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133 Peralton My favorite Soul Train video is of James Brown being absolutely riveted by dancer Damita Jo Freeman. Sings his entire song without taking his eyes off of her.
44 potassium_citrate I remember soul train used to come on like 11 am on saturdays. Id be 8 years old watching power rangers and shit then soul train would come on. It felt very abrupt
85 competent_nobody One of the brothers was a cool cat. Just walking and smoking... lol
87 lispychicken Everyone was so thin too!
32 aerfen [My favourite soul train](
60 khupkhup Which also works perfectly with [Daft Punk's Lose Yourself to Dance](
12 captain_of_kraken Guy on the right at 1:10 definitely underestimated how much that leap onto his knees would fuck him up. Right after the jump he does a slight knee grab, remembers he's still on stage, tries to play it off with a kung-fu kick, realizes that's a terrible idea for an injured knee, and attempts to feign joy whilst in incredible pain until the camera finally moves on. poor fella
11 OklahomaHoss Oh shit. Smoothest motherfucker in the world at 44 seconds in.
11 i_know_tofu I love that so many of these folks could be grandparents now. How cool would it be to watch your grandparent do their Soul Train strut?
7 kayriss If you like this jam, do yourself a favor and listen to [Stevie Wonder break it in half]( with a vocoder/talk box rig. I could listen to this all day, definitely more oldschool cool. FYI - to do this you play the song on the instrument and sing the same melody at the same time, to get a combined effect. I get chills from the deep part every time
22 Aquagoat No Soul Train submission is complete without [The Fresh Prince's Soul Train.](
5 Sergnb Everytime i think i dance well i watch one of these. Never fails to make me feel bad about my skills.
4 b00000001 so many people locking, that's whats up.
4 solidSC God damn it’s nice to see so much style instead of just a bunch of sorority clones all wearing the same trash boots and stupid fucking jeans.