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92 Giraffe_Racer in the U.S. I did this a few years ago, and it's super easy. You wipe some swabs around inside your mouth and drop it in the mailbox. Most people will never be contacted to donate, but simply being in the registry helps increase the odds that any one person can find a match.
16 Cameronaut For anyone interested in Sweden. Everyone able should sign up it's really simple.
36 thatmetalguy90 I actually signed up over the holidays, partially motivated from seeing these videos. My kit just came in the other day. Initially I was hesitant, thinking that the transplant would be painful. Upon doing research I found that the transplant isn't painful, though you may be left with a mild hip pain for 1-3 days afterwards. It's really easy to sign up and I encourage everyone to do it. You might not match with anyone ever but if you do you get to save a life.
5 kamoke2 Any direction for the Canadians who want to donate?
13 ccfccc I have donated peripheral stem cells (the most common type of donation) and it is a VERY simple procedure that did not impact me other than a few hours of my time for a few appointments. Being able to help someone survive by donating a few hours of my time and dealing with a few injections and having two IVs put in is a no-brainer. I strongly encourage anyone to sign up as a donor, chances are you won't ever match but if you do it's almost always a very simple procedure. If anyone has a question about the procedure please let me know, I'm both a past donor and a physician so can give a decent perspective.
12 Wonnk13 completed six months of chemo back in July. Thankfully i have awesome insurance and they covered everything. I can't help but think, how the hell is his family going to afford all this?
7 ElectricPresident On the registry 6 years and counting. Hope I get the call one day.
7 rhcpds7 I was chosen off of the registry and donated four years ago. If you have questions about it I'd be happy to answer, and I actually did an AMA during the procedure which you can read [here]( It remains one of the best experiences I've ever had. Please [join the registry](
5 kaisuteq I taught a teenage student recently who got a transplant from someone in Germany, saved her life from a type of leukemia.
2 SteveOval Just registered so my swab kit should be coming in the mail shortly. Fingers crossed.
6 jdmiller82 Just signed up to join the registry.
6 DaggerMoth Here's a video of the donation process . I don't believe they do the stabbing your pelvic thing anymore. So, it's not that bad. Maybe someone who's done it recently or a doctor or nurse can chime in.
2 _Heineken_ Seriously y'all. Please do this! I did, it's free and easy. Takes about a month tops and all you have to do is swab your cheek four times and then you're in their database for 40+ years depending on your age. Wholeheartedly recommend this! Even if you never get called to action at least you're an option
4 Bosticles This Christmas I signed up while drunk as shit so, for the record, it's *super fucking easy*
3 terrynutkinsfinger Registered a few years ago here in Britain. Always feel helpless when I see videos like this as I really want to help but never get that call.
3 _BulletSpongeBob_ easy peasy, simple swabs test now...
3 GunnieGraves Just sent mine in recently. Hope i can help someone one day.
3 BridgetBardont Good on you, Reddit. I didn’t know this existed, and now I just registered.
3 somedude456 Signed up a few weeks or so ago and got my kit about a week ago. I was sick with the flu, so I figured it would be best to wait a week maybe. I'll be mailing mine out later this week.
3 homboo Is it still possible to say no if one gets a call that someone was found?
2 SandraDTv pray for you and yours
2 Zachmorris4187 Did you paint your portraits? We are starting to paint ours in class this week. We finished painting all the same portrait of the prime minister and they all turned out pretty good. My class is 6th grade and they did a great job, i know you can do it!
2 fedupofbrick Have donated bone marrow before. They took it from my sternum. It's worth doing it. You never know when you are the person who needs bone marrow or blood.
2 GteatClips Good luck