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About a year ago, I was in a creative rut. I was in a bad place, and I knew I had to break out of it and make something I could be proud of. So after a year of hard work, I've produced a 25-minute series pilot inspired by shows like Breaking Bad, Fargo and Twin Peaks. I truly hope you all enjoy it.
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1277 borg32 Woah! The animation is beautiful!
113 donthesitatetokys This is pretty good, but have you seen Florida's travel video? It starts off with a beautiful sunset over Disney World, and then pans to two crack addicts beating the shit out of each other while their meth head girlfriends cheer them on. Then they both get shot dead by a passing police officer responding to a domestic violence call, but was delayed by an enormous pileup on I4.
916 kenziemonsterrawr This looks like a trailer for a Studio Ghibli film.
399 PWNbiWanKenobi From Oregon. Can confirm. Now in New York. It looks like Ren and Stimpy over here.
280 Clonetrooperkev I feel like if they did one of these for Philadelphia, it'd look like something out of Bloodborne.
44 pencapchew Oregon real-life comparison:
536 Route_du_Rhum This is pretty fucking brilliant, HOWEVER! If you do decide to go to Oregon, you absolutely HAVE to make sure to bring enough spare axels and wagon wheels; those fuckers break more often than you'd think. Furthermore, you really want to pack at least two outfits per traveler, one for warm and one for cold weather. Also, practice proper hygiene, and always wash your hands; last time I went, Ebenezer almost died of the dysentery. Lastly, be aware that travelling to Oregon is not for the faint of heart. Jedediah got carried off by a group of injuns, and whilst fording the Green River little Emily Mae fell off the wagon and was swept away in the rapids. Still, totally worth a trip.
227 CookieOG This is the best travel advertisement I ever seen in my life. I'd just like to know who's the artist/studio, as it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.
49 Differlot No one told me they had sky whales. I'll have to check them out.
22 gt35r ......I wish this was a real anime film about Oregon.
150 m5mfree Honestly, it isn't that far off from reality. Oregon is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the U.S. My Uber car was actually a giant rabbit too.
97 SnakPak_ As someone who grew up and lives in Oregon and also loves Studio Ghibli stuff. HOLY. MOOOOOLY. It's so insane to see familiar places in this style! Crater Lake! Portland! Sky Whales! Just like Oregon.
158 Jaylemonz Oregon: the Weebiest state of the USA
69 Ezymandius To all non-Oregonians, it truly is this beautiful... when it's this sunny. Which is almost never.
28 mattropo7is Oregonian here I made a [side-by-side shot comparison]( with the real places. Check it out