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321 soonjazzjune "when you're drilling holes. drill all the holes" - Robert Frost
231 Blacktoyotatacoma This guy has some great videos.
384 Kratzyyy This was wholesome af
140 Brett53 Man... I was just incredibly stressed with school work... this put things into perspective. Great video.
55 MinnesotaTemp I can't help but think how much better off I would have been if I had known a wise man like this, being able to take in his lessons of life and how to approach work and achievement. Truly I think I would be twice the person I am now, if only.
38 johnpaceface He reminded me of a Nike commercial, so I made him into one:
14 pbugg2 This is exactly the video I needed to watch today. Subscribed!
104 ImRickJameXXXX 30 years of carpentry experience here. 12 in PA the 18 in CA with very strict seismic requirements. Did you know a single 1/4” Simpson SDS lag has 250,000 pound shear strength? I mean heck a standard 16d nail has 80,000.And it looks like he used 3/8” or or 1/2”. Come on this guy did a fine job for what he was shooting for. Joists? Where on that ramp? The span is at most 4’ and a 2x6 is more than capable of this. I mean where would you put the joist? They need to run perpendicular to the planks. Would you have the planks run length wise on the ramp? This would not only look silly but become a slip issue when wet or snowy. Would you add a center girder? That could be done with much great underlying structural complexity that this job just doesn’t warrant. I mean it’s not like they are driving golf carts up it. If you needed too perhaps you could use 3x instead of 2x planks but really what’s the load going to be? This can easily support 500 pounds per person win out an issue. I mean come on standard housing loads are only 40 pounds per SF and you are not dropping through then are you? The only thing he did that I disagree with is using the nail to set the planks before he drove the screws. Those nails are ugly and through drying, seasonal expansion and contraction will start to pop up and become tripping hazards, see that all the time. May father (life long bad ass contractor) would disagree with him a bit with his video premise. My fathers saying was simply this. “Don’t go looking for hard work, work smart, the hard work will always be there there is no need to go looking for it” and that guy ripped of 43 square comp roof and installed a new one by him self while he had stage 2 lymphoma that killed him a year later so that man was able to work hard he just knew better if he could he would avoid it. This is not being afraid of hard work but just saving your body so you can get more done which I think was his over all point about productivity. My father had another great dying that is quite apt here. “It’s very easy to criticize, its much harder to do”
28 tastesliketurtles “How can I think of the work I’m doing as if I’m in a competition with myself?” This was a big one for me as I’m a very competitive spirit. Throughout my weekly routines I often have this weird commentary going on in my head as if this mundane repetitive activity was some intense live sport. So I do my best to do those things as fast and smooth as I possibly can as if I’m under the spotlight. Honestly never talked about it cause I figured it would make me sound a little crazy, and I probably am. But on mondays I do all my laundry including bedding, sweep and mop my floors, and have my apartment organized and basically beautiful in less than 2 hours thanks to the fact that it’s a weekly rivalry game in my head.
8 anwesen How does one prevent a structure like this from rotting?
6 Vidasus I can't but think of [Simple Rick's]( when this video starts. Great video by the way.
4 centagon Did I miss something? How did he secure the foundations of the posts? Did he fill the holes?
6 Fancy_Pantsu Wow, I really liked that video. Definitely didn't feel like nearly 13 minutes.
5 soonjazzjune This is a good video. He has a great voice and interjects it all with a reading of Robert Fucking Frost. Here's my favorite poem by Robert Frost and I may or may not have suggested in college poetry course that our boy bob was sleeping with a married lady and this following poem was a testament to that triumph "stopping by woods on a snowy evening". (btw. not sure if this poem is actually about that).