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2085 CreepyOrlando In store prices (Aka the "I need it NOW price/tax") vs the we have to compete with Amazon prices.
329 The-Jew-Tang-Clan They price matched it fyi
384 autoposting_system Yeah, the ol' ... well I guess this is new actually
288 NetSecGuy22 I can't believe no one has mentioned this, but this is actually a "feature" of the application. Since they combined the Target app with their Cartwheel app, when you're in the store it shows you the prices that items are currently priced in THAT STORE. When you are not in one of their stores, they assume you will be ordering online, which you can do, and choose store pickup. Obviously if you're already in the store, you won't be ordering online, so why show the online price? The logic is a little flawed on their part, but this isn't some conspiracy, they meant to do it that way.
30 [deleted] Wow someone actually uses Tidal
145 diesel_rider With literally MILLIONS of customers, how could they not expect this to be discovered? Especially given the number of "coupon'ers" I've seen there, you think someone that drove all the way across town for 15 boxes of detergent just because it's a nickel cheaper isn't going to notice a price discrepancy?
30 StupidFish17 I work for Target and this has always been like this. On the Target app while in store you’ll have a different price if you went to in your web browser app / incognito mode. We price match ourselves, Best Buy, walmart, amazon as long as it’s shipped and sold by amazon, Costco, and many other stores. So to me If you go buy something at Target at least do some research before you go in. Target has a 30 day electronics return policy and 90 day everything else too with it so if you did find it cheaper at a later date you could always return it and repurchase it / go to the store that was cheaper.
54 400lb-hacker Buy it online and pickup in store. Loads of places will even give you a discount if you do that.
29 afburnham I actually watched people complain about this in line on Monday. Price changed from home to store. The cashier was frazzled and said “maybe you just need to update the app.” Ultimately he rang up the cheaper price
7 asbestosmilk This post just made me realize the same thing happened to me at Walmart around Christmas. I was looking for a game that was $30 new at GameStop and Best Buy, but I was at work and couldn’t get to those stores during my break. So I went to Walmart thinking they would price match, but they said they only price match the Walmart website now. I looked it up on their site at the store, and it was $60. Fuck that, not paying double the price. Later that night (like two hours later), after I left the store, I reopened the web page to look at it again, and it was $30. Bastards!