Fergie gives what may be the worst performance of the National Anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.
African children hearing fiddle music for the first time
Super Seducer - Dunkey
Circus monkey cries seeing a friend after a year of separation
one of the most notorious endings in South Park
Udemy and some of their "professors" are ripping off YouTube content creators(who create free tutorials) by uploading their YouTube videos to their website and charging people hundreds of dollars for it without the creators permission. One of the creators, who got ripped off, speaks out.
Robot puppy spies on African wild dogs
Kendrick Lamar's Humble syncs up beautifully with an 80's Indian Dance video
This horse is definitely not afraid of wolves
This guy has almost 3000 beer reviews on his channel, and most only have a few hundred views. I think he is interesting.
Probably the most eerily accurate parody of a Let's Play YouTuber I've ever seen
Disappointed father walks into sons room who is dressed as a maid
Can't get more American than this?.
I do not have, nor do I want, context for this clip of King of the Hill.
Jeff Goldblum is The Pull Out King
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Don't ask about my business ever again - with a twist
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The US Chemical Safety Board has a series of interesting videos detailing their investigations into chemical accidents. Here's a recent video of an incident where a tanker truck of sulfuric acid was pumped into a tank of bleach by mistake
One of the most moving speeches I've heard in my life
Superheroes without special effects look super silly
Traditional Greek pebblestone mosaic artist Stelios Grekos at work
An F-14 Tomcat blows another F-14 behind it. Aircraft carrier wan't suited for the plane, triggering 2 bailouts and costly damage.
John Entwistle's isolated bass track from a performance of Won't Get Fooled Again. An untouchable genius at his peak
Young Amy Poehler on Conan.
Jackie Chan surprised by his old stunt team
National anthem at today's NBA All-Star game... of questionable quality
Ash... Probably most alien-world-like surface I've seen.
Epic Misty Mountains Guitar Cover from The Hobbit (Also I want that wall art of the One Ring!)
LOTR fan sings Pippin's Song in a big acoustic room
Google self driving car running a red light
"Remmy, sit, speak."
Mark McGrath LOSES it after getting called "Sugar Gay" by a teenager
After the screening of Black Panther in a South African cinema on Friday night
Two giant ass moose fight in the suburbs
More love, less hate: Whitney Houston Absolutely Shines w/ the Star Spangled Banner
Marvin Gaye Sings the United States National Anthem at the 1983 NBA Alls...
41 daveequalscool it's not a long video but that title sounds enough like clickbait that i'm compelled to provide a TL;DW: * people were still allowed to drink, in their homes, any alcohol they had left over from before prohibition. * grape growers packaged bricks that could be dissolved into water to make juice. letting that juice sit in the dark for a few weeks would turn the mixture into alcohol. * the video doesn't actually describe "How Americans Found A Clever Loophole." OK, i feel better. ----- bonus info on those bricks that i remember from r/todayilearned: > If you were to purchase one of these bricks, on the package would be a note explaining how to dissolve the concentrate in a gallon of water. Then right below it, the note would continue with a warning instructing you not to leave that jug in the cool cupboard for 21 days, or it would turn into wine. source:
13 bheilig The [Renault winery]( survived with a license to make "sacramental wine" and by producing a medicinal tonic with pepsin that would turn to wine when frozen and thawed.
11 TreeBaron Damn, that's so cool to see color footage from back then, makes it so much more real.
6 Bluenotefly Link to the full video?
4 adc604 Grape juice ;) Wonderful colour footage, very cool to see.
5 Rubcionnnnn Did you also know that Steve Buscemi was a firefighter on 9/11?
2 beaubeaufosho that was so awesome i wasnt ready. time to go on a binge
2 MonaganX What an oddly upbeat ending. >"The violence does nothing to slow the demand." \*Cheerful jingle plays\* "Smithsonian Channel - It's brighter here."
2 CrumbleUnderPressure Damn, it's seems that if people want something they'll find a way of having it, one way or another regardless of laws.
2 G0PACKGO Al Capone also died an idiot his brain eaten by syphilis
1 BenjerminGray Its nice but kinda sad to know Chiraq was always about that action
1 lemurstep I went to a frat party in one of the old Al Capone houses near Detroit. The basement was set up as a speakeasy and there were all sorts of hidden compartments, pass-thrus, and even a closed off tunnel to a neighboring house.
1 freeseoul Wow the "colourisation" in this is fucking terrible. I hate people who ruin good black and white images like this.