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16 MeBeHe None of the judges on America's Got Talent are American. Odd.
6 thisismybirthday I caught one sleight of hand at 12:35. looks like he's pulling a different cube from his sleeve as he brings it around from behind his back also, the one with the big wall of cubes was retarded. it obvoiusly wasn't the cubes that made the picture, that was a separate backing behind the cubes
5 BROitsJAMIE You’re all wrong. It was magic. The word “magic” is literally in his title. “Magician”. I don’t know how I’m the only one who has figured it out.
3 swrdfish Not mind blowing but that is some siiiiick slight of hand. He's pretty good.
3 Rajydv nice
3 Ironlungs420 If you pause right at 8:17, Isnt that another card that says brad pitt right under the snoop dogg card?
5 Psykopsilocybin Not that hard to figure out. He watched Simon mix up the cube and copied his movements. For the 1 second solve he had those three sides solved and the other sides mixed up and flipped it. For the last one he had 8 different corners of 8 different cards placed in each corner. The shuffle is a fake shuffle and he forces her to pick from 8 different cards.
1 sealusa2001 Kinda cool.
1 TheBatmanWhoLaughed Not a chance in hell he does the second trick without the ring
1 butsuon Those are definitely some kind of trick cube, but also some very talented slight of hand.
1 powerchoice This guy again. His viral police video few years ago made his career.
1 Krogg Here's what I could make out. The rubic's cubes are pre-set. One is a mechanism that when set to the right combination, will snap the colors into place. This is how he can do the instant solution. The trick with the wall of cubes, that one is really easy: He already knew what card was picked since he knew the before and after cards (having the deck memorized helps here). All he had to do after figuring out which card, was set the 4 cubes the way he needed them. He probably didn't even need this since his control would likely be just that the cubes are in there and he hits a certain cube to make whatever celeb face show up on the other side. When he spins the cart around, he releases a mechanism that is specific to whatever card is chosen. We don't see the switch since it's behind a curtain. This changes all faces to be whatever the mechanism he pushed was. Think of it this way. He has 52 celeb names. He knows exactly what name is chosen because he sees the before and after. On the wall, there is a cube/piece of a cube that when pushed in will create the brad pitt image. Let's say it is the cube in the upper left corner, 3 cubes to the right. He rotates the display, pushes that cube in, all cubes spring into place, and voila! It's now Brad Pitt. Let's say the cube in the bottom right corner, 2 from the right is the one he needs to hit for Snoop Dogg. The important part is knowing which celeb to bring up. Once he pushes that cube, all pieces fall into place for the perfect trick. The one I'm still trying to figure out is the torn 6 of diamonds. It seems the corner is torn in the same pattern as the one in the cube. The one in the cube is in a certain piece depending on which card is chosen. Since he holds the cards himself, he doesn't allow the judges to touch them, they may be pre-ripped or ridged for the rip so it does the exact same rip every time. One rip for each card, one ripped piece for each card in a piece of the cube. Basically, he doesn't have normal rubik's cubes, and has built them for his tricks. The dude is clever, I will give him that.
1 HughGnu The last trick, he did something to Howie's cube; either switched it or reconfigured it. You can see that Howie's cube had a side with a green center and two yellows together on one side. After he gets Howie's cube, it matches his, but none of them have the pattern that Howie had ended on. He just matched the cubes to the pattern on the giant cube he gave Simon.