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La de da de da de da de day oh
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The Kirk vs. Gorn scene from Star Trek is still one of the most scientifically accurate humanoid reptilian scenes in any media. Scientists wrote letters of praise to the film crew for the accuracy.
This street artist who looks like Jimi hendrix plays a Metallica/Wu-tang clan mashup. And it´s fucking awesome
546 Fordham69 I knew a bass player who worked with Buddy for a bit around this time and according to him,since Buddy wasn't a sight reader,when hearing an arrangement for the first time he would just keep time on the high hat while the rest of the band went through the tune so he could learn it.He would run through it twice that way,after which he would have it memorized and play it perfectly from then on out every time they performed the song.
514 MrGT3 He was once asked in an interview, “do you still practice?” His answer “to be better than who??”
357 jugglingeek Ignoring the awsome drumming for a second. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how tight that whole band was.
166 PM_ME_MIDGET_CHICKS His hands are right there
28 Mange-Tout When ever I see Buddy Rich, I think of this cartoon by Drew and Josh Friedman. [Page one.]( [Page two.]( Edit: Oh, this is hilarious. I just asked my elderly boss who the greatest drummer in the world is. She said, “Gene Krupa?”.
89 n0ahhhhh I've been drumming for about 17 years now... I started on drum set and got into all styles of music, and then switched to drum line/corps style drumming. I played snare and tenors, and while I was fairly decent at both, I could *never* play traditional grip on a drum set. Ever. It was always insanely uncomfortable for me no matter how long I practiced. Watching and listening to him play will always be one of those things that will always leave me in awe. Buddy Rich will always be a legend in the big band scene. The man was an absolute beast.
268 dtwhitecp Not my tempo.
74 Cohn-Jandy What's that quote about jazz being more for the enjoyment of the musicians than the audience?
46 horseswithnonames im buddy rich, i fly off the handle..what could it be its a tellin yall its sabotage!
35 pinkdaisyy Neil deGrasse Tyson does a great job on his tenor sax solo. Who knew.
7 themanifoldcuriosity After that start, all I could think about was how the band definitely all got destroyed on the bus after the show.
13 heliumargon If ever someone tells you Whiplash is fiction and that wouldn’t happen in real life, show them this video. He stopped a piece and restarted from the beginning DURING A PERFORMANCE. No compromises.
12 CapnScrunch In the summer of 1969, a mail sorter at a  New York post office received a letter addressed "To The Greatest Drummer in the World."  There was no address or return address and the sorter wasn't sure what to do. Fortunately, there was a former drummer who worked the front counter of the Post Office who promptly found Max Roach's address and forwarded the letter.  Max Roach received the letter and said, "Oh no, I'm not the greatest drummer in the world."  Max then promptly forwarded the letter to Gene Krupa, who said "Somebody must've made a mistake."  Gene then forwarded the letter on to Buddy Rich (known for his incredible ego and abuse of his band members for every little mistake they made).  Of course, Buddy had been waiting his entire life for that moment. He read the words "To The Greatest Drummer in the World" and smiled from ear-to-ear as he ripped open the envelope.   He began to read the letter, "Dear Ringo...."
29 Buckwinn To bad he was such a flaming asshole.