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59 Space_Elk [Here's an article.]( > Moments later a neighbor was digging him out of the rubble. Schultz was out and standing within four minutes. The neighbor sat him down on one of the house's beams, but told him, "Don't look down." > > "Why?" Schultz asked. > > "Because your wife is right under you. She's dead."
16 MotherfuckinRanjit Jesus fucking christ. Like straight out of a movie. Sucks that his wife died though :((
74 andersoonasd this is the most terrifying video I've seen
8 OSRSgamerkid Living in Florida my whole life, one thing I was grateful for when Irma was expected to hit us full force was, we had a whole week to prepare. All the stores were packed, and we had to wait hours in line only for the person in front of us to get the last of the wood. But we had time to get ready mentally for what was about to happen. Things with tornadoes and earthquakes, is you have no idea when they're going to happen or how bad they're going to be.
6 itisonlyaplant Very calm cameraman for being upstairs staring into the eyes of total destruction. He had great trust in that window.
15 Ijeko I wonder what is going through someone's mind when they think being upstairs next to a window with a huge tornado approaching you is a good idea. And you'd think as it's getting closer and closer, at some point you'd decide to book it the fuck downstairs. But nope, let's just chill right here and get wrecked.
4 bieberhole82 I'm from Oklahoma, the state nicknamed "Tornado Alley". Every year near the beginning of summer, Oklahoma has tornadoes everywhere. They're no joke. They come out of nowhere, can go any direction and are so powerful they have been known to imbed wood splinters into concrete. One year a tornado threw a trampoline through my parents roof and stole all the trash cans in the neighborhood.
4 BeatMastaD I live in the south and am a little flippant about tornadoes since they happen relatively frequently. I always heard 'it sounds like a freight train' but only just now did I realize that if you hear that sound you have 30 seconds at the most until you're getting hit.
2 owlfoxer That light pole was just knocked down so easily at theme.