 bytes = 2.5 Psygnosis-formatted disks * with 512-byte blocks, the game uses 4682 blocks = 2397184 bytes = 2.7 standard Amiga disks So while it could be that there are 4-disk cracked versions of Leander out there, the crackers can't have been very competent.
6 chumppi Not very convenient... My brother used to copy his bought games to separate floppy discs so he didn't need to use the original ones because of wear and tear.
6 TheBestBigAl His other videos on tricks that were needed for memory limitations etc are also really interesting if people haven't seen them yet.
9 MagmaticPGM "Sonic 3D Backup 1" ... "this one obviously isn't being used for anything important" !!!!!!
7 Lilkingjr1 Thank you so much for introducing me to SUCH a cool channel I didn't know existed. This guy's wealth of knowledge must be immense, and is especially interesting to listen to for a prospective game designer :)
10 DropDeadSander He Protec! They Attac
2 Frivx It would be interesting to know if they sold more copies than similar games without (or with less effective) copy protection.