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221 hostoftheparty Are you buying an old BMW from craigslist? Then its BROOOKEN.
74 ExceptionEX Nice carfax commercial, though wholly incorrect in the statement "carfax never lies." The information carfax has, is only good as those inputting the information into the system they purchase their information. Seeing something on a carfax report isn't always accurate, all it takes is a minor mistake when entering a vin, or a simple mistake. The same goes for things missing, not only that the carfax report will only contain information reported on, to those selling or providing the information. I'm not saying don't use it, but I'm saying don't look to it as gospel. And beware of videos that treat it, it like its infallible, they are either uninformed, or being paid to sell the product.
35 qawsedrf12 Former salesman/finance manager here: get an independent mechanic to inspect the car Get your own Carfax report Research what the auction price may have been to base a minimum price Get a warranty if the car is not covered. Many good ones that are not from manufacturers New tires included Check for rust, mold inside (flood car)
14 ganjjo Find the car you really want and have it inspected by a professional. They are well aware of what typically breaks for each model and manufacturer. They can inspect the car for rust and other signs of water (flood) damage. A pre purchase inspection will include visual inspection of engine compartment, steering and suspension, brakes, fluids, lights and signals, and a test drive. The video tells you to check all these things but 90% of people have no idea what is bad and what's good. Belts, hoses, brakes, leaks, etc. Do you know how to tell how a hose is bad? (hard, oil soaked, cracking, etc.) Don't get screwed by you being too cheap to have a professional inspect it.
9 SomRandomGuyOnReddit Is it broken? Then it's BROOOOKEN.
3 solid95 Sorry but letting someone jack my car up and climb underneath is a huge insurance liability. I would let them take it to an insured mechanic with a lift for an inspection.
4 murdurturtle I'm not letting someone jack up my car... I'm super careful when I jack it up and last thing I would want is some random dipshit bending sheet metal in the wrong place. I once was selling a 93 toyota corolla.. kind of a shitbox but in generally good condition. Guy came and wanted to take it to his mechanic. A professional looked it over and the guy bought it...
9 eydryan Is it just me or is the worn out disks not that big a problem as they make it sound? It's a used car, it probably won't have fresh pads, discs, clutch, shocks, and other components susceptible to wear.
6 arturo_lemus This is why when I put my old Mustang for sale on Craigslist, I listed every single thing that was wrong with it. I was upfront about everything. There was basically more bad than there was good on my ad and I was asking for a reasonable price or best offer. I ended up selling it fast at asking price. The guy who bought it was looking for a fixer upper.
6 AwrooAwroo What's the reverse of this? what i'f i'm selling MY car. i don't know half this shit either. i was planning on throwing it on craigslist/autotrader and paying for Carfax so anyone looking can check it out.
3 [deleted] Shit. Needed this video 3 weeks ago. Have come across a leak, weird smell, and weird vibration during idle all in the past few weeks.
3 dagem Another trick they didn't touch on - replacing the warning lights with burnt out bulbs. To check turn the ignition to the ACC and see which lights light up, no check engine light? It's burnt out and/or been replaced with a bad bulb, this can be done with any of the "[idiot lights](".
6 Jayyburdd Y-you think it would be *noooormal* if I whip this video out in the middle of the process a bunch? That's a lot of stuff to remember...
2 username112358 this sounds just like the guy who made the video of the history of japan
2 TallatAbbas Definitely don't want random strangers bringing tools around my car thinking they are mechanics or know what they are doing. I'd jack it up myself, but no way I am taking that liability having them do it.