Math teacher is offered an apple pie to dance for the class. Class doubts abilities. Teacher delivers.
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Growing Up There Was A Car Salesman In My Area That Used To Make The Best Bad Commercials. Thought Reddit Might Gets As Much Of A Kick Out Of Dave As We Did.
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Making Soba noodles is incredibly difficult to do...and incredibly satisfying to watch.
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Andy Serkis shows how video game faces can look better than ever
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This is the realest I've ever seen Jack Black. He always seemed like he was playing an exaggerated version of himself, ask him about something he loves and the real dude comes out.
Ricky Rodriguez was used as a cult's "poster child" for child molestation. He eventually broke away from the cult and planned a murder-suicide of his abusers, filming a pre-suicide video the day before. At 33:34, he speaks of the joy of learning the outside world's condemnation of child molestation.
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86 n_reineke Wow I never realized the subtle nuances until he so perfectly demonstrated it just now. Fucking voice of an angel.
16 ferio252 Ya, I was about to send this to my church choir director for the lulz until I heard the last joke. Ha!
47 shleebs It's like someone is squeezing and releasing his balls over and over again
8 VeniVidiUpVoti I feel like this is satire but i honestly don't know enough about music. This could be completely legit.
7 MrALTOID If anyone is curious, he did [My Heart Will Go On \(Recorder Version\)]( IMO the best version out there.
20 Enonomiss I thought this was just going to be a funny video but it ended up being pretty informative. This guy sings like a chorus of angels.
11 [deleted] [deleted]
5 GoombaEkim Nearly all of Bon Iver
3 typicalshitpost really walks the line between serious and a joke
2 Procrastanaseum You really have to watch this one all the way though to truly understand it.
2 page0431 Subtle
2 interpreted I accidentally met him in the music store he worked at. I said I was a fan, and then I kinda went quiet. I apologized for being an awkward fan, and he said awkward fans are the best. :3
2 101cheshirecat Dude, forget this guy. Falsetto is an amazing talent. Examples: [Walk Like A Man - four seasons]( [Over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole]( [Staying Alive - Bee Gees]( [Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson]( [Nude - Radiohead]( [California Girls - Beach Boys](
4 Thixy [Here]( is an example of someone actually using it.
2 joedirtydirt86 As a singer who always wants tips on how to make falsetto sound better, I was disappointed in this.
3 Olivia206 Caused r/contagiouslaughter
1 fullhalter I need the prequel to this video. "How to Sing"
1 [deleted] [removed]
1 Ke7een i was wondering why i was watching this but im so glad i did
1 naznsan I was actually hoping this would help me because I can't sing in falsetto.... Would love to learn but all this video did is make me laugh like a dying whale :(
1 Cjayin Normal vs maroon 5
1 _Peavey april came somewhat soon this yeear.
1 girseyb Every time some uses Super in front of anything I tend to ignore them...