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For those who didn't know, Winston from New Girl made a rap persona "33 savage" when youtube blew up with "21 savage" copy cats and parodies. It may be my favorite parody song ever made.
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Drinking On The Job
386 brokensinc This video made me look up African child adoption and how it's done...and it's in a pretty fucked state. Basically it's discouraged, because it increases child trafficking, parents selling their children off to be adopted, and child abductions.
264 deadboxcat That was really cool. Jack Black is a good dude.
107 TokinN3rd Is it just me, or does it look like Jack black is slowly evolving into Jack Nicholson?
22 foshouken Thoughts about suicide because of how shitty my life has become. Nothing compares to what this child has gone through. What a damn fool I am.
313 aaren86 There's this little bit of awkwardness I've always felt, because the people that get these messages out are millionaires, where I and many I know are struggling with our own, being squeezed for every penny from corporations and government, bred for that purpose. Best I've ever earned is $20/hr, best these guys have earned would be tens of thousands of times more than that. Money is not in the hands of the everyday person, the money has been fully accumulated by monopolies. If anyone can help it's the big earners like Company owners, CEOs or celebrities. I'm too concerned about the next power bill to even imagine trying to help someone else. Best I could do for the world is not breed more little battlers. Then it makes me think is this just a style of showing everyday battlers that no matter how hard it is, its worse in other places. Because thats effective. But we are all prisoners of an establishment, and it's that establishment that can fix this. I've tried to offer the best thing I could to charities, but was fired from a local one once for turning up late, by a senior member that took stuff home whenever, so there wasn't any good will there. Then I researched possibly going to one of these places but it costs you tens of thousands to do that. So the best thing I can offer, a backbone, isn't wanted. It's money, so go after the monopolists and successful capitalists, and not my feelings. edit: Respect to Jack Black he's obviously over there doing the best he can.
89 sidewalkchalked I went to a slum in Africa. I am a freelance journalist. One theme that people kept saying was that when people come to do these aid videos they make a sad song and dance, but very little of the aid actually reaches the people. I don't know about this charity, just passing on what I heard. Some of the people there were really angry because they kept being asked to "tell their story" every few weeks for this or that charity. And they would, and inevitably no help would arrive. It's as if human misery is an endless resource that we are mining. There is an industry built on top of it, but typically kids like this (or the tens of thousands like him that didn't talk to Jack Black) who are fucked on drugs or crime or prostitution don't end up getting helped.
28 itsmeBOB Man now I'm sitting here tearing up at work.
29 BubblesThatDontPop jables is the man. you won't find a more genuine person.
57 TheVerraton For once, I'd like to see these well meaning videos just leave the sappy, obviously manipulative music out. Just let the severity of the subject matter carry the message and don't try to cheapen the fucking moment by putting some bullshit piano or violin track in the background. I didn't watch this video to the end because I couldn't stand the feeling of being manipulated the whole way through. Shit these kids go through is terrible and the people who made this video probably meant well, but holy shit does the music alone make it obnoxious.
6 birdiesanders2016 Just an update. Felix is in foster care now. or as of this article. > Felix now lives with a foster family instead of the streets, and he's pursuing his dream of getting an education.
6 TheXanderp Didn't know they did red nose day in the US.
5 DigitalClarity Why do they ALWAYS INSIST on going full on over the top music, it's so distracting from the scene. Just let us watch the fucking story.
3 HeiHuZi Shit man, I can give money, but really at my status I can't give much. I've got skills that could help people but I'm just not sure where or how to employ them. Everything I studied I did because I thought being a vicar was wasteful, but here, struggling to get by, maybe the best position I could have been was a vicar. I've really got to rethink where my best place on this earth is. I hope that kids alright but I know this video was transitory and a million plus more kids are right in that kids situation.