Bill Gates tries to guess grocery store prices on Ellen
Olympic run with zero tricks
How to Pronounce Châteauneuf-du-Pape. I laughed at this for entirely too long
The Downfall of Bungie (Marathon, Halo, Destiny) | How Activision destroyed their Destiny
Heavy rain leaves trail under cristaline water and creates a rare and beautiful scenery
Woody Allen and Billy Graham (1969) - Great example of how to interact with people who don't agree with you - hard to believe this is nearly 50 years old
KFC’s chicken shortage in the UK has caused what is probably the most unnecessarily over-dramatic moment in TV history.
Drunk pigeon commentary
I was almost a school shooter
19 year old beats way bigger fighter in MMA fight
Dog escapes attack from 3 big wolves.. Abruzzo, Italy
Submarine passes under diver
Testing Robustness - Boston Dynamics
If The Dark Tower, LOTR and Spaghetti Westerns had a love child with a Kangaroo
Did Britain Ever Try to Retake America?
The Simpsons IRL
alcohol test gone jazzy
Groundhog Day for a Black Man
A video from 1991 recorded in 1080 HD looks like it was recorded yesterday.
"Learning To Play The Shenanigan", the most criminally underrated video I have ever come across.
Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Discovery Tour may be the future of education. It’s a virtual guided tour of Egypt that’s a free mode for owners of the game and being shopped around to schools as a new way to teach.
3rd Rock From The Sun knew in April 8, 1996
Steve Coogan 'Everybodys a bit of a c**t sometimes' song
Just a wholesome prank
Watching Mark Hamill transform into The Joker is so excellent. I'm glad he continues to get work that he obviously enjoys (and does so well).
Chocolate Lava Cakes from Chef with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi - Binging with Babish
Pesky little remora fish keeps poking a diver in the ass
Playing Skyrim on a Game Boy Advance
When people expect comedians to be funny all the time
How to capture a seagull
Thor Ragnarok - When the Grandmaster moves to Earth
Invest in a Dash Cam
How to speak Australians
Aziz gets xenophopic on Flight of the Conchords
NSFW "TOMMY CANT SLEEP" a short film by Die Antwoord starring Jack Black (NSFW)
How a bumpstock works and why they're so controversial
Fairy Fountain (from The Legend of Zelda series)
Mario is a weird character design
Man almost dies trying to down a bottle of Hennessy
Brad Domke surfs a massive wave. On a SKIMBOARD
301 not_a_jedi Wow. I hope that guy can sue whoever was messing with him. I looked at his channel and he just posts innocent videos about stuff he finds cool. He will gain at least one extra subscriber tonight.
410 Noerdy This guy only gets a few thousand subscribers each video, but I can say without hesitation, they are some of the most interesting and thought-provoking videos I have ever seen. I hope this guy can get back on his feet, and I know reddit will be there to support him!
97 Leisure_Muffin Your employers don't fucking own you. If someone is making harassing phone calls, that is between that person and your employer..
180 DiachronicShear [Here's his Patreon link]( if you'd like to support him financially and see more videos. I'm gonna support him because we need more cool content.
118 NaughtyNiceGirl Holy shit -- I did my internship at CPS and I honestly cannot imagine doing that for 10 YEARS! He seems like a stand-up dude, too -- exactly the kind of guy you'd want working in that position! I cannot imagine how tough that decision was to make and I sincerely hope it ends up working out for him. I will definitely subscribe!
69 OathofBrutus Really wish this got more attention. Never heard of the guy but it always breaks my heart to see small, committed content creators trying to make something of themselves be harassed.
75 a_limb_torn_off Nooooo, wait for them to fire you and file a wrongful termination lawsuit
24 AshIsGroovy I got to know him when he came into my neck of the woods and reviewed the Spear Hunter Museum which is like 15 min from my house. Seemed like a super nice guy and find it sad that some people have such shitty lives they have nothing better to do then try and ruin other peoples lives. Like those fuck ups who swat people over stupid shit like losing at a video game. Hope he gets more subs and views on his videos so he can make it a full time job. I've been a member of his patreon for some time and he will send you a post card as a thank you for supporting him.
23 Aumnix Dude seems pretty genuine, cool videos too
19 JustGrizz Dude seem genuinely passionate about his work. Hope whoever’s doing this to him stops shitting on harmless videos
16 JamilJames Honestly who the FUCK does this? And also this guy is personally harassed and his superior's decision is to threaten to fire him? That guy needs to take a good long look in the mirror and really think about what actually matters in this life. Good god what a despicable string of actions from both people.
13 25russianbear25 This guy is putting all his eggs in 1 basket of his hobby. I hope he succeeds
9 Flemtality My old employer came out with a similar policy to this out of nowhere a few years ago. It didn't apply to me, but I feel terrible for anyone who wants to have a stable job and follow a dream like this at the same time.
9 Airsputty The trailer on the front of his channel is such a great intro :)
8 testicularly i was just gonna like his vid and move on, but the content of his channel is actually really interesting. gladly subbed.
8 elisenavid4d I hadn't heard of him before your post so thanks for spreading the word. I'm excited to check out his channel, seems like a cool and passionate guy!
6 applepie434 This kind of shit always hits me hard. He’s just a nice guy trying to do good work as well as share his knowledge and interests with others. I checked out his YouTube page right after I saw this and his videos really are fascinating and show some rare, interesting historical content. Surprised I haven’t found this page earlier, definitely going to subscribe. His number of subscribers seems to be growing steadily after this video, which I think is pretty cool. Hope it works out for the best for him.
5 fuckingstonedrn Best of luck to him
5 copiouscaffeine Balls in his court and he's going to put it where his mouth is. Very exciting! Good luck!
4 TupperyNumnak Checked out a few of his videos. Subscribed. He just seems like a real genuine guy. The content is actually super interesting.
4 CaliTheRogue I think that an organization that makes its business on protecting people from harassment should do a better job of protecting their employees...
4 bittercode I can't imagine making my "soul source of employment" a platform run by a google. With a regular employment situation people get certain rights protected by law. Posting videos to youtube can make you money - if google allows it to be so. But if for any crazy reason they shut it down - that's it. And if something happens there will probably be a post here, a bunch of comments full of indignation and a couple weeks later no one will remember.
7 oldmanbombin inb4 subscriber flood
3 Un4tunately "So I consulted with my wife and .... (my lawyer? Nope)....put in my two week notice" goddamnit