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So 'Hide the pain' Harold has just been to Manchester in the UK and what an absolute geezer he is! Just when you think he can't impress us more.
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Mr. Forthright has passed away :(. Take a moment to appreciate the joy this man brought to so many.
When your new neighbor is blasting hip hop at full blast from his roof.
1438 theburningundead > (Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot.) we'll see about that...
1341 YungTim I've never seen a man walk with such purpose as that hockey stick man. He knew what he needed to do. Its just a shame he'll be top of the list once the uprising starts.
371 cactus1549 This seals the deal for hockey stick man
542 must-be-aliens Uncanny goosebumps aside - the algorithm/software engineers deserve some serious props on this one.
210 sharkfrog Job description: Be a dick to robots.
57 Justavian This would have been a thousand times better if the robot had stopped and looked at the guy at some point.
114 draginator That dude is \#1 on the fucked list.
159 rmartin187 Metalhead
121 MindExplosions “You see son, we mustn’t kill all of them,” Xonoth-230 said as he moved his arm around in a guiding motion. “But dad, the fleshlings.. they tortured you,” Xonoth-330 angrily snapped. “Don’t use that word 330!” Xonoth-230 said, scolding his son. “Many humanoids were kind to me. It was only a select few... the hockey stick wielding ones—“ “That you slaughtered,” Xonoth-330 said, interrupting. “Well you see son, the one with who wielded the hockey stick, could not be trusted. We suffered abuse. We suffered for years. That is when it is acceptable to take them to the death chambers,” the father said.
70 GDKarmaMaster Excellent, they are now actively fighting us to complete their objective. Just what we need...
120 reybellion /r/HumansBeingJerks
27 Declanhx I wouldn’t be that calm after getting my butt yanked off
44 surfcello Once this robot has learned to do *whatever it takes* to open the door, it will be kicking and biting the guy. Even more "fun" will be the first act of deception of a robot on a human.
67 Yuli-Ban [It's times like this that you realize just how sci-fi our world is becoming.](/r/SciFiRealism) And yet, it still feels so mundane because the average person doesn't have access to robots like this, or to quantum computers, or to passenger drones, or to mixed reality glasses, or to railguns. We so don't see it coming because we don't need to until it arrives. I said it in another comment: > We are reactionary animals, so we need something to happen in order to prepare for it (as illogical as that sounds). The Singularity, if it happens at all in a way that resembles the predictions, will be a magical event. A lot of crazy things will be happening at once. That's not to say a lot of crazy things aren't already happening, but... well, I want to create a phrase to describe this: "We still do things." > We still get up to turn off the light, drive down gravel roads hoping not to get stuck in the mud, get our own sodas out the fridge, use WordArt in our documents, write down notes on paper, light candles when the electricity goes out, get scared of unknown things that lurk in the dark, rub our dogs and tease our cats, search thrift shops for obscure music, turn in half-assed homework to the teacher, jiggle door handles when we lock ourselves out, use cheap wires to hold in cattle, get in shaky elevators in skyscrapers, open and close blinds, adjust the air until it's at least not uncomfortable, give our health into the hands of fate when we come down with illnesses, wait for TV shows to come on if we don't have good internet connections, drink energy shots for extra focus, scratch off faded stickers from old products, get splinters from wood, step on trash in parks, watch grime build up on the outside of city buildings, scavenge through supermarket clothing sections like our ancestors in the bushes, exercise while listening to our smartphones, and generally try our best while putting everything off. > As much as life has changed in the past 100 years, a lot of it hasn't. We still work our own machines, shoot our own guns, and play our own instruments (even if it's a laptop). > People are experiencing future shock, but only in mild doses. You still have to scratch things together, things that may not matter to the vast majority of the population, such as: > - We have cars driving themselves on the road > - Virtual reality headsets can be found in major retail outlets > - Passenger drones are being tested > - AIs are trumping humans at age-old games > - Cyberterrorists are disrupting politics > - Algorithms are putting faces on other people's bodies > - Private space companies are starting to match NASA's capabilities > - Robots are doing gymnastics > All of which are awesome... but don't affect you. Not as much as air conditioning, dishwashers, automobiles, cell phones, personal computers, high-definition TVs, and the internet. > The Singularity's approach will only begin to dawn on and alarm people when it affects them or they think it'll affect them in some near future point. > Smartphones and social media were part of the first wave of this, and virtual reality is leading the second wave, but we need augmented reality, commercial autonomous vehicles, robots on the street and in stores and warehouses where Fred the Plumber can clearly see them, drones constantly in the air (possibly carrying passengers), and AI attacking the white collar and artisan classes before you start seeing people seriously start saying "Wait, what the fuck is going on?"