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337 twinnedcalcite The most British thing ever. An alarm clock that boils water for tea.
125 ListenBeforeSpeaking The US lowered the frequency accuracy requirement a few years ago on the power grid with the same effect. It is supposed to aid delivery during high demand. Newer appliances don’t use the grid frequency for keeping time.
50 Kain_niaK Interesting factoid. This drift in frequency can be found in audio recordings. When you record near an electric outlet or a lamp ...on your audio recording there will be a slight humm. Audio engineers (like myself) don't like this of course and try to get rid of it. But in this humm you can find the frequency deviation. So if you continuously record this deviation 24/24 together with the audio humm that produces and the exact time ... you have a method to find out at what time an audio recording was made. You just shift the recording along until the peaks and lows falls in place with your 24/24 recording. So if in court somebody says: This recording was made the first of June around 1 am, you go in to your audio archive and get the recordings and then check it with the audio to see if it all falls in place. If not ... the person might be lying. But only for audio recordings close enough to a source of electricity to that the vibrations the frequency deviation creates get in to an audio source loud enough.
126 ItsMeCaptainMurphy Some people in the comments section apparently have some really deep seated issues about the British government that they should probably see a shrink about.
10 benowillock [A British power grid is run with precision; a British home requires nothing less.](
18 haiku_fornification About time this video was released.
9 paradoxicall I wonder how many elderly mainland Europeans thought they were going crazy when all their clocks started going slower, and how crazy they will feel when they all just correct themselves.
27 lomelyo We are all British after seeing that video :)
52 aerwrek Patriotic Tom is best Tom.
55 CAH36 Brings a tear to my eye. RULE BRITANNIA!
6 briancaos Denmark is split in 2. The west side (Jutland and Fyen) are connected to the Central European mainland power grid, whilst the east side (Zealand where Copenhagen are located) is connected to the Nordic Power Grid. So in Denmark, the same clock would show a 6 minutes discrepancy depending on its location.
4 MBizness I wondered why my alarm clock was getting late compared to my cellphone, good to know it's not broken!
18 HugeJackedMan70 /r/INGLIN
12 CrabbyBlueberry He really should have pronounced it "shedule" at the end.
6 whisperHailHydra Obvious because European clocks run on metric time, while the UK uses the more efficient Imperial English Time system.
6 microcosmonaut What is clocks?